May 21, 2013

the archives.

This prompt makes me happy. For one, it gives me a chance to catch up on your blogs instead of writing on my own. And secondly, it gives me another reason to look through my archives and rediscover old (or slightly odd) gems. So here are few of my favorite links. I'm sure many of you have read them, but they're all special to me in one way or another. Feel free to leave a link to your favorite blog post (of yours, not mine!).
    Psst...did you notice that most of my favorite posts were ones where I went personal? I guess that just shows how getting personal and vulnerable and honest can provide the most healing, growth, and love.


    1. Yay for archives! I have to admit to enjoying a stroll through my old posts. Some I look back at and cringe (like when I first started blogging, ouch!) and then sometimes...I re-learn something that I learned back then but then forgot. :)

      1. I feel the same way! I have definitely cringed at old posts, too. My very first posts were so oddly written or pretty much the opposite of how I blog now. It's funny to see how much we've grown through and in our blogs, right? :) I love reading my faith posts again, it's funny how I can learn from my old self. And I also love reading your posts, too! They're always filled with wisdom. :)


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