December 6, 2012

a family tradition.


If there's one thing that puts me in a holiday cheer, it's Stocking Day. Most refer to it as Saint Nicholas Day, but when you're a kid, Stocking Day rolls off the tongue a little easier.

Instead of opening our stockings on Christmas morning, my family opens them up on Saint Nicholas Day. It kind of extends Christmas, if you ask me.

And yes, we still celebrate it around here. We don't get the chance to open them up together since we all have different morning schedules, but it's still a treat to see them all out on the kitchen table.

These past few years my mom has been asking us what we'd like but I love that she always ends up surprising us, too. Some years there are iTunes gift cards. Other years there are little toys or ornaments. This year, my mom completely surprised me with The Help (I've been meaning to read it for months now!), some gloves to use with my iPod, and some of my favorite Christmas candy.

Stocking Day will always be a tradition in my family. And when/if I have kids, you'd better believe stockings will be filled and ready to open on December 6th each year. And if I don't have kids, then you'd better believe I'm going to show up on my parent's doorstep that morning waiting to open up my stocking.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

What are your December family traditions? I love, love, love hearing about everyone's Christmas traditions!


  1. What a fun tradition! I've been wanting to read The Help for the longest time. You'll have to let me know what you think once you read it. :)

    1. I will definitely let you know! I just started it tonight while babysitting and so far it's really good. I'm going to have to re-watch the movie when I'm done, too! :)


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