February 15, 2013

bits and pieces.

and yes, that is a toilet paper roll. but in my defense, i was saving it for this.
Happy Friday, friends! We've made it through another week! The sweet smell of the weekend is finally here and it couldn't have come sooner. Seriously, it couldn't have.

But anyway, here are a few bits and pieces from my week. To tell you the truth, I'm really loving this new Friday post series. It's actually way more fun to write/create than I originally thought. Which is kind of a win-win situation. You get another wordy post and I get to have fun while writing it. Or does that make it a lose-win situation? I digress...

I love my sisters and our silly conversations. Listening to my sisters discuss Channing Tatum's name is one of the funniest things ever. "His name sounds better as Tatum Channing!" "Wait, his name isn't Chatum Tanning!" "Uggh, why isn't his name Tatum Channing?" Yeah, my sisters are awesome.

Here's the best, easiest, and cutest way to switch up those light switch plates. Switch up, get it? Yeah, that's my humor at it's best.

I want to make and wear this this weekend.

Umm, you need to watch this. It definitely stirred my heart to be kinder to those around me--including the people I do not know.

I made some new blogging friends via emails and blog comments this week! That means you, Abigail, Erika, Kellie, Rachael, Amy, Kaity, and Traci! So sorry if I forgot one of you--it definitely does NOT mean I don't love ya. It really just shows how terrible of a memory I've got. And yes, it's that bad. So if I seriously forgot you, help this terrible-memory girl out and leave a comment telling me!

Oh, and here are some gorgeous iPhone covers I know you'll want. Some of us would just like to have an iPhone, but that's a story to save for another day.

I taught PE this week. Sure, it was to my peers, but they were really good students (probably the best-behaved and best-listening students I'll ever have) and they were super encouraging, too. Which makes it one of my fave classes this term. And as a girl who hated PE as a kid, that says A LOT.

And a sledding party? As a winter birthday gal, this is the best idea I've heard in a long time.

I know Valentine's Day was yesterday, but I love this sweet surprise.

And this is a Valentine I'd like from my future students.

Oh, and if you're here to find out how I spent my Valentine's Day, stay tuned. This wordy girl decided to save all the uneventful events for a separate post.

Happy weekend, lovelies!


  1. Cute post :) Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Can't wait to look through all of the links!
    And umm "switch up light switches" =brilliant! so fun!
    Glad i'm following your blog now too! :) yay for blog sista'ssssssssss {you can never have to many 's's} ha.

  3. I love the idea of this post! I might do a bits and pieces post of my own this afternoon, with credit to you for the idea of course :)

    Happy Friday lovely!

    1. Yes, do it! It's a lot of fun and a great way to discover new blogs and learn more about the blogger! Can't wait to read yours! :)

  4. Yay!!! We are new bloggy friends and I love it!


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