February 1, 2013

real life, lately.

Dear rain, I kind of missed you. Not the wet jeans and squeaky shoes, but the warmer weather (yes, rain means warmer weather here!) and the cleaner air. Three cheers for the after-rain-smell.
Dear "niece rats," You two are probably some of the cutest things on earth. No wonder my little sister loves you so. You're also a little squirmy--which made this photoshoot easier said than done.
Dear kiddo, I love homemade notes. Write me another one, please?
Dear book, why must you be sooo darn cute? I cannot wait to use my creativity this weekend. Fingers crossed I actually get the chance.
Dear tangerine/satsumas/cuties/baby oranges, you are delicious and I want to eat you all up.
Dear homemade haupia, you may be a little cornstarchy this time around, but your lovely coconut flavor is delicious nonetheless. And that toasted coconut on top? Yum.

I am so glad Friday is here. So, so glad. Here's to another lovely weekend, friends!

p.s. Where did January go? It's a little hard to believe that the first month of 2013 has come and gone. So far, I think 2013 has treated me well. 


  1. You somehow made me think for a second that rats were cute and not terrifying. Well done.

    1. Oh trust me, I was not a fan of them when my sister first got them but now I think they're pretty cute (most of the time, that is). My sister would be so happy to hear that you thought they were cute--even if it was only for a second. :)

  2. Aww your little sister's rats are so cute!! And yes, here's to another lovely weekend!! I can't believe it's already February, either! Where does the time go??

    1. Yeah, they really are quite cute! One of them just learned to fetch which is even cuter. :) I agree, I still think it's January, to be honest. But I'm ready for another great month. Enjoy your weekend, friend!

  3. I totally agree about the rain = warmer weather. I am so wishing we had rain right now over this bitterly cold weather. Stay blessed.

    1. Should I send rain your way? We somehow had a sunny + dry day today! Even though it wasn't too warm out, it was a pleasant surprise. Stay warm, friend! :)

  4. rain equals warm whether?!? it doesn't compute in my Colorado brain!! hahah. but I do love the rain. all the time. so FRESH!

    1. It seems weird, but it's been the truth around here lately. :) I'm glad I found a fellow rain lover! I love how refreshing and cleansing it is. And how green the trees are, too! :)


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