May 12, 2013

what i miss.

I miss family roadtrips. I miss the long drives, the windows down low, the snack stash in the back, and the dog sitting + snoring by my feet. I miss the homemade cookies (best roadtrip snack ever, btw), the radio, and long lazy naps in the car. I miss driving past the valleys, the yellowed grass, the farms, and the green forests. In the rain, in the heat, and in the cool summer breezes. I miss feeling the cold air from the air conditioner blowing on my face. I miss keeping track of license plates and asking if we've seen that car before. I miss seeing the gross windows filled with bug guts (okay, maybe not so much that one).

I miss waking up in a hotel. The lazy hotel mornings. The hotel breakfasts and seeing the buzz that happens in hotels downstairs. I miss stuffing luggage into the trunk, hoping everything fits once again. I miss family roadtrips.

I miss the long dog walks that stop us in our drives, and remind us that our legs are meant for walking. I miss being a tourist, being in a place where no one knows me. I miss the pit stops, the stops for McDonald's ice cream cones and sharing some with my dog.

But now I'm looking forward to summer family roadtrips. I'm looking forward to new adventures, new memories, and new places we haven't yet seen.

When will it be summer again?


  1. Oh I looove being in places where no one knows me. I recently took a vacation to Florida alone. I love going to conferences with just me, myself and I. And when I worked near Boston I loved spending my days off wandering the city alone. Does that make me weird? I think part of it for me is selfishness... I spend so much time being in charge of things and making sure everyone in the groups are happy... sometimes it's nice to have to care about no one but me. :)

    And i miss road trips too! Planning one to visit my sister this summer! Hoping it works out.

    1. I know, I LOVE it too, especially since I don't live in a huge town and feel like everyone knows me (not really everyone, but sometimes if feels like it!). Anyway, I've always been a little afraid of traveling by myself, but I can totally imagine how fun it would be to just wander towns and get to go where I want to go or eat so it definitely isn't weird at all!

      A road trip to visit you sister sounds like fun! I hope it all works out, too! Road trips are definitely the best.

      And thanks for all passing on all of the photography resources! I can't wait to really read them and respond to your emails. :)

  2. Oh, about nostalgia!! I want this right now!! I think my roomies and I MUST go an a road trip this summer!! Or maybe...I should road trip up to see you. ;)

    Did I mention how much I love this post?? GREAT photos, too!!

    1. Me, too! You and your roomies should definitely go on a road trip this summer! And it would be even cooler if you stopped by my area!

      And thanks! When I was writing it, it kinda brought me back to my high school essay writing class so I wasn't sure if it was too out of the norm for my writing style on my blog. :)

  3. This makes me so nostalgic for Summer...we are just heading into winter so it is pouring with rain outside and it is bitterly cold. I want lazy summer holidays again :)

    1. I totally forgot about the opposite seasons! That's so weird. :) But yes, I'm definitely looking forward to lazy summers.


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