October 12, 2012

real life lately: school, fall, and winning.

real life, lately.
Happy Friday, friends!

I admit, this was not a speedy quick week for me.

In fact, Monday was a little stressful. It included staying up late doing homework (and yes, that would be 11pm on a week night doing homework. But I wake up at around 6 everyday, in my defense), stressing over upcoming paper due dates, and stressing over my first day teaching.

But all is well, seeing as I'm here typing up a review of my week.

On the bright side, I learned on Monday morning that I won a blog giveaway! I don't want to come across as a bragger (that's the last thing I want to come across!), but it definitely brightened my day and week. It also made me realize that sometimes surprises come in good + not so great packages.

It also made me remember that turning my life to + always praise and thank God--both my worries and my wins--is something I need to do on a daily basis. Amen?

Anyway, back to my week. The rest of the week included seeing/hearing trees being chopped down in my backyard (and boy, there's a lot more sunshine in the house, now!), teaching for the first time with a super sweet fellow student teacher, and then enjoying warm evening showers and a barbecue dinner as a farewell to the sunny weather around here. Hello, fall!

And no, I do not eat dinner and take showers simultaneously. But I do eat sand-soup from the preschool sandbox. Or at least pretend to eat sand-soup.

But now, it's back to homework. And wish me luck as I try to welcome Pacific Northwest fall (aka rain). As much as I love the green, I don't want the rain to come so quickly! I was really enjoying the cool, crisp, and foggy mornings.

Happy weekend!

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