March 12, 2013

answers to those questions.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was nominated by three different bloggers for a Liebster Award. Yeah, I'm still shocked, too. I also mentioned that I was going to do my Liebster post in three days. So here are the answers to Rhys + Sarah, Megan, and Becca's questions for me. 

And because answering and having you read 33 questions would take eternity (I'm a wordy responder, mind you), I decided to pick a few of each of their questions for me. Hopefully ya'll aren't offended that I didn't respond to all of your questions! 

rhysandsarah questions
1. What is one silly thing people don't know you do?
I keep a lot of my old toys for my future children. It's weird, but I'm sentimental about my favorite childhood toys and games and I want my kids to know what real Polly Pockets looked like (back when they actually fit in your pocket and were choking hazards).

2. What is your favorite blog to read?
I don't have one favorite, but I love Kelle, Ashley, Emily, and Elizabeth's blogs.

3. If you could binge on two foods and not incur any fat wrath what would they be?
Cold berry pie (with whipped cream) and fresh-baked bread (with butter). Technically, that's four foods, but who's counting?

4. Are you a morning or evening person and how do you know?
Definitely a morning person. I love my 8 and 9am classes and am wiped come 5pm. Come late afternoon, I just want to watch TV in my sweats and eat cookies. That, and I also go to bed before midnight most days of the week (including Fridays). Yep, I live the exciting life.

5. Bob Barker knocks on your door and hands you a million dollars...what do you do first?
Give him a funny look in disbelief. And I would probably also ask him how he knows where I live because I get creeped out by things like that. And then I would ask, "Is this for real?"

That's the response you were looking for, right?

1. What is one of your life goals?
To adopt or foster a child. It's something that's been on my heart ever since I was nine years old and the desire has only grown in the past few years. I'm not picky when it comes to domestic or international, I just know that adopting is something I hope and pray is part of my future.

2. If you were to road trip, where would you go?
Does Hawaii count? Just kidding (although I would love to go see family there again!). I'm pretty much an open book when it comes to traveling--especially road trips!--but I would love to visit Canada or Alaska someday!  

3. What is your dream job?
To teach in a low-income school or preschool. Or to be a stay-at-home mom--it sounds weird to have that be a dream job, but it's a dream and it's definitely a job!

4. How do you feel about the Hunger Games?
Love them--books and movie included! Especially because Jennifer Lawrence is in them.

5. Were you more of a tomboy or princess growing up?
Even though I didn't (and don't) play sports, I'm probably more of a tomboy. But that doesn't mean I didn't play with my dollhouse and Beanie Babies growing up. I was just way more interested in playing tag outside than putting on make-up (and still am that way to this day!).
becas questions
1. Cats or dogs?
Definitely dogs, and it's not just because I have one! Growing up, I was super scared of my neighbors' cat that loved to pounce and scratch at you from underneath their covered dining chairs (the chair legs were covered). It was scarring, to say the least.

2. What was/is your favorite Disney movie?
Good question! I didn't watch the Disney princess movies growing up, but I love Disney/Pixar movies. So I'd have to choose Toy Story and Up. And yes, Up teared me up when I saw it. 

3. Do you have a funny childhood story?
Lots! But one that comes to mind was back in first or second grade. My teacher was talking about Leonardo da Vinci and when she asked if the class knew who that was, I told her that was the man on The Titanic. Yeah, let's just say history was and is not my best subject.

4. Biggest pet peeve?
Grammar. I'm definitely not perfect myself, but the whole there/they're/their thing gets on my nerves sometimes.

5. What has been the most significant decision of your life thus far?
Hands down, blogging. Who would've guessed that a little blog could have presented me with so many friendships and an even deeper relationship with Him?

Seriously, I never saw that coming when I first started this little blog of mine.  


  1. I love these questions (and answers!). In my book, that counts as only two foods- you NEED the toppings/sauces, that's the best part!

    Where do you want to go in Canada? Canada is so beautiful- although it's so big, I have only been to the East Coast- on a road trip. It was amazing.

    I loved the Hunger Games. And E Tells Tales (thank you for reminding me that she is back & I need to check her blog!) And I love that you have always known that you want to adopt or foster. That is amazing.

    Longest comment ever!
    Some Snapshots Blog

    1. I'm glad you consider them only two foods because you're so right--they're just not the same without the toppings!

      And I'm really open to wherever in Canada. I live on the West Coast so probably in the Alberta or British Columbia area (that's on the West side, right?) just because it's closest. I've just heard how beautiful it is and I love the hiking so I think that would be a lot of fun. :) Your trip sounds like so much fun, though! I LOVE roadtrips!

      And I'm glad you like the Hunger Games and E Tells Tales. We have so much in common!

      And no worries, I leave long comments ALL THE TIME.

      Not even exaggerating on that one. :)

  2. Aww, thanks for taking us up on this Kiki! It was a fun read! Did you see our amazing surprise?!

    1. Sorry it took so long for me to do it! School's been crazy right now! :)

  3. congrats on being nominated so many times! popular gal :) ahh, jennifer lawrence, who doesn't love her?! that girl is amazing. i think being a stay-at-home mom is worthy dream--my mother was a homemaker, and it meant the world to me. being a mom is one of the most important jobs ever :)

    grace & love,

    1. Thanks! And I definitely did NOT intend for it to come across as being popular and nominated so many times! I just wanted to give credit to the blogs who nominated me! :)

      And yes, who doesn't love Jennifer Lawrence?! Seriously, she's the best and so talented. Have you seen Silver Linings Playbook? I've been dying to see that movie.

      And I'm glad you agree, moms are awesome and such an amazing (and tough!) job. :)

  4. Gral, storing up your toys for future kids is NOT silly!! I actually have some of the shirts my MOM wore when she was PREGNANT with me (including the shirt she wore when she left the hospital with ugly little baby me!) and I fully plan on wearing them someday, should I ever be pregnant. Because they are stinkin' cute shirts! Plus I'm just sentimental that way! And I protectively keep some of my favorite childhood toys and books away from the nieces and nephews, too. They gotta last until some of my kids can wear them! Oh...and I also have some of my own baby clothes. :) So, either we're totally normal to do that OR we're both crazy. ;)

    1. Uuuuh...not sure why I typed "wear" - I don't want any future kids wearing toys...I meant to type play. Brain blitz...

    2. I'm glad you don't think it's silly! I have at least two boxes full of toys in my room and then some more in our attic area. And that's so cool that you have clothes from when your mom was pregnant with you--that's so special and it would be so cool to wear them someday when you're pregnant! What a cool family heirloom! :)

      And loved that correction you made! Honestly, if you didn't send in that second comment, I wouldn't have noticed! That probably just shows how sleep deprived and crazy my mind is right now!

  5. is it weird that this is the first time I realized who Jennifer Lawrence was. I loved the hunger games. watched the movie. never paid attention to names. heard Jennifer Lawrence cuz wasn't she the on who fell. I literally had never heard of her. totally didn't watch that by the way. I am the most out of touch with pop culture person probably alive.

    1. Yay for a fellow Hunger Games lover! And no worries, my sister doesn't know half of the actors/actresses out there. So I don't think you're the most out of touch when it comes to pop culture! It's one of those odd things that I have the ability to remember. :)

  6. I love your answers! Honestly, I can so relate to most of these. Especially about being a tomboy and the Hunger Games, of course. Also, I laughed so hard at your Leonardo Da Vinci story! Right when I started the story I was thinking "Oh gosh, I know where this is going". Didn't stop me from cracking up!

    PS- My email was being funky this past weekend and I wanted to check and make sure you got my last one? It's been a bit since I sent it and like I said, it was acting up so I just want to make sure!

    1. I'm glad you can relate AND that I made you laugh with that story. Remembering that moment from my childhood still makes me smile. And it also makes me kind of wish I could meet me child-self. :)

      And yes, I did get your email! I'm hoping to respond to it later this week (Friday night at the latest!). School's been CRAZY lately and I'm just waiting for classes to be said and done with.

  7. Kiki dear friend, i love your responses.. so fun to get to know you better! This may be kind of an odd request but would you mind if I split my Liebster Award up in a similar fashion as yours.. I was nominated 3x too and am slightly overwhelmed. Let me know, your creative juices are wonderful :)

    1. No, I don't mind at all! I'm sure billions of bloggers have done similar things before--but thanks for asking just in case! :)

      And I know exactly what you mean, these posts take forever to write and I always feel like I'm continuously scrolling through them (or maybe that's just because my answers are pages long?). Definitely overwhelming at times. So yes, do it!

      Can't wait to read your posts! I love reading these kinds of posts, too!

  8. So great to read your responses! I love getting to know you a little more.

    1. Well thank YOU for nominating me! I loved reading yours as well! :)

  9. I giggled a few times as I read through your answers, because nearly half of them I would've answered the same exact way! I still have all of my books and baby furniture for my future little ones, grew up a tomboy, looove The Hunger Games and Pixar movies and my dream job is being a Stay-At-Home Mom too. ;-)

    1. I'm glad you answer the same way! It definitely puts my mind at ease. :)

      And hooray for our similarities, too! I love discovering that I'm not the only one who wants to be a stay at home mom.


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