July 12, 2013


Hello, Friday! This week was slow, so I'm ready for the weekend. I'm ready for a weekend spent with the family. What are you up to this weekend?

But before you take off and leave blogworld for the weekend, here are some of the bits and pieces from my week:

I'm starting off this week's bits and pieces with a link to a really (really) good post on finding your niche. It's a must-read, if you ask me! It's all about dreams, God, and His plans. A good read--did I mention that already?

I would love to host or attend a party like this.

I wish I had an iPhone because Ashley's iPhone cases are so cute!

Speaking of which, I'm really loving this amazing quote that she shared, too.

Homemade cinnamon toast crunch.

I nearly stepped on a snake this week. Yeah, not my finest moment. Fortunately, I was running with no one in the near vicinity so it made for a much less embarrassing moment. Please tell me I'm not the only one who jumps at the sight of a snake. Please?

Many thanks to this girl for introducing me to this amazing shop!

Oh, and I'm loving this girl, too. She has so many amazing printables (and a special thanks to this friend for pinning it!).

This is random, but what are your dreams? I'm only asking because I have lots of dreams right now. Dreams that I'd love to turn into a reality someday (soon!). But I'll save my thoughts for another post of its own.

God is amazing. He will provide and He will use us if we're willing.

Caramel corn sounds delicious right about now.

I'm loving these vibrant painted patio tiles.

Love Heather's writing. I just love it.

Happy weekend, friends! Enjoy that sun.


  1. Kiki--thank you so much for the shout out! I love your writing too :)

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for writing! Seriously, I am in love with it. :)

  2. :)
    LURVE the lindsay letters!
    Love all of these posts! :)
    Actually...speaking of dreams...i'm floundering with those lately. Heres to hoping they will begin to show themselves to me!
    Can't wait to read your post on what your'e dreaming about!

    1. Me too! I seriously want everything from her shop. Not even kidding.

      And those dreams. There are so many and yet I have no idea if/when they'll come to fruition. Right now, it's just a lot of prayer asking God if His dreams are mine. :)

  3. I am going to check this out! I love that you have links here but also random tidbits about you! It's a good way of doing these posts. Speaking of dreaming, I just took an InfluenceNet class last night about it, so we should chat soon!

    1. Yes, you really should! And I love adding in bits from my week as well as bits from the web. I think it really makes it a fun post and it lets me share little things about me that otherwise wouldn't end up on my blog! :)

      And what great timing! I've always thought about signing up for InfluenceNet and taking a course, but just haven't set aside the money for it yet. Hearing that you took a class on dreams though really makes me want to consider taking one! And yes, let's chat soon! We need to catch up and I want to hear all about the class!

  4. Love that article about niche-finding!

    My weekend will be fun. Tonight we are going out to dinner for my birthday! Tomorrow we are passing out VBS flyers, I'm doing a family photo shoot, and going to a friend's house for dinner!

    I too enjoy Heather's writing! :)

    1. First off, Happy Birthday Madison! It sounds like you're in for a fun (and busy!) weekend! I can't wait to hear more about the family photo shoot (and maybe see photos, too?). Hearing about your weekend makes me want to invite myself along. But I'll refrain...this time. :)

      Reading that you're going to pass out fliers for VBS got me excited because my church's VBS is starting up in a few weeks--it makes me even more excited for it! :)

      Have a great weekend!

      p.s. I'm glad you loved that post, it's one of my latest faves. And Heather's writing is amazing. :)

  5. In regards to dreams, I really want to write a children's book. Maybe illustrate it too. :)

    1. Ooh! I've always wanted to write a book and have it get published + printed. I think I've actually wanted to do that since I was in first or second grade--so that's definitely a good dream. I hope that it comes to fruition! :)

  6. I would love that pie party too! Such a fun idea. Love all these links, girl! You find the best stuff.

    1. Pie parties sound like such a fun idea--especially the taste-testing part! :) And all of these links are thanks to the other blogs, bloggers, and Pinterest (as always!).

  7. Hi Kiki,
    I just found your blog and I am not sure how I got here - but I sure do love it. I absolutely love Ashley Ann's photography and her blog. I also love that you have a heart for God. It's so great finding other women out there that love the Lord.

    On to my dreams. I have a major one for travel, I want to go to India. I also want to write a cookbook. I am also going to check out the link on finding your niche because sometimes I feel like im all over the place.

    The Word of A Nerd

    1. Hi Charity! First of all, I love the name of your blog. I just had to put that out there before I forgot.

      Secondly, I'm so glad you stopped by (and said hello!). You could probably tell, but I love meeting new people and I can't wait to stop by your blog!

      Thirdly (be prepared for a long reply), I completely agree with you on Ashley's blog. That girl is so talented and I love her family (all of her kids are so adorable!).

      Lastly, I love those dreams! I've always wanted to travel overseas and writing a cookbook sounds like so much fun--so those are great dreams to me! :)

      Can't wait to get to know you better!

  8. I just found your blog and haven't had much time to read up but oh em gee you have a very pretty blog! And terrific pictures! Keep it up! I look forward to reading more and getting to know you! Happy monday!

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you so much for stopping by and for all of those sweet words! Blog design is one of my favorite past times and so you'll probably notice it change every once and awhile (I was actually just working on some tweaks earlier today but I'm not sure if I'll end up changing it or not). :)

      Can't wait to check out your blog!


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