March 11, 2013

still obsessed with those oscars + some randoms.

 Liebster Award Cute Blogger
A week or so ago, this sweet couple nominated me for a Liebster Award. And then these two lovely girls did, too. At first, I was shocked because let's just say this girl over here rarely won awards/trophies/ribbons growing up. The only ribbons I remember receiving were from Sunday School when I was 8 or 9 after memorizing a bunch of Bible verses.

I was also surprised because I didn't know what a Liebster Award was. Let alone what it meant. I honestly had no idea what the word Liebster meant (here's a great post if you're confused like I was).

If you're not familiar, when you receive a Liebster, the first thing you do is post 11 random facts about yourself. Then, you answer the questions your nominator asked and nominate other up and coming blogs (with <200 followers) and ask them 11 questions of your own. 

But to make this shorter, I'm going to write this post in three installations. First, the facts. Tomorrow, the answers. And then Thursday, I'll nominate and ask 11 questions to some of my fave bloggers who *I don't think* have won a Liebster yet.

So without further ado, my award speech (Can you tell I'm still stuck on the Oscar's still?):

11 facts
1. I love to organize--kitchens, desks, rooms, whatever. Just give me my iPod and I'm good to go.

2. I'm left-handed.

3. I'm afraid of birds flying over my head.

4. I love crime shows--especially Hawaii Five-0 and Bones.

5. My sisters and I still swap clothes (I refuse to call them hand-me-downs).

6. I love 60 degree weather with sunshine and a crisp breeze.

7. I also love interior design and looking at different houses. Maybe that's why I like IKEA (and their showrooms) so much?

8. I don't eat salad dressing with my salad.

9. Nine is my favorite number.

10. I love the color grey.

11. I've never been stung by a bee and yet I'm still afraid of their little stingers.

So yeah. I looked back on those random facts and if you've been reading for awhile now, you probably knew every single one of those things.

I guess that means I need to work on my creativity and randomness...


  1. Gray is one of my favorite colors, too! It's so fresh and crisp!

    You like interior design, I like interior renovating! I'd love to have a fix-it house someday!

    Hehe, I clothes-swap with my two sisters daily!! And it was REALLY strange when my little sister got big enough to share clothes! :)

    Oh man, oh man...and I LOVE organizing, too!! I love method, system, clean-cut corners and labels! :D

    1. Yes, grey is definitely fresh and crisp! I've been dying to paint my room grey and I'm thinking it's definitely going to happen this summer (if not sooner!).

      A fix-it upper would be so much fun! I'd love to do that too someday!

      And yes, I know what you mean! Swapping clothes with my younger sister is especially odd. But I'll take it if it means "newish" clothes! :)

      And I love that we both love organization!

  2. Whaaaaat- no salad dressing? I hardly ever eat packaged stuff, but I am obsessed with making my own- I doubt I could eat a salad without any dressing.

    Everyone should swap clothes with their sister. I have lost a bunch of weight and I can finally steal some items of my sisters clothing- I love it! It doubles your wardrobe.

    Some Snapshots Blog

    1. I know, people always look at me funny when I ask for salad dressing on the side (i.e. at restaurants). But homemade definitely sounds good--I'll have to try it someday!

      And I'm with you! After I lost weight, I found I was able to do the same thing! Swapping clothes with sisters definitely doubles your wardrobe. I am so grateful for the chance to do it now! :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. i am not a fan of birds either! and 60 degrees and sunny sounds wonderful!

    1. Oh, I am SO glad I'm not the only one! Birds and I are just not best friends.

      And I am so excited for 60 degree weather. It's been way too long (as one could tell by my white skin!). :)

  4. Aw, no way! Congrats on the award, that's so cool! And I love these random little facts. I can't believe you don't use salad dressing! Also didn't know you were left handed– for some reason I always find that fascinating about people hah. And as for your favorite weather, that's mine too! I hate being too hot or too cold so usually 60 and sunny works perfectly for me :)

    1. Thanks sweet friend! I love reading and writing these posts, too! And yes, I'm weird like that. No salad dressing for me. :)

      And yep, I'm a lefty! It definitely makes for some interesting looks when it came to PE and sitting in those right-handed desks growing up. I like to say that it's a sign of ability to adapt. Which I still don't do too well, but it was great practice for me nonetheless!

      I love that we both love the in-between weather! I pretty much wilt in hot weather and cold weather is nice until it's outlived its stay. Sunny and 60 is perfect! :)

  5. First of all, congrats on the award!!! Then, no salad dressing! How come?? I'm also left handed. When I used to live in South Korea, I loved cold cold weather on a sunny day, which was most of my winter there. LOL


    1. Thanks! And yeah, I'm a little weird in that I just prefer my salad plain. It's weird, but I guess I really haven't found a salad dressing that I love. Just an oddity of mine! :)

      And hooray for another lefty! I always love finding fellow lefties! And that's so cool that you lived in South Korea--how long for?


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