February 18, 2013

unspoken dreams.

There are a few dreams of mine that have yet to make it to my bucket list. Which is still pretty much a list, considering I've only crossed off one thing so far.

But being the dreamer/planner that I am, I've decided to share a few of these unspoken dreams of mine. Mostly because they are and will likely stay on this list, but you know; a girl can dream! So here goes nothing:

+ Learn to play the ukelele. I want to be the cool teacher who plays music and sings off-key with her students (kind of like Jess). Wouldn't it be fun to sing Somewhere over the Rainbow with a class of first graders? And the ukelele would top it all off, right?

+ Take a cross-country road trip. I've always been a fan of road trips and I've only been to four or five states (all of which are surrounding the one I live in). I've also never left the country so I think I'm due for an adventure of sorts.

+Get a new lens/camera! I've been dying (sometimes literally) to get my hands on a 50mm lens ever since hearing that it's the lens that everybody has. Seriously, am I the only one living off of her kit lens? Writing this one honestly makes me feel like I did when I was sophomore in high school and was begging my parents for a cellphone (that I didn't get until I was a junior). Obviously my persuasion skills are still lacking. 

+Meet someone famous (that includes bloggers!). I'd love to meet one of you lovely ladies. And then there's also Adele, Jennifer Garner, and Jennifer Lawrence--who I think are so real and down to earth! Let's just say I want to know what it's like to be starstruck. Okay, so I can imagine what it would be like (my typical awkwardness times a million) but I'd like to actually experience it firsthand.

+Attend an Influence Conference (or something similar). Okay, so this one is actually on the bucket list, but I just can't help myself from sharing it. Seriously this conference sounds amazing and I hope to someday go there and meet the people who inspire and encourage me on a daily basis.

+Wear a pair of heels. I'm a flats kind of girl, and only own one pair of heels--that I've worn a total of well, zero times. They're a simple black patent leather and are currently sitting in a plastic bag in my closet waiting to be worn. I teach Sunday School, so I have yet to wear them to church because a klutz like me should not be wearing heels while running after three year olds. I fall enough in flats, thankyouverymuch. And I haven't really had a special occasion that I would need to wear them. If anything, I think this dream just shows how much of a clumsy homebody I really am.

+Post a vlog. I kinda don't really like the sound of my voice but I've seen so many bloggers do it that I feel like it needs to be done in the future. Be prepared for total awkwardness if this unspoken dream comes true!

So do you have any unspoken dreams? And are you a list-maker or a list-crosser-offer? I need some serious motivation to get some of these things done!

I could also use some serious ideas for vlog topics. Any suggestions or link-ups I should know about? I need something to talk about otherwise I'll just sit there, twirl my hair, and giggle--at myself, of course.


  1. I love your hopes and dreams so much! They are so good to have- I have so many! Your bucket list page didn't go to a link for me..

    I just got a 50 lenses- it's 30 years old and it works like a gem! I found it off craigslist too! I used my kit lenses for so long and I'll never go back if I don't have to! Hehe~

    Love your list, girl!

    1. I think I just updated the link. Thanks for letting me know! I hate it when little things like that happen. :)

      You should definitely write a post like this--I'd love to read it!

      And I'm definitely going to have get a 50mm. I've heard so many great things about it and I want to try it now!

  2. vlog = yes!
    heels = do it! They are painful, no joke...but they make everything look 10x better. I always feel more beautiful in heels, i know i'm weird..ha.
    50mm = DO IT! i got mine off of amazon for like $150. So it wasn't too bad. It is definitely different and i find myself actually still using my kit lens a lot because you can't zoom with the 50mm.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement for the vlog, heels, and 50mm. I definitely want to try all three and am definitely going to blog about all three when they come to fruition. :)

  3. I'm right there with you on the traveling goal, I've never left the country either (or at least at an age where I'm old enough to remember, and do Canada and Mexico even count if I could remember?). Definitely do a vlog girl! I'd love to hear more about your life in video form :)

    And yes yes yes please do attend Influence Conf!! I'm also going to try and make it to Allume in South Caroline this year, so I hope to meet you at one of those!!

    1. I would count Canada and Mexico if you remember--only because I haven't been to either! :)

      And yes, I'm trying to muster up the courage (and video topic ideas!) to do a vlog. I feel like it would be fun, yet it seems so scary at the same time!

      That sounds so exciting! I'd love to meet you at one of the Influence Conferences some time in the future! I know it would so much fun and so full of faith, too!

  4. This list is so fun! I go in spurts with the heels-wearing - I'm 5.6, which I know isn't actually tall, I'm still the tallest of my friends (except for guys) and heels just makes it even worse. :) I got my 50mm lens from B&H for $110; they are a fantastic photo resource website! The pro's use it (and I'm certainly no pro, just saying').

  5. Replies
    1. Girl, you're tall to me! You're free to wear heels around me, though! Pretty much everyone is taller than me (except the people in my family, oddly enough. everyone except my dad is shorter than me!).

      I actually got me camera from b&h and love their site! I've been looking in the used department for a 50mm because I'm hoping I don't have to pay full price for one. Thanks for the reminder to check their site again!

      And yes, I know. Everyone wants me to do a vlog. Now I just have to find something to talk about! :)


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