April 17, 2013

rambles and such.

I've been sitting with this page open for an hour now. An hour of an untitled post and Pandora streaming through my earbuds (and Pinterest too, but we'll save that distraction for another day).

And while I feel like I have a bad case of writer's block, I also feel like I have so much to say and no words to express them.

Thus, these rambles.

On reading: I just finished reading Ann Brashare's Sisterhood Everlasting. Yes, that's the Ann you're thinking of, the creator of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Also known as my teenage book series obsession. Think of it as my then Hunger Games obsession. Anyway, that book was the perfect ending to that series. And these two quotes will stick with me always:

"She had to have faith not just in trying, but in failing. 
Was she strong enough to fail? 
Was she strong enough not to?"

"Happiness takes as much practice as unhappiness.
It's by living that you live more.
By waiting, you wait more."

On Boston: This quote from the one and only Mr. Rogers has been the best reminder that there is love and light in this dark world. My reaction to his quote? Look for the helpers, thank the helpers, and be a helper. My heart and prayers go out to the city of Boston and those affected by the tragedy.

And as a sidenote, can I just say how much of a comfort it is to hear, read, and see all of the bloggers, instagrammers, and facebookers who showed their love for the city through their posts? That's community at its best.

On verse journaling: I've been prayer journaling for years now and want to create a journal to store some of my favorite verses. I love this girl's idea, I love how she shares her verses on her blog, and I'd love to have a journal where I can look back and see which verse I read years before. Does that make sense? Or do you have any suggestions?
On a cappella: I've been obsessed with a cappella music these days. In awe of how a group of people can mix their voices and make beautifully blended music. Let's just say this girl over here wishes she could harmonize like a pro.

On photography: I had a few sweet ladies ask me about my photography gear + editing software yesterday. To preface these next few sentences, I'm a college grad who's saving up for more school so I'm pretty much a fan of all things free.

That being said, my camera is a Canon Rebel XS and right now I just use the kit lens (18-55mm) for all of my photos. Someday soon I hope to get my hands on a 50 mm lens. As for editing, I add the watermark and will occasionally add light to my photos on PicMonkey, but I don't have Photoshop so I don't actually have software per se. And as for any tips I might have, I would highly suggest taking advantage of natural light and using the AV setting (where you customize the aperture) on your camera. I used to use the TV setting (which lets you change the shutter speed) but since changing, I've seen a huge difference in the two. I still occasionally shoot in TV, but for the most part, I use the AV setting exclusively.

On spam: I've had so many spam comments on my blog lately (as in three or four per post). Thank goodness for Google's identification system; otherwise, I'd have y'all enter in those verification codes every time. And to those spammers, your links to your zombie, ultrasound technician, and husband-cheating "blogs" pretty much give yourselves up as spammers. Just a little FYI.

So what's up with you? Do you Bible verse journal? Do you have any photography tips to share? Any books you're reading and loving that you'd suggest for me to read next? I'd love to hear what's on your mind and heart lately!


  1. Okay, phew! As much as I know we all hate those spammers, I'm glad I'm not the only one being inundated by those stupid spam comments lately! They've been sneaking through a lot lately and that just frustrated me to no end!! And yes, the past week, it's picked up in it's ferocity!

    On verse journaling...wonderful practice! I can't say that I have a specific journal for verses, but I usually write down the ones that stand out to me in my quiet time journal. Or write them on stickies 3x5 cards and stick them up on my wall.

    And a capella is amazing! I listened to the a capella group Glad a lot in my teen years and wow...amazing!

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone, too! Spamming has definitely been crazy this week but I don't like those verification codes, so I refuse to install them on my blog. :)

      I do the same thing right now! I have a whole stack of verses that I've written over the years and used to hang up in my room but I really want to have one place to write them down and be able to find them in years to come. :)

      And hooray for a fellow a cappella lover! It's been a love of mine recently and I just can't get enough. I'll have to look up Glad now, I've never heard of them before!

    2. I've been getting tons of spam comments too! Not fun... I also am not a fan of the word verifications but I have thought about it a few times after seeing the new comment email then being disappointed it was spam!

    3. Spam comments are definitely not fun + neither are those word verification things. Fingers crossed the spam comments decrease with time! :)

  2. For verse journaling, will you only write verses inside, or will it have your thoughts + revelations written as well? I am curious about anything to do with journal writing and what works for others :)

    Also, I think you should consider filming a vlog in the near future. Pleeeease??
    Perhaps you could join in The Girl Behind The Blog this Friday... if you'd like! I think you would be adorable.

    1. Honestly, I'm not sure at the moment! As for right now, I'm thinking it would be a spot for me to just write the verse down, but I know there will be verses where I just have to write down my thoughts and such regarding the verse. So to answer your question, probably a combination of both!

      And it's funny that you mention the TGBTB link-up, I saw some other bloggers writing about it and I really feel like I should! We'll see if I actually get to it before Friday! Thanks for the encouragement to do it, though! It really gives me some motivation to pull out the camera. :)

  3. :) I love cherry blossoms...gosh though I wish we had some around here! {They *are* cherry blossoms in that picture, right? LOL Whatever they are, they're gorgeous!}
    I've been journaling more in my red, etched-leather bound notebook to my future guy...it's really neat to see, in spite of my inconsistency, how much has changed since I first started it two years ago.
    I love the idea of Scripture journaling! May just have to find just the right pretty journal to do that. ;)

    1. Yep, those are cherry blossoms! Girl, I am SO impressed by your flower/plant knowledge! :)

      And I love the idea of a notebook for your future guy, I started one but haven't written in it in awhile, so thanks for the reminder on that! :)

  4. Oh sweet Kiki,
    I love your rambles. They are always so honest and sometimes make me laugh. :) The idea of a verse journal is such a fun idea. Actually really great idea. I often will be thinking and be like ohhhh whats that verse where is it from? But if I had a verse journal I feel as if it would be easier then running and flipping through all the books of the bible (although that would be fun too!) I think, in A Walk To Remember she had a bible verse journal too that her and her mom wrote together...Hmm I don't watch that movie all that often I always cry. :)

    As far as books are concerned, I highly recommend Illusion by Frank Perretti. It is his newest book and by far is best one!!! I can't wait to re-read it. Oh another book...Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. If you haven't read it yet...READ IT! But have a box of tissues in your hands as well.


    1. Aw, thanks girl! I'm glad to have made you laugh. It really is such a sweet compliment to hear that! :)

      And I'm glad you like the verse journal idea! I have those same moments where I want to look up old verses or just find comfort in verses that I've loved and read before. I've been really thinking about how I want to create it--I have so many ideas and just can't commit to one yet!

      I'm so with you on A Walk to Remember, such a tear jerker of a movie! I watched it awhile back and don't remember the Bible verse journal, so I just might have to watch it again!

      And I'll definitely have to check those books out! They sound like great reads, especially the one by Francine Rivers! Thanks again for the suggestions! :)

  5. Is that sisterhood book another one in the series?!?!? I loved those books in high school too.

    I think it's a great idea to verse journal. Anything that draws you closer to the Lord is a wonderful thing. :-)

    Spam comments are always the funniest to me! They ALWAYS have the same vibe and then always connect that silly little "come see my post" thing. I was ALMOST fooled by one once but then I saw that it had the same "come see my post" ending. Haha.

    1. Yes, I think it's the last one in the series. It takes place ten years from when the last one left off, and it was really well-written. I loved them too when I was in middle school! You'll have to tell me what you think of it when you read it!

      And I totally agree with you on spam. They always have the same vibe and always want you to click on their odd links! Even though they're super annoying, there are some that just make you smile/chuckle. Or just ask what those spammers are thinking when they name their "blogs." :)


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