February 6, 2013

the places you will go.

A few months ago, I read Oh, the Places You'll Go by the infamous Dr. Seuss to the kiddos I babysit. And no wonder he's a doctor; I mean, this guy knows his stuff.

He has the right amount of advice, humor, and rhyme to make the book perfect for any age. I distinctly remember my elementary school librarian reading this to my fifth grade class right before our little "graduation" ceremony.

At the time, those words meant nothing. In fact, I was probably more interested in the illustrations than the words. But when I was reading the book, I realized just how much these words apply to everyone. Especially young adults like me.

As my graduation date approaches (hooray for finishing early!), I'm feeling both ready and unsure about my plans. I know that teaching is my thing. But the whole applying-for-Master's-programs-part? The interviews, the papers, the money? And don't even get me started on all those tests I have to take before I even start the application process. All of that scares me. Fortunately, reading those words from the smart Dr. Seuss helped me process it all.

You see, I'm what Dr. Seuss would call a waiter. I don't wait tables, I wait growth and development in life. Taking that first step? That's the hardest for me. It's the scariest and the part that makes me cringe.

Dr. Seuss reminded me that life does not wait. God does not want to wait for me. He wants to help me take that first step. And do it. Right now.

But to be honest, I'm still not sure what my next step is. It could be a Master's programs or a break from schooling so I can work at the preschool of my dreams. But either way, I know that He wants me to be ready and obedient. And while I wish I could end this post with a solid "YES, I am ready!" attitude, that would be a lie. I still struggle with trusting and a having a constant yes-God attitude and I know that that's something I will continue to struggle with. But I know that being a waiter is something I don't want to be. And that both God and Dr. Seuss want me to realize this. And right now, knowing this is growth for me. 

"If they listen and serve Him, they complete their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasantness." Job 36:11


  1. Life is crazy sometimes. During times of transition and uncertainty it's so hard to just lean on God and trust that He will make it clear to you. I have found myself reflecting on those "waiting" times in my life and it is interesting to see how they shaped me and prepared me for the future. I had no idea at the time but it's so great to look back now and see it was not all for nothing. :)

    1. Well said. Transition times are definitely tough! Thank you for the encouragement--you don't even know how much it helps!

  2. I am seriously so excited to have found your blog from Amy (Sweet Home Santa Barbara)'s post! As soon as I saw your photo up top, I smiled so big. Joy radiates from you! You can bet I'll be reading past posts and eagerly anticipating new ones :).

    Oh, and I chose this post to comment on because I can really relate to his place of waiting that you are in as well. I love that God uses every piece of our life to help carry us into whatever is "next". Nothing is wasted. :)

    1. Oh, thanks! Your comment is sooo sweet and it's definitely made my day! And yes, He really does use every little step in our lives to bring us to what comes next. I can already tell that I love your heart and passion for Him! Can't wait to check out your blog! :)


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