April 26, 2013

bits and pieces.

dyed pasta for the preschool kids.

Hello, Friday! Are you as happy as I am that it's the weekend? This weekend, I want to do what this wise gal told me in a blog comment this week: weekends are for living. That girl speaks truth, doesn't she?

Anyway, here are the bits + pieces from my week. As always, feel free to share yours with me, either on your blog, or in the comments!

I may not have an iPhone, but I still want one of these cases.

Hold onto those avocado pit/seeds (or whatever they're called).

From one blogger/instagrammer/pinner/facebooker/friend to another, please read this.

I think I might need to find some paper straws now.

I'm getting a craving to fill up my bookshelf with books. Lots and lots of good books. Like, I want my bookshelves to be filled to the brim like this (and not the empty state that it's in now). I've also been thinking about getting a new Bible. What Bible or Bible version do you read?

Pretty flower photos and a cute idea for your next gift-wrapping occasion.

What does 2,000 calories really look like? This was fascinating, to say the least.

And now that we know what 2,000 calories looks like, let's have a s'more feast. Because these variations on the 'ol s'mores are amazing.

I want to go here. Do you want to meet me there?

A pretty way to brighten up your bedroom.

And a cute (and super simple!) braided updo.

Um, is it peach season yet?

I always save this girl's blog for last everyday, and love it when she posts from the heart. This post was no exception to her beautiful and honest writing. It's a wonderful reminder that scars (like mine) have a story to tell and that everyone is beautiful. Period.

Well, this is a cute idea.

Now I need washi tape.

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. your links are always so fun! keep them up, lovely lady :) have a wonderful weekend, and thank you so much for your sweet note!!! <3

    1. Thanks, girl! :) And you have a great weekend, too!

  2. dang, so much cuteness in one post! those dyed noodles are AWESOME! and those phone cases are so cute, rifle paper co is actually in my city, i might be working there this summer!! so funny that you posted that haha. have a great weekend!

    1. Yes, there definitely is a lot of cuteness in this post--but it's all from the links that I found on various blogs and Pinterest. :)

      And that's so cool that Rifle Paper Co. is located where you live! Okay, it actually makes me a little jealous. I hope you get to work there, it sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I have the Life Application Study Bible and I LOVE it. It's like a devotional packed into your regular Bible reading. It has so much history and wisdom in the footnotes, I highly recommend it!

    1. Ooh. That study Bible sounds GOOD (and that's just from the title!). I think I've actually heard of it before, but I don't think I've actually had a chance to get my hands on one. Do you know what version it is (or if it comes in multiple versions)? I'll have to check it out!


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