June 21, 2013


another (rather contrast-y) photo of grapes just because.

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have a lovely weekend and I hope you get a chance to enjoy summer, too seeing as it's the first day of summer (right?).

So here's to summer and the weekend (and bits & pieces, too!).

I know I share a new ice cream recipe every Friday, but these ice cream sandwiches seriously look amazing.

Check out this cute DIY watchband!

So many cute dogs!

I think it's about time I tried to DIY some denim shorts.

On choosing gratitude.

6 great tips for taking photos.

I want to make these magnets.

Cute dingbat fonts to download (for free!) today.

I'm on the lookout for a good movie to watch. Any suggestions? I know I've probably asked about this, too, but I'd also love to know what shows you're watching this summer!

25 party garlands perfect for summer parties.

I've probably pinned every photo from this home tour.

Scalloped table cloths are so pretty, don't you agree?

Loved this friend's thoughts on blogging. Loved them.

I also love watching this girl's kids grow. They're the cutest, aren't they?

Her photos are full of gorgeous soft light.

Pretty pretty flowers + lights. Sounds weird, but trust me, they're pretty.

I like these dip-dyed sneakers. A lot.

Sooooo...I'm thinking about starting a link-up. Without giving too much of it away, this link-up will be a chance for bloggers to get to know one another in a hopefully fun and easy way. It will also be a chance to take a break from thinking of your own posts for once. Now here's the part where I need your help: would you participate? And yes, I'm getting awkward again. I think I'm getting good at it.

Happy summer!


  1. Ooh! What kind of movie are you in the mood for? Have you seen The Decoy Bride? It's a British one and of course, funny, it's also on Netfix. It also the same girl who does the voice of Merida from Brave. Howabout the Alice miniseries, also on Netfix? Gotta be okay with weird for that one. :) Or maybe if you want some action, have you seen The Amazing Spiderman? It's been out for awhile but if you missed it, it's worth watching. If you feel like something period costume-ish and "homey" feeling, try out the BBC show Lark Rise to Candleford. You'll love it. Howabout something "reto"-ish? If you haven't seen That Thing You Do, then you NEED to!! Seriously, you do. Okay, if those don't work out for you, I can keep going. ;)

    As for link-ups, I'll confess and say I'm pretty selective of my link-ups and that has NOTHING to do with the person hosting them, they're just generally not my thing. But I do them on occasion, if I really like the topic or whatever the link-ups about. :)

    1. I've never seen any of those movies (except for Brave and parts of The Amazing Spiderman). Is that sad for you to hear? :) But thanks for all of the ideas! I'm going to have to see if my library has those! :)

      And I'm with you--there are definitely some link-ups that I participate in more than others. :)

  2. Heck yes I'd participate! :)

    1. Oh goody! I'm glad to hear that you would--I've been terrible about remembering to join in link-ups lately. But I guess now I just need to come up with a good name for it, haha! :)

  3. I would participate :) link-ups are fun for me!

    1. Yay! I'm glad you would participate. Link-ups are definitely fun and they're something that I've been wanting to participate in more and it's also something I'd like to try hosting, too! :)

  4. fun party garlands! love them!

    1. I know, I'd love to try and make them all this summer! :)

  5. You know I'd love to do the link up! ;) I also loveeee those sneakers!

    1. I seriously love those sneakers, too! I've been dying to dip-dye sneakers for awhile now but that tutorial was/is my all-time fave. :)


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