August 19, 2013


Remember that time I asked you to ask me questions?

Yeah, that was a LONG time ago. But I'm here and I hopefully didn't leave you waiting (too) long!

Teresa asked:qagoals
Short answer: yes, I do! Here's the long answer: My first goal is to visit schools, apply for, and then (eventually) get my Master's degree. But that's one (hefty) goal! My second goal would be to get a job in the mean time. And my third goal is to learn more about photography and get more serious about it. I would love to shoot more photos and actually (someday!) get paid for it. But that's another story in and of itself!


Julie asked:qateach
That's actually really hard for me to answer because I don't really know. I've always loved the idea of being a teacher and on a third grade timeline, I wrote that I would be a teacher, adopt two girls, own a minivan, and write books. So I would say since the age of nine? But more seriously speaking, it was my senior year of high school and my Child Development teacher who inspired me and encouraged me to pursue teaching as a career. And while it's still a rocky road for me to get there officially, I know that deep down, it's a road I feel led to keep pursuing.

This is a good one and I love questions like these! Lately, I've been leaning on a lot on this verse and I've seen it in my devotionals, in church, and on other blogs too (which I know is a sign from God that I need to pray and live out this verse!):

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart 
and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him,
  and he will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6

This is tough because I'm obsessed with pretty sandals. But I've also taken a liking to cute shorts (this has been the summer of denim shorts for this girl over here) and summery skirts. So all three? Is that an acceptable answer?


Kellie asked:qaroomandfam
My family. Yes, you shall + will meet them. I have yet to share their names because I don't think they all want me too, but know that I am working on taking more photos of the people I love most!

And photo tours. Yes, I've actually been meaning to! I've shared bits and pieces of it, but never the whole thing at once. I'd ideally like to paint my walls grey first, but that's just another excuse to put it off. So yes! Someday soon-ish my super tiny room will make its debut on the old blog.

You're really working my memory, ladies! Honestly, I'm not really sure what my favorite childhood movie was. I didn't grow up watching Disney princess movies but I did love watching Toy Story. There's something about having your toys come to life that is magical (or scary).

My first movie crush? That's another good one. I can't say that I had a ton of movie crushes as much as I had TV crushes because a lot of the movies I watched growing up were animated--which would be, well, awkward. So I went through a stage of liking Matt (during his short hair days), Martin, and Mac on 7th Heaven and then I can remember liking Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean as well.

Yeah, I'm blushing right now as you read this...

So now that I've made this space just a bit more awkward, got any other questions for me? Or do you want to tell me who your first TV/movie crush was? Spill the beans, friends!


  1. Yay! I love learning more about some of my favorite bloggers. :-)

    1. Me, too! I feel the same way--and I always love that I DO learn something new about my fave bloggers through posts like these! :)

  2. i loved reading these (and all the graphics you made for them!!!)
    oh girl those were some of my crushes too!
    I would LOVE to see a tour of your room...HOLLA
    And those are great goals for the end of the year!

    1. Thanks, girl! I can send you the link to the arrows that I found, if you'd like! :)

      And I LOVE that we had some of the same crushes--did you watch 7th Heaven? It was like the only "coolish" show I was allowed to watch growing up, haha.

      And those goals are definitely lofty! We'll see if they come true!

  3. First movie/tv crush?? Jonathan Taylor Thomas aka JTT. Oh, man. He is so beautiful. And Martin from 7th Heaven?? I swoon over him EVERY. TIME. I see him. :) He was definitely one of my faves from the show.

    Btw, love your graphics! How do you make them?

    1. Is that the guy from Home Improvement? I so remember watching that show off and on with my family! And OH MY GOODNESS, I feel the same way about Martin from 7th Heaven. High-five to that and another one for being a fellow 7th Heaven watcher! :)

      And thanks! I made them using the website PicMonkey and added the arrows (that I downloaded + found on Pinterest!) as overlays to that image. If you want more details on how I did that, feel free to email me! :)


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