February 1, 2013

link love.

A pompom bouquet brightens up any room.

A pop of color in your kitchen.

Smiles on your mittens!

The prettiest way to craft those old perler beads.

Wouldn't wearing these make your day more fun?

I'd like sip from this mug.

Download this background for your phone, okay?

Grapefruit donuts. That is all.

One of the loveliest bookmarks I've ever seen.

This video will make you smile. Guaranteed.

And the cutest carrot cake in the entire world. 

And a song you should listen to right now. As in now, now. 


  1. ooh i love this sweet list! that 5 year old's birthday video was so precious. i want a pajama and pancake party for MY birthday. love your blog! :-)

    1. I know, I love their blog and their videos. It definitely makes me want a pancake pajama party, too! Thanks for stopping by, Lacey! :)


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