May 10, 2013

why am i sharing this again?

So today we're supposed to share our most embarrassing moment(s). Which, upon reading the prompt, I asked myself "Why am I participating in this challenge again?"

Fortunately (and unfortunately for this prompt), I have tons of embarrassing and awkward moments that my mind selectively chooses not to remember. But I managed to think up a few for your enjoyment and my embarrassment:
  • Confusing a child's grandpa as his dad. At least I didn't ask if the dad was the grandpa, right?
  • Being called my sisters' mother. Mostly awkward and a little embarrassing because I was only in the presence of that weird stranger (and his harmonica) and my sisters. No one else will ever know, right?
  • Thinking (and declaring it to my second grade class) that Leonardo daVinci was on the movie, Titanic. Embarrassing only because how many kids know more about Titanic than they know about famous Italian artists and inventors?
  • Falling down stairs or tripping in public. This is pretty much a daily occurrence which is why it always makes the embarrassing moments list.
  • Singing in the shower (loudly) and getting out of the shower only to hear people knocking on the door and talking to me (through the door). All I can say is, you're welcome for the free concert.
  • Splitting my pants while playing kickball with neighbors. Fortunately, those were in my sweatshirt-around-the-waist wearing days (back when it was what the cool kids did), so I don;t think anyone noticed.
Here's to a very happy weekend to you from this blushing girl over here.


  1. Hehe! Those are funny! When I was in childcare I did the first embarrassing thing you did..I felt bad, but we both laughed!

    Great funny moments, girl!

    1. Funny? Yes. Embarrassing and awkward? Even more so!

      And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's done the same thing! I feel like it's even harder nowadays when there are so many older parents. Fortunately, I guessed the more flattering of the two and the grandpa laughed so I think it was all good. :)

  2. I do the falling up and down stairs thing all the time. You are not alone. I also fall over a lot. Just over nothing. I spent a while blaming this cute pair of boots I had, but then I stopped wearing them and I still fell over. I think I'm just clumsy haha

    1. I'm definitely clumsy--in preschool rooms where the chairs and tables are lower to the ground, it's pretty much a given that I'm going to run into them (thank goodness it hasn't happened when kids are actually sitting in the chairs!). :)

  3. Haha, this is all too funny. But you're just way too cute, too! :)

    1. Thanks--I guess? :) And I think you're pretty funny + cute, too friend!


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