March 1, 2013

bits and pieces.

this photo was literally taken minutes before this mug broke. which made for an ever sadder sick day.
Oh, Friday. How I wish you came earlier this week. Being sick all week was definitely not fun so I wish you (Friday, that is) came on like, Monday, perhaps? Either way, I'm grateful that you're here and don't want you to leave.

As always (at least as of a few weeks ago), here are the lessons learned, links I loved, and little things I want to remember from my week:

This girl's blog series has been such an encouragement and faith-builder for me. Especially this one.

New friends alert! Check out Ashley, Megan, and Laura Jean's blogs. As in now, please.

Oh, and you should also check out those blogs on my sidebar. They're all awesome, too. And if you're interested in swapping buttons, let me know! I love adding pretty buttons to my blog.

Donut parties and printables? That pretty much combines two fave things of mine. Although, I only really like old-fashioned glazed donuts.

You'll need these for your next party, too.

I got tempera paint on my flats the other day (at preschool, of course) so I'm thinking a shoe DIY is in my future. I'm thinking polka dots but this one's fun, too!

I want to make and hang this up on my wall.

Their videos are the cutest. And this one is no exception.

A guest pastor spoke at my church on Sunday really had me soaking up his words on love and what my "Christian agenda" is when I love on others. His words reminded me that my actions should be done for God, not me. It was a tough thing to swallow, but perfect for my heart that day.

New pretty blog alert! Check it out.

On being authentic. Loved this post.

I loved this Jennifer Lawrence and her after-Oscar interview. Her facial expressions are priceless.

40 ways to tie a scarf. I know this is an old link that's been going around, but I still love it.

Have a great one! I'm planning on blogging on Sunday, so I'll see you then!


  1. Boooooooo to being sick, but can i just say i want to thief that mug? SERIOUSLY cats....i love cats....cats cats cats cats CATS.
    Ok, i'm done spazzing.
    Thanks for the shout-out girl! It's nice to know that my ramblings are offering a connection point for others, that's one of the reasons we blog right---to connect to others!
    Those DIY fabric paint shoes...LOVE i can't wait to see if you do polka dots!
    Im excited to browse through some of the links you've posted (i.e. new blogs) to find new people...i love your friday posts! {ok, you caught me, i love all of your posts}

    1. I know, I loved that mug, too! It was my mom's in college so it was realy sad when it broke. My sister actually super-glued it back together (the handle fell off when I was washing it for some odd reason). So now it's being used as a plant pot. But yes, it was definitely my favorite mug--even though I'm a dog-lover myself!

      I know polka dot shoes sound like so much fun! The paint actually washed out, but I'm thinking polka dot shoes are still needed in my closet. :)

      And thanks, hearing that people love these posts means so much to me! I really love writing them, so I'm glad you like reading them, too!

      Oh, and you totally deserved that shout out! :)

  2. Ohmagosh!! I LOVE that dearly departed mug!!! I passionately LOVE cats, I tell people that if I'd been born Egyptian I would have worshiped cats (although I said that once to someone...and then remembered that she WAS Egyptian...awkward). I wish I could find one like that!! How SAD that it broke! I get so attached to my favorite mugs and when they's like a friend died. Do you ever feel that way...or is it just me being freaky?? :)

    I love this weekly series that you do! It inspired me to do one of my own! Gral, you just give me SO many good ideas for blog posts! If I'm not careful I might just have a repeat blog of yours! ;)

    Hope you get to feeling better, sister-friend!! *hug*

    1. I know, that mug was so special in our family--it was actually my mom's from college (which made it that much harder to tell her that it broke!). And I definitely get sad when things break, especially sentimental things! So you're totally NOT freaky. :)

      I can't wait to check out your post! I love these kinds of posts and reading and writing them is so much fun! And no worries about copying, it's seriously a great compliment!

      And thanks, I'm still sick, but definitely on the mend! :)

    2. Oh, even worse!! I was semi-responsible for losing my mom's favorite and iconic hat in a lake once...and I still feel wretched about it to this very day and that was years ago! *cringe* could consider this link as a chance to redeem that which has been lost. :)

    3. Trust me, it was super sad. But I'm so glad my mom was fine about it! :) And thanks for finding/sending that link to me! I'll have to keep that in mind for a future Mother's Day present or something!

  3. thanks for the shout out, girl!

    oh my gosh. jennifer. that girl is HILARIOUS. i had not seen that one!! my coworkers and i watched interview videos of her basically all this week :)

    1. No problem! I only share the bestest of blogs. :)

      And yes! I love Jennifer. I watched so many Youtube videos of her this week, too. She is hilarious!

  4. Hope you feel better!! I love Jennifer Lawrence, she seems so real!

    1. Aw, thanks! I'm starting to feel a little better. I'm just hoping I get better before next week starts up again! :)

      And yes! Jennifer Lawrence is the best. She is definitely real, honest, and hilarious, too!

  5. One: I love that mug, it's so cute. What a shame that it broke! Two: Hope you're feeling better soon friend! Three: That Jennifer Lawrence interview is amazing! I was cracking up so hard oh my goodness! She's just great. Four: I've been thinking about starting to swap buttons on my blog, so I'm definitely interested! I'll let you know if I decide to take the plunge :)

    1. One: I am so glad you're back in the blogging world! I just read your email and will hopefully respond this weekend!

      Two: I know! That mug was adorable. My sister super-glued it back together, but I'm still a little sad it's no longer food-usable. At least it's getting a second life as a flower/plant pot! And I'm also super glad for an understanding mom!

      Three: Thanks! I still feel super stuffed up (TMI?) but I'm definitely feeling better everyday.

      Four: Jennifer Lawrence is sorta my latest obsession. It sounds crazy, but it's true as of this week.

      Five: We should definitely swap buttons! I would love to and I really think you should take the plunge. I know of a bazillion blogs that would love to swap with you!

      Six: Have a wonderful weekend, friend! :)

  6. Awww thanks for the shout out :) Hope you feel better this weekend so you can enjoy it! Do y'all have spring break coming up? We have one more week and i. can. not. wait!

    1. No problem, I love sharing great blogs and even greater bloggers with my readers! And thanks, I'm starting to feel a lot better (at least compared to earlier this week!).

      My Spring Break isn't until the end of this month--but I'm at the point where I need to start counting down the days! Enjoy yours! You're almost there and you deserve a break! :)

  7. aw, hope you feel better soon! i also had no idea there were cup-a-soups. are they good?

    1. Oh, thanks! I think the cup-a-soups are kind of to be expected for prepackaged soup. Definitely not as good as homemade, but great for when you're sick, don't feel like cooking, and just need a little bit of soup for yourself! So they're not bad, but definitely not the best chicken soup I've had. :)


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