December 20, 2012

little letters.

little letters

dear instagram,
you made quite the commotion earlier this week. but i'm glad you seem to have things sort of under control now. don't feel like you need to scare everyone again anytime soon.

dear jury duty,
thank you for being cancelled. it was such a nice surprise. i'm pretty sure you're just as happy not to see me, too.

dear pat sajak and vanna white,
would you consider having me on the show sometime? i know you don't deal with auditions and everything, but could you put in a good word for me? i'd love to spin the wheel!

dear snow,
you were such a pleasant surprise this week. please come again soon!

dear readers,
thank you for being so friendly, so kind, and so amazing! it makes my day seeing your comments and reading your blogs. thank you, thank you, thank you.

dear blog,
sorry for changing you up so often! i've fallen in love with blog design, and i can't make up my mind! i hope you understand. just think of it as a new outfit every now and then.

dear mom,
i think it's my turn to beat you at words with friends, mmkay?

dear dark chocolate mint m&m's,
i love you. that is all.

dear future husband,
i am grateful that God created you. and i hope you don't mind a girl who likes taking photos all the time.

dear christmas season,
you're my favorite. my very, very favorite. please stay around a little longer!

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