May 3, 2013

bits and pieces.


Happy Friday, friends! Got any plans for the weekend? The weather app on my iPod tells me that we're supposed to get 80 degree weather this weekend. My response? Say what? Let's just say this girl over here is a heat sensitive gal. But that doesn't mean I won't enjoy the sunshine--even if it is from the comfort of the shade.

Anyway, here are the bits and pieces from my week. Lessons learned, links I loved, and a look into my week (aka a random photo taken from my week): 

I rediscovered my stash of black ink and calligraphy nibs this past weekend and have been practicing my calligraphy ever since (it's basically cursive for me). I'm thinking I might need to look up some calligraphy tutorials now.

Now these are some plants that I can take care of.

There is beauty in today, amen?

Food styling at its best. I love these ones, too!

The cutest engagement shoot ever.

Trust. Now that's something I'm continually working on.

What should you read next? Seriously, this website is a dream come true for this book lover.

A pretty little wreath to make this weekend.

I remember making these little origami balloons as a kid with my grandma and I love this girl's take on that same craft.

On sharing the gospel with yourself. Wise words, I tell ya. Wise words.

100 handmade gifts for your mom. Let's just say this girl over here needs some Mother's Day inspiration...

Such a cute pregnancy announcement.

Leave a little thanks. LOVE this idea and all of her videos, too.

Happy weekend! 


  1. as these posts!
    You really do find the cutest stuff!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Whoops, accidentally deleted that one. Anyway, what I wanted to say is thanks and that it's really all thanks to Pinterest, because that's often where I find these links! :)

  2. calligraphy is so pretty!! that's awesome that you can do it!! i hope it's 80 degrees for you! I'm ready for more warm weather!

    1. I know, I'm so obsessed with it right now. I just wish I was talented in that department because I honestly cannot do it. I just fake it and add a little some extra flair (aka ink) to my cursive!

      And it's actually warm out as I speak (well, type), I wish I could send you some of the heat! :)

  3. Loveeeee these! Thanks especially for the handmade gift ideas... I need these!


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