January 23, 2013

five winter faves.

Homework is already bogging me down (can I get a collective ugghhhh, please?) but I don't want to neglect this little blog of mine nor do I want to come across as a disappearing act to my readers friends, so I'm here to share a few things I've come across on the interwebs lately:

winter loves
monogram mug. :: hello pullover sweatshirt. :: beyond cozy nail polish. :: heart gloves. :: pixie dust bracelet.

For some weird reason I always find myself attracted to sparkles (more specifically glitter) come January. It could be because I'm hoping for some sparkly snow on the ground. Or it could be the New Year and the leftover holiday cheer. Or maybe it's just because sparkles go hand-in-hand with winter? I'm really not sure. All I know is that sparkles are something I've been head over heels in love with recently.

What's on your wishlist? Coffee? Books? Sleeping?

Because now that I think about it, a nice cozy blanket and a nap would be lovely.


  1. Um, woah, these are all so cute! Especially that pullover. I may have to look at that website!

    1. You should! I really, really want one now. :)


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