December 7, 2012

real life lately

I feel like this week was bittersweet. There were so many good memories made and my heart is full from making them but I feel like something will be missing from my mornings now. Spending three hours every day for 10+ weeks was more than just a routine. It was how I now long to spend the rest of my career. Yes, I'm full of cliches and am sappy, too. And yes, I will be that teacher who cries at the end of every school year.

This week we made lots of puffy paint snowmen, graham cracker gingerbread houses, and some insta-snow, too. We ice-skated on wax paper, read stories in our pajamas, and ran around like crazy people while playing tag. We (the teachers) ate breakfast together, cleaned the classroom, and took photos together. It was bittersweet, I tell ya.

I'm sad that it's over, sad that I won't see these kiddos everyday, but also happy that I can finally sleep in and relax (aside from Christmas shopping, that is!). I'm ready to listen to Christmas music 24/7 (did I really just type that?) and ready to hang out with my family.

Most of all, I'm ready to be refreshed. Ready to remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas. Ready to celebrate a very special birthday.

Happy Friday, friends! Have a great one.

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