March 10, 2013

on communion and kin.

>>> I only really included the word kin because I've always loved that word. Don't ask why. Just accept my quirks and keep reading. <<<

I distinctly remember the first time I took communion. It was during a normal Sunday service and my dad asked me if I was ready. I'm pretty sure I nodded (only because I don't remember ever saying a word during church services back then) and followed him up to a table at the front of the church. My dad probably took the grape juice cup for me and I carried the matzah cracker back to our seats. He showed me how to cover the cup with my hand so I wouldn't spill and we took it with the church family. The bread first. A prayer or verse reading and then the grape juice.

My first communion was special. But as life fast-forwarded, I distanced myself from Him. I knew He was there, but didn't know to what extent. I memorized those verses but never applied them to my life. But I still participated in communion. I just didn't let the meaning of it sink in each time I ate that little piece of matzah and drank the little sip of grape juice. I took it, with the rest of the church, and that was that. I was often chewing gum during church service so my once minty gum tasted like minty grape juice soon after.

It wasn't until last year that communion really became something special again. When I listened to the words we sang during this short time and realized just how much He loves me. When tears filled my eyes and my glasses fogged up at the bottom because my heart was overflowing with His goodness and love for me. I realized how much He sacrificed for me so I could live out my imperfect life. Remembering that He died, that He listened to lies about Him and His father, and that He endured so much pain at my expense.

>>> As a sidenote, I'm typing this and songs on my worship station on Pandora are playing songs I often sing and tear up to during communion--God's timing is perfect, amen? <<<

Do you know what communion means? According to Merriam-Webster, the word communion refers to:
  1. an act or instance of sharing. 
  2. a Christian sacrament in which consecrated bread and wine are consumed as memorials of Christ's death or as symbols for the realization of a spiritual union between Christ and communicant or as the body and blood of Christ 
  3. intimate fellowship or rapport : communication 
  4. a body of Christians having a common faith and discipline
Reading the definitions of communion really got me thinking. Communion is first and foremost a time to remember, reflect, and realize just how amazing Jesus is. It's a time for us to rededicate ourselves to Him and dwell in His forgiveness. But I think it's also a chance for us to come together as a family and share His love and all that He's blessed us with now that we are saved and forgiven. 

And to me, that is something that I am blessed and feel led to do here on my blog. Meet you, my kin, and praise and honor Him together. 

Communion and kin. Two of my new favorite words. 

p.s. I'll be back later tonight with my Ten on Ten! Have you participated yet?


  1. I just recently too have started truly realizing the purpose of communion. So much more than I ever realized! It's hard to think about the value of the bread and wine when you do it so routinely, I have to remember the purpose of it and reflect on Jesus when I take it.

    1. I totally agree! There is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to communion. And I also agree with the routine--it's so easy for me to forget the meaning when I take part in it every month. Fortunately, God works in our hearts all the time and truly helps us grow closer to Him! :)

  2. Love this post girl! When I was first becoming a Christian, Matt warned me not to take communion until I knew I was truly saved and completely sure of my stance with Christ. It is SO sacred and beautiful, I love it. You hit the purpose of communion right on the nose! And adding in the little piece about kin and praising Him together was just lovely :)

    1. Thanks sweet lady! And wow, Matt is such a role model and man of God (not even joking). Seriously, that is so cool that He takes it so seriously and truly believes in it. Communion is definitely sacred and beautiful.

      And I'm glad you liked the kin part. I seriously LOVE that word. :)

  3. Oh, gral,gral!! I have something AMAZING to tell you about communion! Once I heard it, it totally, completely and forever changed my views on communion, specifically the wine cup, and now it's one of my favorite "events" of being a Christian. Hopefully it'll **mind blow** you like it did me. Especially as a single woman, which I know you'll relate with!

    When Jesus offered the cup as testament of his blood, his words and actions in offering the cup was ACTUALLY the traditional Jewish marriage proposal! He was basically, in essence, proposing to His bride, the church. In Jewish tradition, a potential bride-groom would come to the girl's house, fill a cup with wine and offer it to her, as his proposal. If she accepted the cup and drank from it, she was agreeing to become his bride. And so, when we drink the cup at communion, we are also, in essence, accepting the Lord has our Bridegroom! Beautiful, huh? If you're interested in learning more, there's a video series by a man named Ray Vanderlaan, where he actually leads tours through Israel, explaining all the symbolism found in the bible that we non-kosher people will miss. The video's are AMAZING!! You can also find more info by just googling it. :)

    Oh, and after the bride would accept the cup and his proposal, the groom would say to her "I go to prepare a place for you." Just like Jesus did. :

    1. Wow, that is so cool! I love the perspective on communion--that is so beautifully put, too! I'm definitely going to have to look up Ray Vanderlaan later today! He sounds so wise and I love learning more about symbolism in the Bible!

      Thanks for sharing that with me, girl! :)

  4. I love communion too and love that you are extending that to your blog. beautiful :)
    its actually started to mean something so much more to me in the last year too- although its totally a weird reason. My bf dad was a missionary in Papa New Guinea for decades with tribes who were cannibals for the longest time. They only ate like warriors they killed in battle in hopes of acquiring all their bravery and such by eating them- which I did not know was the point of cannibalism. Anyway, after he converted some members of a particularly violent tribe. When he explained communion to them, it was just the most special thing for these tribesmen because they significantly got the idea of eating someone's body in order to aquire the person they are. It's really disturbing in some ways. But it amazes me the way He has the power to redeem even some of the worst things and turn them into His glory. And now I can't take communion without thinking of all the tribes that don't know him and just how blessed it is to be filled with Christ and just take Him in like that. Kind of a weird story, I know. But I'm kind of a missions junkie so I enjoy stuff like that.

    1. Wow, that is so cool! I am honestly quite speechless after reading your experience and that story behind communion for the people of Papua New Guinea. That's so cool to hear about the work that your boyfriend's dad did there! God definitely works in some amazing ways and I loved hearing that God used your boyfriend's dad and communion to reach those people.

      And thanks for sharing it, too! I love to hear about missions work!

  5. Hi Kiki, my friend Ashley (the one who commented right above me), mentioned your blog in a comment on mine, and I thought I'd come check it out. Mostly because I wrote a blog about being more transparent in my struggles with being single and not having kids at this point in my life - and she said you talk about it a bunch (which is something I truly admire - I have a hard time talking about it and finding blogs that are willing to address it). i am very much encouraged by your words, not just on that topic, but on many topics. I'm hoping to learn to be more open myself so I might encourage others who are feeling some of the same things.

    I loved this post, in that I often have trouble connecting with the true meaning of communion because it's become such a ritual. I lead worship at my church and often times they even forget to bring us the elements when they're passing them around (because we are up front), and I usually just brush it off. I go to another church at night so I can enjoy someone else leading worship, and I often take communion there too and it means a little bit more, but I still struggle with really connecting it. That said, I usually use that time to pray that God will really help me feel the weight of its significance , and I'm sensing a change.

    1. Hi Danielle! It's so nice to meet you! And I'm so honored that Ashley referred to me in her comment. My goodness, that girl is sweet (and so are you!).

      But yes, I do talk about being single and stuff on my blog. Honestly, it's still a little weird for me post so much about myself. And I do second guess publishing some posts but then I'm reminded how much closer I grow to Him and how much closer I grow to some of the readers by doing so. I've found blogging to be so helpful not only in the community-sense, but in that it's a place I've found to be safe and warm to share what's on my heart openly. I'm definitely more of a quiet girl in person, so writing is how I get my feelings out best. :)

      And yes, please do write more about yourself! I can't wait to check out your blog (it might not be until a little later--I have finals I need to study for right now!) and learn more about you! Any and every post you write will encourage others! :)

      And on the whole communion thing, I know exactly how you feel! Getting out of the ritual thing and into the special occasion thing is still a struggle for me sometimes. But just by reading your comment here, I know that you're changing and I'm so glad you are!

      And on the whole worship thing--I get what you mean because that happens at my church with the worship leaders and that's something I've always wondered about. But I love that God is using you to serve and praise Him through worship, though! And I'm so glad that you get to take communion, even if it is at another church. Praying for ya, friend!


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