August 23, 2013


dog park buddies
Happy Friday, friends! I learned two things since trying out a different bits & pieces format. For one, I learned that change is always fun and refreshing. I also learned that some of you actually enjoy these posts (cue happy dance for me over here). And I learned that this format is here to stay (for now). I'll likely try new things here and there, but there's something about sticking with the original that makes me happy.

Anyway, here are the bits & pieces from my week. One photo, some lessons and discoveries, and lots of links that I love:

First of all, thank you to each and every one of you who linked up for this month's The Circle topic! And no worries if you haven't yet, this link-up is open until September 1st, so there's plenty of time to write your post + link up!

Why we should take self-portraits of our feet. And yep, I did just say feet.

Where to get your photos printed.

Bobby pins never looked so cool.

I want to get married under one big tree!

Do you blogger friends have media kits? I've realized that it might be good thing for me to have and I'm curious if any of you have one and if you DIY-ed it. Yep, I am asking these kinds of taboo blogging topics--only because you guys are experts and I need someone to bounce ideas off of.

Loving this girl's blog right now (she's a fellow future teacher!).

An Etsy swap hosted by two of my blogging besties? Yep, that sounds like fun!

Speaking of Etsy, I recently discovered this amazing felt flower shop and am in love. Seriously in love.

A printable wall art collage collection? Yes, please.

These pompoms are too much, I tell ya.

I will never grow tired of rustic weddings (hopefully you aren't, either!).

Great life lessons that we all need to remind ourselves of.

Have you ordered or picked up the latest IKEA catalog? I just realized the 2014 issue is out and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Cute geometric totes to make.

And some amazingly beautiful watercolor totes, too. 

Have a great one!


  1. Love this post Kiki!! Oh and man the where to get your photos printed is a big issue. I have print samples to show my clients for all the local places they might seek to choose over printing with me. Also rustic weddings a beautiful. I saw one that was set in the woods and it made me swoon. And I have already picked up my IKEA catalog I went to get it from the store since I figured the mail would take too long. Good thing I did because the mail one still has not reached yet. Boooo! Hope you are having an awesome Friday Friend.

    1. Thanks, Charity! And I so agree with you about printing photos. I've always wondered who is the best to order from (aside from professional services) so I really loved that post. Who knew Costco had good printers? :)

      And rustic weddings are always my fave. Always. That wooded one sounds so beautiful! I love hiking so that sounds like my kind of wedding!

      I'm literally on pins and needles waiting for my catalog to come (it's definitely a good test of patience!).

      Have a great weekend!

  2. oh girl i got my ikea catalog in the mail and did a happy dance! So many inspirational pictures and ideas!!
    I love the feet portraits.
    The where to get photos printed (target MEH that was horrible!)
    And i plan to get married under an avenue of trees at my g-parents place...super pumped for that day to (one day) come.

    1. Aah! I always seem to forget once August comes around so I'm still waiting for mine to arrive! I know I can view it online, but there's something about turning those glossy(ish?) pages and holding it in my hand that makes it that much better.

      And I know! I love Target but who would've guessed that their photo printers really aren't that great? I'm so glad I found that post! :)

      And that sounds like a beautiful venue for a wedding! I've always liked the idea of getting married under a tree + the idea of getting married on family property. Hopefully that someday comes soon!! :)

  3. oh my goodness. thank you for linking my life lessons post! you are the sweetest!!

    1. You are so welcome! I LOVED the post, so it was definitely a no-brainer to include it! Seriously, I loved it + your heart! :)

  4. I love feet pictures! I think she said it wonderfully! Those bobby pins are too cute. I had a big tree at my venue but I opted to have my ceremony under an arbor instead. :) I loved having it as scenery though and actually climbed up in it for a few pictures. Those pom poms are seriously cute.

    1. I bet that arbor was gorgeous! And those tree photos sound adorable! Are they up on your blog?

      Oh, and those feet photos, yes I so agree! They're some of the easiest self-portraits I take. And those bobby pins are amazing and those pom poms are way too cute! :)


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