November 2, 2012

real life, lately.

I'm starting off my weekly recap not with something I've done, but something I'm super excited for. This year, I'm putting together my very own shoebox. I've been making one for years with my family, but never on my own. It's time, ya'll. And it doesn't hurt that it includes a trip to Target, too!

Anyway, I still think it's crazy how there are some weeks when the days seem to crawl ever so slowly. And then there are the weeks when the days just fly by.

That was this week. There was a lot of homework, but a lot of fun, too. I had the chance to paint with cookie cutters. It was super easy and super fun. And I think everyone loved it (including me!).

This week also included a lot of paper-writing. Research papers, editing old papers, and writing tons of lesson plans. Not so much fun, but I am so so so grateful for kind teachers. And teachers who truly want to see me succeed. They're hard to find these days.

And you can't forget the little trick-or-treaters who came to our house. We've been passing out glowsticks with our candy for years. And apparently kids know it because they've told us we're the glowstick-house. Next year they'll probably come with their color requests, too.

And to go along with the Halloween theme, I also spent the week being chased by little monsters (aka preschoolers). And yes, there was some screaming and monster-growling involved. You might call it freeze tag, but I prefer monster chase. Or breakfast calorie burner. That works, too.

p.s. Sorry to be so wordy, but I've been having serious baking cravings. No seriously, I really want to bake something, I'm just not sure what. In fact, if you have any ideas for a breakfast/morning treat to bring my fellow student teachers, let me know!


  1. GLOW STICKS! Such an awesome idea! :)
    You should try Cookie Dough Dip! Its easy and yummy!

    1. I know, right? And we buy them at Michael's craft stores so they're not too expensive either (at least compared to some candy these days).

      And I'll definitely go search on Pinterest for cookie dough dip, it definitely sounds yummy!


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