July 19, 2013


sourdough-crust pizza picnics on the beach are my fave.

Happy Friday, friends! This week had some highs and lows but I'm taking this thing called life one step at a time. How was your week?

As always, here are the bits and pieces from my week. Have a great one!

Lemon creme crumb bars. Yum.

Don't be afraid to change the story.

In case you missed it, this month's The Circle topic is up and running and waiting for your link! We're talking about creativity this month and let me just say, this is a great one. Thank you to everyone who linked up this month!

This pie is way too pretty to eat.

Fans do not equal friends: why small blogs are better.

And while we're on the blogging topic, you should read this post, it's a really good one.

A fancy grilled cheese party sounds like the perfect party to me.

Apparently I'm still on the blogging topic, but this list of things bloggers don't love is as genius as this list of things that bloggers do love.

This friend is SO talented at writing. I cannot wait for her next post!

Speaking of writing, I had no idea so many of you share my love for writing (and yes, I'm talking about you, Amy, Bailey Jean, and Kristyn!). You all inspire me and make me want to write more. I think I'll go hide in my room and write now, thankyouverymuch. Who knew that one could have writing cravings?

A table perfect for a dinner party.

Does someone want to send me a roll (or two) of pretty washi tape? Because I'd love to decorate my laptop with it.

Wait, this was a plastic bag? That's is way too cool.

I made this last weekend and not only was it easy (like uber easy!) but it was delicious. And among the five people in my family, it was gone in less than three days.

Making that delicious blueberry dessert made me grateful for the six blueberry bushes in my backyard. They've been there for a long time now (think 10+ years) and they've been my favorite part of summer. It makes me grateful for my green-thumbed parents and for the amazing creation that God provided me with. And yes, I really do think a lot. 

This is the truth.

Glue-resist dyed scarves. A mouthful to say, but a pretty DIY project to try.

5 cute wedding trends.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. +oh my gosh, darn you with that pizza picture...i now want it! :)
    +That is one of the most beautiful pies i have ever seen!!
    +I love the two posts about blogging...it's absolute truth and i definitely needed to read them.
    +HAHA things bloggers dont love <- that is amazing! Same with things bloggers do love. SO FUNNY!
    +SNAP! Thanks for the shoutout(s)! :) I'm floored that y'all all like it so much honestly. I find myself thinking "this sounds lame" while writing lol
    +The table setting = swoon. BUT i am swooning more over the art in the background...i love it!
    +love everything!

    1. Haha, that pizza was sooo good. I would honestly eat it every day and never grow tired of it. :)

      And I love and agree with you on everything you said. Especially on the things that bloggers love and don't love. Taylor's post always make me wish I wrote them and had her clever sense of humor!

      And I love your writing, so it was a no-brainer to share it with everyone!

  2. 1. Pizza looks gorgeous!
    2. LOVE the blogging posts! :)
    3. I officially want a grilled cheese party...
    4. WASHI TAPE!!!
    5. A plastic bag envelope? that's the coolest thing I've ever seen...the things people come up with.
    6. Beautiful scarf!
    7. Those wedding trends are definitely things I am into pinning right now ;)
    8. and I adore these blog posts that you do! so clever...

    1. 1. The pizza was definitely delicious--seeing it makes me want more now. :)
      2. Blogging posts are the best. Always (but probably only interesting to bloggers and blog readers!).
      3. I know, I really want a grilled cheese party, too!
      4. I need so much more washi tape now, it's not even funny.
      5. I feel the same way, people are way too clever these days. I never would have thought of using a plastic bag to make an envelope.
      6. The scarf is really pretty! It makes me want to make a bunch of scarves now.
      7. Wedding trends are my favorite (even if I'm no where near that lifestage). It's always something I'm up for pinning, that's for sure!
      8. Thanks girl! I've seen some of my other fave bloggers do them and I always love discovering other blogs/products through their posts so I knew I had to do it, too!

  3. Love all things Shauna Niequist. :) Love those blogging posts, as usual...very insightful. What a great idea--yum I'm craving a grilled cheese now! Ever been to the grilled cheese grill in Portland? So wonderful! Yummm--I wish I had a blueberry bush in my backyard!! (Or I guess I wish I had a backyard at all haha) I loveee the floral bridesmaid dress trend and the donut cake!!

    1. Shauna is the best! :)

      And no, I've never been to the grilled cheese grill in Portland! I'll have to put that on my to-do list next time I go down there! :)

      And blueberry bushes (as well as backyards) are my favorite part of summer. It's too bad you don't have your own backyard yet!

      Those wedding trends were so cute and adorable--I loved those two as well!

  4. Ummmm, the plastic bag envelope? That opens up a whole can of worms of fun stuff you can make out of a bag-that-can-be-used-like-paper! Brilliant!!

    1. That plastic bag envelope is the best. People are way too clever these days! :)

  5. Replies
    1. I know, right? It makes me wish I had more washi tape! :)

  6. Ah, I enjoyed this -- especially the one about smaller blogs!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing, Kiki!



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