June 7, 2013


It's Fridaaay! I know, I know. You're probably just looking at my odd spelling of Friday. My poor attempt to draw out a word (did you use your best Oprah voice when reading it?) is well, poor at best.

Anyway, here are a few of the bits and pieces from my week. Hope you have a lovely and fun-filled weekend, friends!

15 milkshakes you've gotta try.

One word: Yum. 

I have a running buddy! My sister and I (and my little sister will join in, too soon!) have been running together this week and it's seriously 10x's more fun. When the pros say that you should have a running buddy, I can personally say they know what they're talking about. It's gets me running faster and farther and it's a great time for sister chats. So thankful for the time we're getting to spend together, sis!

So good. So, so good.

Sweetest movie ever + some thoughts on loving our loved ones.

This post is one of those posts that just left me speechless. It's a good read, friends. A really good read.

A PDF worth printing.

Pretty bracelets to make + wear.

This garland would be perfect for a pool party, don't you think?

Have you checked out the new friends I have featured on my sidebar? Go check out their blogs! They're all lovely ladies that I can't wait to get to know better and that I hope you'll get to know, too.

A new-to-me + super cute blog you should read.

So many good quotes in one post.

What a cool family photo or family tree project!

13 things to make in your microwave.

I really have to thank each and every one of you for your kind words on my blog change. It was a little bittersweet to leave Paint Chip Madness behind, but I'm excited for this change and am glad you're excited with me!

My most favoritest post by my amazing blogging friend.

The moon has never looked cooler.


Before I go, I wanted to tell you that I'm over at The Quiet Place today writing on singleness and community. Which, of course, is making it not so much of a quiet place now, but that's okay. I urge you to go say hi not because I'm there but because I know this blog is going somewhere when it comes to encouraging women. So yeah. Stop reading my blog (for the time being--because I want you all to come back!) and go check out my very first (eep!) guest post.

Happy weekend!


  1. Thanks for the links. Should keep me entertained for a while :)


    1. My pleasure! It's funny, sometimes I go through those links again on Fridays and fall in love with them all over again. :)

  2. i definitely {again} loved all of these.
    That video with the elderly couple on love....sobbing. oh my gosh.
    That pdf....need.
    The post on singleness....LOVE.
    SO yes now i'm heading on over to read your stuff on the quiet place.

    1. So glad you did. It's comments like this that encourage me to keep making them!

      And oh my goodness. That movie was a-dorable. Her helmet and crown were seriously way too cute.

      And that PDF was + is amazing. I'm thinking it needs to be framed on my dresser so I see it everyday.

      And I'm just going to keep agreeing with everything you say because I, well, agree with you 100%. :)

  3. Kiki!! I am LOVING your blog! I came across it via another blog (can't remember which one now, LOL) and I have to say, AMAZING stuff! Definitely printing out that PDF. DEFINITELY. Congrats on your first guest post, as well!

    1. Thanks, Leah! That's so sweet of you to say that and I'm so glad you said hi, too! Seriously, I LOVE meeting new people. :)

      And that PDF is definitely amazing and something I need to frame in my room asap. Oh, and thanks, it was a little weird seeing my photo on another blog. You should definitely guest post with A Quiet Place--they would love having you over there!

      Can't wait to check out your blog! :)

  4. Wow, Kiki, thank you so much for linking to my post...I'm truly honored. You're the best of the best, gral. :)

    1. Why wouldn't I link to your post? Seriously, it's gotta be my all-time favorite of yours and I couldn't agree with you more on what you said. You deserved that and more for writing it, girl! :)

  5. Thanks so much for giving the Quiet place a shout out! We appreciate it :) We would love to have you do another one next month!

    1. I would love to guest post again! And I definitely want to keep spreading the word on your blog--it's one of those blogs that everyone needs to check out. :)

    2. sounds good! emailed you back. please do, we definitely want more readers :)

  6. Thanks so much Kiki! I'm so glad we were able to connect with you!

  7. thanks for the shoutout! i'm so glad you like my blog! :) :)


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