May 9, 2013

how to take some quality self-portraits.

So I realized that since I'm the girl behind the camera lens, my face rarely makes appearances on this old blog. You probably don't miss it, but I wanted to test out the new lens and its supposedly amazing portrait abilities.

So here are some of my (sarcastic) tips when taking self-portraits and using the camera's timer:

Use something (anything as you can tell based on what I used) to test out the focus. For these photos, I used manual focus so I could control it, but I'm sure autofocus works well, too. 
Fix your hair. There's a reason why there are so many photos of girls fixing their hair. It's because they did or were in the middle of doing so. Crazy hair award goes to this girl over here.
Cropping photos can be fun. Especially when your entire forehead gets cropped out.

Smile like you mean it. This is my 3/4 smile.

You don't have to center yourself in front of the camera. I love off-centering my photos. Except when I get the drawer pulls in the photo, too.

Justin Bieber hair turn much? Never thought I'd use his name in my blog...

Always get a mid-laugh photo. Even if you fake it.

Have fun. Fun portraits are always the best.

And no, there's nothing wrong with the lens. Just the girl in front of and behind it. Playing the photographer and the subject proved to be a lot harder than I thought.

Got any self-portrait tips you care to share with this girl over here?


  1. Mid-laugh photo... even if you fake it.
    I've done it haha. Your tips were cracking me up. It's really hard for me to take my own photo. I'm so awkward on the other side of the camera.

    I wrote a post quite a while ago about different ways to "get in the picture" because as the photographer it always seems like I am missing from events. You can find my tips here:

    1. I am definitely awkward when in front of the camera, especially when someone else is taking the photo! That's why I love the self-timer. So much less awkward for everyone involved (namely me). :)

      And yes, the mid-laugh photo is my fave! And it makes me really laugh when I see and edit it later.

      And I LOVE your tips. I'm definitely guilty of the feet one. That's pretty much my kind of self-portrait. :)

  2. Hehe- this is great! I love it! The Justin Bieber comment is my fave!

    Have a blessed day, girl!

    1. Thanks! And the Justin Bieber comment and photo were my fave, too. And it's quite fitting, too (at least I think so). :)

      And I'm not sure if I told you, but I LOVE your blog design. Especially the little wreath/border around your sidebar photo. So, so cute.

  3. Kiki, you're so hilarious! I love this! And I actually think that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is gorgeous! I think each one is a success! Have fun with your new lens! Did you end up getting a remote? I really need to get one!

    1. Um, you're WAY too kind. And you definitely brightened my morning, girl.

      And I'm definitely having fun with my lens--I feel like I need to go scout out some people to take photos of now! Of course, that could be really awkward seeing as talking to strangers is something I have no expertise in. :) Guess I'll have to go round up my sisters + family instead.

      And no, I did a little research and apparently remotes don't work with my camera (sad, right?). Which of course only makes me want to get another camera... :)

  4. Girl, you are so beautiful! Please grace us with your appearance more often :)

    1. Thanks! You're definitely making me blush right now. :) And I'll try to post more photos of myself--for some reason it can just be so awkward. But as someone who loves seeing the blogger on their own blog, I think I'll have to try to get in front of the camera more often now!

  5. You truly are beautiful and should definitely take some selfies more often. :)
    Ha...the biebs, he's an idiot... :)
    I'm not the best at self portraits, but i need to take some new ones soon.
    I need to get my hands on a new tripod....i know that is the only way i can make it work ha.

    1. Thank you, friend! I have to say, you're pretty beautiful yourself! And I know that I should probably get in front of the camera more often--if only it was as easy as it is for me to stay behind the camera! :)

      And yes! You should definitely take some self portraits of yourself, too!

      I actually didn't use a tripod for this one (even though I'll sometimes borrow my dad's). I just propped my camera on a stool and ran back and forth to set the timer. :)

  6. girl. great advice. i need to start trying to take (fun) pictures of myself! I am always just too intimidated!

    1. Trust me, it was a little awkward and intimidating at first, but kind of a fun challenge at the same time. And you should definitely take some fun photos of yourself! I highly recommend the mid-laugh one. :)

  7. You're a beautiful girl and it's easy to see how genuine you are! keep up the great blogging work! loving it!


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