July 22, 2013


I think we can all agree that blogging teaches us new things. And because I've been at it for a few years now (does that make me old?), here are a few things that I've learned:

1. Document everything. Unless it's really too much information, bloggers document everything. A weekend at the beach? Guilty. A post about being sick? Done that (unfortunately). A trip to the grocery store? Not yet, but that doesn't mean one won't show up on my blog!

2. Everything takes time. It's rare that a blog gains a thousand followers in its first night. So don't be discouraged by those big blogs. In my opinion, a smaller blog with kind-hearted readers are the best blogs out there. That, and it's good to keep in mind that big bloggers also tend to receive mean-spirited comments--which I know for a fact I could never handle.

3. Emails and comments are gold. Better than chocolate (at least in my opinion!). There's nothing like an email or notification letting you know that someone's commented on your blog. Oh, and a comment reply from a big blogger? That's like getting a photograph with Jennifer Lawrence.

4. #hashtags are fun. Hashtags are like the second post in an instagram photo or tweet. Unless they really don't make sense, are ten miles long, or you write one with a typo. #thentheyjustdontmakesense

5. Giveaways are like the clearance section at Target. Whether we're hosting or entering, giveaways are the best. I mean, who doesn't love free stuff?

6. We all struggle with numbers. Whether we have 1 follower or 12,000 followers, I think we all struggle with being good enough or being the next best blogger. But that's the thing. We're all different, we all have different blogging stories, and there will always be a bigger blogger than us. Always.

7. Having a dot.com makes you more legit. Yeah, still working on that one. 

8. Making friends through a computer screen is totally possible. I was skeptical at first, but once I started emailing bloggers, I realized that it really is true. Although, I'm still skeptical to online dating--but anything's possible I suppose!

9. Glasses are cool. Before I started blogging, I thought that glasses were the thing people made fun of. But now? Well, cool bloggers have blogger glasses. And while I have yet to buy myself a pair, I now wear my frames with pride (okay, so not really, but work with me).

10. Be yourself and be authentic. Comments telling people to come visit your blog don't really gain as many clicks as a comment that tells people who you are. So be yourself in your comments, in your photos, and in your posts. Everyone else All the other bloggers are already taken.

So what have you learned from the blogworld? Got any tips, stories, experiences to share with me?

p.s. I'm totally not trying to shame anyone in their blogging habits, because trust me, I've thought, done, or am guilty of every single one of these things!

p.p.s. This post was inspired by this cleverly hilarious girl.


  1. I couldn't agree with all of this more! "A smaller blog with kind-hearted readers are the best blogs out there"... so true! I've learned that a ton lately. And I'd even consider my own blog in that. I love each and every person I've connected with, and I could care less if I got any more followers after that!

    Oh, and glasses ARE totally cool now. So funny!

    1. Smaller blogs are definitely the best (that's not to say that I don't love meeting new readers and other bloggers, but there are definitely perks of being a smaller blogger).

      And I'm so glad that glasses are cool now. I still need to get my hands on a cuter pair of frames, but I love how they're not only what nerds where (although I'm totally one of those, too!). :)

  2. =)
    LOVEEEEEEE this. It's true.
    From the smaller blogs, to the self-promotion, the the numbers, and documentation....story of my life! <3
    Great post Kiki!

    1. You should write your own version! Blogging about blogging is the best and a post that I'm always ready to read. :)

      And all of the smaller blog stuff and documenting my life is exactly the story of my life, too! It just shows that we were made to be bloggers!

  3. I'm skeptical of online dating simply because of my own awkwardness... I dont like the idea of sitting across the table from someone I've never met or isn't a friend of a friend simply because I feel like I'd be too awkward myself...

    blogging "friends" is a new concept for me. my blog was originally started as a means of informing my ministry supporters of what ws going on in my life six years ago, but now I'm using it to build community and encourage women struggling with the same things I am, and i LOVE it, though I still only have like, twelve followers ;)

    I agree, comment emails are my fave!

    1. I'm the same way! I really don't think I could ever do online dating--there's something just a little too weird about it for me--but I know it's worked for other people, so I try not to say never. But I'm not a big fan of all of the scams that go along with it, so it'll likely never work for me.

      And blogging friends are STILL a new concept to me but building a community and friendship network has been such a blessing to me. I love what you're doing with your blog and numbers don't matter--it's the people and friends that do. :)

  4. I am now understanding making friends through a computer screen! I'm loving connecting with my blogging friends now :) And I'm loving this list! It's so true--I also love how bloggers love to talk about blogging :) Hope you're having a great day!

    xo, gina

    1. I'm with you! I'm still getting a hang of making friends via blogging but I love that I finally understand what all of the other bigger bloggers I know are talking about now. And making blog friends is definitely a blessing and something I love, too. But that doesn't mean that I'm still not surprised that it can happen!

      And blogging about blogging? It's always the best. :)

  5. I love this! All these things are totally, 100% true. Also, I now REALLY want a picture with Jennifer Lawrence. ;-)

    1. I know, right? It's so funny how much someone can learn from blogging. It's also so crazy that blogging can teach us all of these lessons of sorts--and who knew some of those lessons could be life lessons as well? :)

      And YES. A photo with Jennifer Lawrence would be amazing.

  6. Love this! Numbers are something no blogger wants to admit they think about...but it's so hard not to. Blogging about blogging is the best. :)

    1. You are SO right. Definitely not something we want to admit, but something we all do.

      And yes, blogging about blogging is always the best. Always. :)

  7. True on all levels! I've been enjoying your blog for the past couple of months and always look forward to the beautiful photos, kind words, and uplifting scripture.

    I'm a new blogger with a struggling blog and can relate to just about everything you've posted. I get sooo giddy when I am notified of a comment, its crazy!

    I agree, being yourself and having patience with your blog and the blog community is essential to your sanity and enjoyment of the blog experience!

    Continue to be a light!

    1. Hi Rachel! I'm so glad you popped in and said hello! I love officially meeting all of the bloggers who stop by and am so flattered (picture me blushing right now to get the picture) that look forward to reading my posts. Just so you know, it's words like these that not only encourage me to keep going during the good days but the bad days, too. So thank YOU!

      And I get exactly what you mean. No matter what stage I'm at (I think this is true for everyone, like I said before), we all struggle when it comes to blogging--so you're definitely not alone!

      And yes, comment notifications make me giddy, too! :)

  8. Kiki, I really enjoyed this post!!! And I found myself agreeing with pretty much everything you listed!

    #2 hits the nail on the head with PATIENCE. I came across a blog in the past week that really stressed that we shouldn't compare our beginning to anyone else's middle. Or… at all, really. But I think it can be tempting to think, "Why isn't my blog doing as well?" when honestly, other people have been at it for longer or maybe have put more energy into it for longer or a whole other bunch of reasons. Regardless, patience is required even in this fast-paced, instantaneous world. Funny. :)

    #3 is what makes it so much fun! I looooooove comments. I don't even really look at visits or stats like that (maybe I should??), but I kind of just love comments. I love the conversation, the connection, feeling heard and being understood.

    #4 I don't know why everyone gets all crazy about hashtags! I think they are fun and they add a sense of whimsy and goofiness to short-form media. The stuff I say in hashtags would be way harder to convey in sentences and way more long-winded. And considering that I am already super long-winded in a very short-attention-span kinda field, hashtags are LOVED by me. #for #real

    #6 and 8: I appreciate the link you posted about smaller blogs and that sense of community. Like you, I am very sensitive and I think I would dwell on the negative comments for much longer than the positive ones, unfortunately. And some people can be soooooo mean online. I've been fortunate to have nothing but positivity and I hope that continues. ANYWAY, I do look forward to hearing certain people's opinions and I love returning commenters and posters. It's starts to feel like a community of real friends -- and that is so beautiful and really more than I could ask for.

    #9 Well, I always knew glasses were cool. HAHAHA.

    #10: Yes… this is hard to do sometimes, especially when you want validation or everyone to like you or love your blog or your posts or link you like crazy or whatever. But it always feels good to be one's self… and when that is genuinely accepted, oh MAN, best feeling in the world.

    So, I think this comment is officially longer than your post. HAHAHAHAHA. Of couuuuuurse.


    1. Oh yes, it's definitely easy to ask ourselves why we aren't in another blogger's shoes. Trust me, I catch myself doing that all the time! I love that quote about not comparing our beginning to anyone else's middle. It's definitely true. For me, it's really about opening my eyes to realize that I'm still in the beginning years of blogging! So yes, patience is really key in our fast-paced world! It's funny how that works, isn't it?

      I'm with you. I love comments. There was a blog post that I read about blogging (of course!) that mentioned that conversation and community on a blog is way more important than numbers--especially with so many giveaways using GFC, bloglovin', etc. to gain more entries.

      Oh, hashtags. I get a few of them and will admit that I have included hashtags in instagram, but I also don't really like when photo captions are filled with hashtags. There are only so many hashtags in one post that this girl can take! :)

      And YES. People can be sooooo mean online. It's sad, really. Sad that people think they can hide behind their computer screen and turn an otherwise positive community into one filled with hatred and just downright rudeness! So that's definitely an upside of having a small, tight-knit, and kind-hearted community of readers.

      And I LOVE what you said about a community of real friends. It is definitely beautiful and something I never would have imagined would happen!

      Glasses. I need them, now. Who knew glasses would be so fun?

      I agree, it can be hard to be yourself and be authentic. It's so easy for me to want to post things that I think others will want to hear just to be accepted. But being accepted for who you truly are is definitely the best feeling in the world. :)

      LOVE your comments. Especially the long ones!

  9. everything you say is true. i love it!

  10. #1 is huge. People have said "I couldn't have a blog because I'm not as interesting as you." Um, no. The best part about blogging is that inspiration can strike at any moment, even when you're doing something totally lame. Also, it was like a mind explosion when I realized big bloggers struggle with numbers too. I thought once you had thousands of followers you stopped obsessing over it, but it's just as bad. I have to remind myself of that every once in a while :)

  11. Truth! I've definitely had people tell me the same thing. But like you said, blog posts can come about in so very many different ways. And sometimes the best ones are written under the weirdest or lamest contexts!

    I also completely agree with you on the numbers game. Who knew it affected ALL of us bloggers, both big and small! It's definitely a great reminder that it's something we all face and have to deal with!


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