November 9, 2012

real life, lately.

real life, lately.
This week, as part of my weekly recap post, I'm going to be linking up to Lindsay's blog in her It's the Little Things post series. You should definitely check out her blog. Like really, do it now.

Anyway, I love this post series because it's focused on the little things in life and photography, too. Plus, it's a great reminder for us to count our blessings (especially fitting for this time of the year!).
First off, I was super excited about all the pretty fall colors that I got to see this week. And the chance to rake leaves with my mom, too. I'm going to age myself as soon as you finish reading this sentence, but the one-on-one time to chat with her (while burning Halloween candy calories!) was priceless. Bam. I just aged myself another 10+ years in only one sentence.

boots and leaves
I also got to wear my rainboots! I've been dying to wear them and the rain finally came. I'll probably regret that I so happily welcomed the rain in a month or so (probably a week, if we're being honest), but I'll take it and enjoy it for the moment.

And I know that I've probably mentioned this ten times too many, but I just wanted to give a shout out to my fellow student teachers. They won't read this seeing as I've only shared this blog with a handful of family/friends, but I cannot thank God enough for all the times we've had together this term. We've cleaned closets, made oatmeal (for forty people, mind you), and created pretend hospitals/grocery stores/campgrounds together, too. Yep, they're that awesome.

And who doesn't end their posts with a photo of their lip balm? Oh wait, nobody does except me. But it's only because I love love love this one. Seriously, it smells like Starburst! Sure, I'm more of a Sour Patch Kids girl, but it seriously smells yummy. Plus, it's Organic. So it's gotta be good, right?

Sooo, how was your week? Am I the only one who thinks November snuck into their lives when they weren't looking?


  1. Hi Kiki, I'm loving those rain boots! And all of those fall colors. I'm having to rake my backyard daily (it's small, so I don't mind). I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks! I've been raking with my mom a lot, too. It's all fun until the blisters come (tmi?). Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great weekend, too. :)

  2. chapstick is definitely photo-worthy. #musthavechapstickatalltimes

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