August 12, 2013


Happy Monday, friends! Just popping in real quick to introduce you to five lovely ladies who I'm honored to call my swaps for the month. They're not just my swaps, they're all friends and people who not only blog about their lives but their love for Jesus Christ.

So I'll stop writing and let them introduce themselves instead.

august swaps
Alyssa: As an {almost} Florida native, I'd consider myself pretty experienced in staying cool in the summer! My favorite way to beat the heat are to pull out those cute, light, summer dresses that shine best when the sun is hot! Not to mention that lazy, messy hair is always in style in the summer time. Between rocking the wavy, crazy updos, and comfy dresses, you're bound to beat the heat! Oh, and ice cream. Always ice cream. Who doesn't love an excuse to indulge in their favorite frozen treat? ;)

Amy: In the summer I love to keep cool by taking my littles to a local water park. It's a great way to cool off while spending time together. I'd like to say I'm not "that mom." Ya know, the one who thought she would be cool and dive through a tube, then got stuck inside and had to have her kids pull her out. Embarrassing, right?  I'd also like to say I'm not "that mom" that loses her tube halfway down the slide and has to drag her 2 year old daughter up onto her back. Unfortunately, not my best days.  So now I AM that mom that inconspicuously sits on the side of the wading pool and tries her hardest to not draw attention to herself, embarrass her littles or get us kicked out of the water park. 

Elena: I stay cool in the summer heat by wearing fun, airy summer dresses that can be easily layered + dressed up with a cute cardigan for cool evenings out with friends. I can never find shorts that fit me right (I've been told I have "child-bearing hips"… gee, thanks?!), so I adore floral and patterned dresses that keep me cool but also flatter my figure. My closet is currently full of stripes, so I was excited to find the adorable dress above in NYC in May!

I also LOVE fresh fruit, fruit smoothies and frozen fruit bars (coconut are my fave!) because on hot days the last thing I'm craving is dairy. Fruits are perfect!

Elizabeth: I stay cool in the summertime by living in Colorado. Just kidding. It gets hot here too people but I find that wearing my chaco sandals 24/7 really helps me look cool and stay cool.

Lauren: I live in Alaska, so normally summer heat isn't an issue I have to deal with–but this summer has been especially toasty (read: 70-80 degrees daily). To beat the heat I've been drinking oodles of fruit smoothies (strawberry pineapple is my current fave) and heading out on Prince William Sound with my family. There's nothing quite like a nice cool drink and the ocean breeze to take the edge of a hot summer's day.

Thanks for swapping with me ladies! I know that people say this all the time, but I really couldn't have asked for a better group of bloggers to swap with. Don't believe me? Go check out their blogs!

p.s. Want to swap in October? Email me to be the first to claim your spot!


  1. How fun! Thanks for the swap, Kiki! I am excited to check out the other ladies' blogs!

    1. Thanks for the swap, too! This month's group of swaps are awesome (yourself included!) and I truly love each of their blogs. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for swapping with me + participating! :)


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