May 13, 2013

sorry (sorta not sorry).

Today, we're supposed to issue a public apology. While I could apologize for kindly reminding the people driving next to me not to speed through school zones (which I do while channeling my best teacher voice), I decided to instead apologize to the mothers out there whose children I have the privilege of teaching.

Okay, so that sounds bad. But, I'm only apologizing because they have the cutest kids in the world and I'm sharing some of their cute responses they came up with for their Mother's Day interviews.

You see, for part of their Mother's Day presents, I had the kids draw a picture of their mom and complete the following sentences:

My mom is really good at...
Together, my mom and I like to...
My mom is happy when...
I love my mom because...

So here are a few of them cute things I heard and wrote down for their moms to chuckle at later:
  • My mom is really good at drawing circles.
  • Together, my mom and I like to play Candyland.
  • My mom is happy when no one talks to her.
  • My mom is really good at feeding the pets.
  • Together, my mom and I like to play trains.
  • My mom is really good at feeding my baby.
  • I love my mom because I love you!
  • My mom is really good at sending texts.
  • My mom is happy when I go potty.
  • Together, my mom and I like to bake chocolate chip cookies.
  • I love my mom because she makes me fish.

Again, I apologize for sharing how cute your kids are. Seriously, they are adorable little children and I am beyond blessed to see them, play with them, and learn from them.

Did I mention that I teach the cutest kids in the world? And that I can't wait for Father's Day to roll around so I can interview these kids again?


  1. Hahaha my goodness this is SO sweet! I especially love the "when no one talks to her" and "sending texts" responding, ha!

  2. SO funny! My mom just sent me an old project she found of mine that I wrote in kindergarten... it said: "I love my dad because he makes all the money to go on vacations." Such a sweet kid I was... haha

    1. That's hilarious! I wish my mom had old projects like that of mine--I'd love to know what I thought about my parents as a kid! Kids definitely say the funniest things, don't they? :)

  3. "My mom is really good at..feeding my baby." Hahaha, best one! So cute! loved this post lady! xo

    1. Those kids are cute, aren't they? It's one of the reasons I love kids so much!

  4. I am laughing so much right now!!
    My mom loves it when no one talks to her.... hilarious!!!

    Liza is in kindergarten and they all made little books like this with answers to similar questions. I enjoyed seeing what some of the kids put down. Liza answered the questions "I like when my mom..." with "cleans for me." Great. haha. I don't really clean for her that much!

    1. I know, that one made me laugh, too! Part of my wants to know what the moms' reactions were upon reading these interview responses.

      And that's so funny! Maybe it was just the power of suggestion. :)

  5. Aha! So funny and cute! Little kids are just ridiculous. With my family moving, we've been going through old stuff and have been finding tons of stuff like these interviews from my brothers and I. My one brother, in a handmade birthday card, wrote something like "the Lego airport is fun let's buy it, let's get $99.99" We were cracking up!

    1. Little kids are definitely hilarious and I love that you can never really predict what they'll say next.

      And that's so funny! If only one could buy a Lego airport for less than 100 bucks! :)

  6. What a great idea that was, Kiki! And wow, hilarious responses! :D

    1. Those kids were SO funny. It's going to be annual tradition, I think! :)


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