August 2, 2013



Is it really August 2nd already? And am I the only one who's amazed at how fast summer seems to by flying by?

But before you go enjoy the sun, here are a few links, loves, and lessons learned from this week; otherwise known as the bits and pieces.

Rustic weddings are always fun.

Nectarine cake? Yes, please.

And while we're talking about stonefruit, I would like this for breakfast tomorrow, okay?

I'm continually learning to listen to His truth instead of the serpent's lies. It's a tough one, but as you all told me, it's the best choice there is.

A root beer float party? Count me in!

Loved looking through this seven year old's photos. Kids are talented, aren't they?

This lovely friend wrote a post that spoke straight to my soul.

This post is overflowing with sweetness (and sister moments that I so vividly remember).

A cute little interview of a family who is pretty inspirational when it comes to living in the moment and living simply.

I've seen some juicy blackberries growing just about everywhere I go--summertime is calling and so is my apron. Got any good blackberry recipes for this girl over here?

A truly lovely summer wedding.

I'm excited for this girl's new blog series.

God listens and wants to hear what you've got to say.

Instagram photo walls are way too fun.

Speaking of instagram, here's a hashtag project you need to join in on.

I'm seriously thinking of buying some new frames or prescription sunglasses. Any website recommendations? I'm looking for cute and most importantly, affordable.

If this rainbow cake doesn't make you smile, I don't know what does.

There's always time for a second day.

Happy weekend!


  1. Love those cherries!
    God Bless!

    1. They're super pretty, aren't they?

      Hope you're doing well, Regine! :)

  2. Every time I open my Bloglovin' web page and see a new 'Bits & Pieces' post from you I do a little squeal!

    I know I will be provided with links to inspirational quotes, great articles, lovely pictures, and delicious food.

    You didn't fail me this time, Kiki! :)

    1. Aw, thanks girl! That was so sweet of you to say and it makes me want to keep writing these posts.

      p.s. So glad I didn't fail you this time! :)

  3. Oh and genius diys! :)

    I totally needed that 'second day' article! That is splendid!

    1. YES, that second day article was amazing. :)

  4. ummm firmoo i liked them for getting my glasses.
    gah great posts again as always.... :) loving the bog posts and that 7 year olds pictures! GOODNESS! It's so amazing to see the different perspective!

    1. Ooh, I'll have to check them out. I'm sure I've heard of them before, but have never really committed into looking at their frames + prices.

      And I know, it was so cool to see all of the photos from a child's perspective. It makes me want to hand out disposable cameras to my (way future) students/children! :)

  5. Hey, friendie! I love the simplicity of your new blog design! Despite purple also being my least favorite color (haha), it sure does look good on your blog! you've been? I've been sorta scarce around the blog world lately! :)

    1. Hi girl! Thank you for the kind words about my blog design! I feel like I'm constantly changing it up (because in reality, I do) but I really felt like simplifying it. And you know, purple actually isn't my favorite color (grey all the way for this girl!) but I wanted a color that I didn't think a lot of other bloggers had and purple it was. I think if I re-did it all though, I would probably pick a lovely shade of light blue or turquoise.

      And I've been good! I'm still praying for a good job, but I've really been accepting where I'm at and where I'm going. How are you, friend? I've missed talking to you via our blogs! :)

  6. i always love these bits and pieces!
    - The summer weddings were adorable!
    - I need to start letting kids use my camera more often!
    - I love when you highlight bloggers and specific posts you're inspired by. It's awesome to learn about them!
    - Loved in insta-wall. You should check out the Iphone app Printic (google it!) such a fun way to print instagram photos and send to friends as polaroids!!
    - check out for fashionable glasses that are pretty affordable. They send you 5 pairs to try on for a week. I think that's so great cuz I always get freaked out in the optometrist's office with my committment issues thinking, "ahh, am I right for these glasses?? Will they fit my personality??" haha.

    1. I'm glad you like them! When I first started posting these, I didn't get any feedback (it was awhile ago), but I love being able to share some of my favorite finds, reads, and bloggers with others so I know that I'll probably keep writing these posts for a long time! :)

      And I've actually heard of Printic before! Right now, I've just been printing some instagram photos here and there using my computer's printer (just to save money), but I've heard some good things about Printic so I might have to look into that!

      I've never heard of Mezzmer before! I love the idea of getting to try on glasses for a week, though. I'm so incredibly indecisive that it's hard for me to choose glasses (especially when the people at the office are watching and hovering over me!) so I'll go check out their site now! Thank you for the recommendation! :)

  7. I always love all the links you provide to other bloggers - I have found some wonderful blogs through your Friday recommendations :)

    Also, has amazing prices and great selection of glasses - check 'em out! :)


    1. I'm glad you like these links! Sometimes I think that I just post them for me to go through a second time, so it's good to know other people like them, too. :) And yes, there are some great bloggers out there and I'm so glad you love their writing as much as I have! They're all so amazing and I always love meeting new bloggers so I'm glad you've gotten to do just that through my posts! :)

      And I've never heard of eyebuydirect but I'll check them out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  8. Summer is flying by I can't even believe it!! I am not ready to say goodbye to the sun, but I'm ready for work to slow down. :) Love that rustic wedding, definitely a huge trend right now...but I don't get sick of it. :) That root beer float is the cutest! LOVE that instagram wall. Would love to do something like that.

    1. Summer is definitely flying by! I'm with you--saying goodbye to all the sunshine will be so sad. But at least there are things that I'm looking forward to enjoying come fall! :) And I could never get tired of rustic weddings, either! There's something so laidback + fun + simple + homemade about them that I love.

      An instagram wall sounds like so much fun. Now I just need to take more instagram photos! :)


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