November 30, 2012

real life lately

This week was lovely. Crazy, but lovely. You see, I'm trying to cherish (that's sap talk for remember) every moment I have with the preschoolers that I have left.

I'd like to have a countdown for Christmas break, but that would be the countdown to how many days I have left with them, so that's not gonna happen this year.

Anyway, here's a glimpse into my week:

Almost finishing my senior work sample. Nearly 200 pages of pure amazingness. Wait, I mean stress. But it was all worth it. But I may be saying that prematurely seeing as I still have to feed all those pages through the printer again so I can add page numbers.Yippee...

Having matching outfits with a preschooler two days in a row. Not completely matching per se, just wearing college mascot tees and rain boots on the same days. Great minds think alike, I tell ya.

Coffee runs with my teaching group. Sounds awkward, but it was actually good. The head teacher at the preschool took all the student teachers out for a coffee break before we started prepping for the week. And I know, I don't drink coffee. But hot apple cider? Yes, please. And it was perfect for a chilly wintry day like Monday. And that's coming from a girl who doesn't like hot beverages of any kind.

Jury duty. I've been called and summoned, friends. Not so sure how I feel about it. But I'm trying to have the mentality of my 7th grade teacher who always said she was honored and privileged to be able to serve as a juror. Not so sure I feel honored, but I'll at least try for her sake.

Having my first parent-teacher conference. And it went well, too! Hallelujah.

How was your week? Are you getting rained on like I am?


  1. Congratulations on a nice week (even though it rained)! I'm sure it feels so nice to have so much behind you:)

    1. Thanks! It really was a crazy week. And you're right, it really does feel soooo good to have finished so much. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh goodness what a completely handful of craziness you had for a week. Thankfully we were not getting rained on...we had crazy warm weather like 60 degree warm weather which is weird for December.

    Jury duty sounds like an adventure on its on. My fiance' was summoned about two weeks ago. And he got picked for his first case! Enjoy your time...bring a book!

    1. Lucky you! While I'm grateful to have such beautiful greenery in the Pacific Northwest, sunny weather always seems like more fun. :)

      Thank you for the reminder about bringing a book! I almost forgot about doing that. Hopefully I remember! I'm just glad it's during my Winter Break and not during school.

    2. At least you are looking at it from a positive view. :)


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