January 18, 2013

real life, lately.

another frosty photo (see more here).

I somehow woke up with a lovely cold on Monday morning. Stuffy nose and all--what a wonderful way to start the week off, right? Fortunately I don't have classes on Mondays this term (yippee!) so it made for a nice TV catch-up/napping/overall relaxing day.

Speaking of TV, do any of you lovelies watch Parenthood? I'm still a week behind, but seriously, that show gets me teary-eyed every. single. episode. There's something about that Braverman family that is so relate-able, so real, and so original. I don't know how they work their magic but they always seem to hit me at the core.

On a different note, I reunited with some of my favorite little peoples! They may be only 3-5 years old, but I consider them some of my best friends. It was so great to see them and even cooler to see that they still remember me. What topped it all off was eating their handmade sand-cakes (with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate frosting on top!). It was delicious, in case you're wondering.

Skype. So grateful for modern technology--even if we had a few technical difficulties here and there! I caught up with one of my high school friends that I haven't really seen/talked to since high school graduation. Crazy, right? It was so good to catch up and find out what the other is up to lately.

And who can forget real life lunch dates with a lovely, lovely friend? She's awesome and we were two cool kids with our brown bag lunches. Yes, even in college bringing your own lunch is considered cool still. At least to me, it is.

What happened to you this week? Do you have plans for the three day weekend?


  1. Seems like everyone has developed this cold. No fun!

    3 day weekends are only good for those that get one...enjoy yours! :)

    1. It's definitely not fun! Sorry you don't get a three day weekend! I'm definitely feeling more grateful about my extra day now--even though I have to do homework! :)

    2. How many years left of school of school do you have? Hope you enjoyed your 3 day weekend. Seemed like everyone stayed in doors in the warmth. Work was super slow. (although thats a good thing right? haha)

    3. I'm on my last term so I'll be done in like two months! My three day weekend was really nice and I definitely stayed inside from all the cold!

      I'm never sure if I like work to be slow or fast. I used to have office hours at my old job and slow days were sometimes the hardest--yet the easiest because it meant I could get homework done. :) Where do you work?

    4. I work in the Emergency Department in the number 1 hospital in Saint Louis. So we get Level 1 Traumas & Burns....and all the little things too. So if its slow...I guess thats good. LOL

    5. Wow, how exciting! I don't think (okay, I KNOW) I couldn't ever work in the ED. Are you a nurse? And yes, I guess it is good to have slow days every now and then! Even if it is a little boring. :)


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