March 9, 2013

little letters, volume two.

shadows mean one thing: the sun is out!
Dear sunshine,
Soaking up your warm rays and admiring those blue skies and clouds next to you was the best dose of medicine this Vitamin D deficient girl needed.

Dear kiddo,
Thanks for singing the chorus of this song loud enough for me to hear. Hearing you tell me that the God of angel armies is always by my side was just what I needed.

Dear IKEA,
I hope to walk through your showroom sometime soon. It's been too long. And you'd better save some of your frozen yogurt for me, too!

Dear tango,
You're an odd dance, I tell ya. I think I may like swing a little more than you. Sorry.

Dear black flats,
I'm glad I decided to slip you on my feet yesterday. Your cute little bows made me feel a little girly for once in my sweatpants-life.

Dear last week of classes,
I'm glad you're here yet scared because you came so fast this term. Let's just leave it at this love-hate relationship, shall we?

Dear God,
How is it that a girl like me could be so blessed to have you in my life? I cannot wait to celebrate you on Easter this year. Spending that little extra time worshiping, thanking, and praising you with my church family makes my heart happy.


  1. I love this little letters.

    BTW, I never was good at tango :S

    1. Oh, thanks! I love these posts, too.

      And we've just started learning tango in my class, so I'm hoping it's one of those things that just gets better with time.

  2. Aren't these letters so fun? I love writing these posts myself. :)

    Sunshine is awesome! And so is Ikea. I haven't been in ages, need to go again.

    God is awesome too! I can't wait for Easter either. Or spring!

    1. Yes, these are some of my favorite posts to write now! They're definitely a lot of fun to write and to read! :)

      And yes, sunshine is definitely awesome. Rare, but so nice. I'm so glad you like IKEA, too! I haven't been in over a year and would love to walk their showroom again.

      And I couldn't agree with you more--God is awesome. And amazing. And I'm glad I'm not the only excited about Easter and spring!

  3. You're a sweat-pants wearin' girl, too? Honey, I LIVE in sweats!! And would you believe I've never been to IKEA before? But I was just chattin' with some of my gal friends and we might be planning a trip. :)

    1. Yep, that's me (as in literally seeing as I'm wearing sweats right now)! :)

      And YES, you have to make a trip to IKEA sometime. It's so much fun and I love all the things they come up with. Tell me/blog about it when you do, okay?

  4. sunshine! I am beyond words excited for spring myself!

  5. love these little letters, i might have to adopt this! :)
    and girl, the closest ikea to me is 3 hours...i can't wait to make a day trip up there!


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