December 10, 2012

caught up.

Now that preschool is over (don't even get me started...tears will commence), I feel a lot more caught up in life. I don't feel like I'm struggling to get everything done. I also don't feel the need to try and get ahead of myself either. I'm simply caught up and completely relaxed. It's a good feeling, I tell ya.

I'm caught up on sleep (totally took two back-to-back naps on Saturday).

I'm getting caught up on cleaning. Preschool crafts, old research paper rough drafts, and folders of stuff are everywhere!

I'm caught up on my daily journaling and devotions. I'm on Acts already!

I'm caught up on my sugar. I've had way too many cookies and sweet treats this weekend!

I'm caught up on blogs. I feel ridiculous feeling this, but I now feel caught up on your lives!

I'm getting caught up on news. I mean, Kate Middleton is pregnant?!?

I'm caught up on uploading photos on Facebook. Seriously, it happens about every three months.

What are you caught up on?

 p.s. Don't forget--today is the tenth! Learn more about the ten on ten project here.


  1. can you do a post about how you do daily journals and devotions? trying to make doing daily devotionals a habit, but i dont know where to start..

    1. Sure thing! That's a great post idea. :) And now that I'm on break, I'll have time to write it. It might not appear until next week or so, but I'll start on it asap.

      And you can do it! Starting is always the hardest.


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