September 27, 2013


Happy Friday, friends! This weekend is my last official summer weekend (read more here). I'm a little stressed because I still have a lot to do before then, but I'm also still giddy with excitement about my first week of work. Focus on the good, Kiki. Focus on the good.

Anyway, here are the bits and pieces from my week. One photo, little lessons, and lots of lovely links. Have a great one, friends!

Cutest Christmas present idea ever.

I just "met" this girl yesterday afternoon and already know I'll be reading her blog from now on. I mean, her photos are amazing, she has a heart for Jesus, and she has an adorable pup. And those are just a few reasons why you should start reading it, too.

So this is how you tuck in your pants for boots!

These kiddos are way too cute.

I had a great phone call with my grandma who reminded me that she's always on my side and that everything will work out for the good. Grandmas are the best, right?

And this leaf art is way too cool.

This will bring tears to your eyes--and I'm not exaggerating one bit on this one.

10 ways to wear boots this fall. This post was practically calling my name on Pinterest.

I've been spotting Amy and Megan's Etsy Swap posts all over blog world and it makes me sad I didn't get a chance to participate. I'm thinking I definitely need to hop on board next time (which I heard may or may not be early next year!).

Love this girl's heart talk. Do me a favor and read it, okay?

I want a pancake cake!

How to Google like a boss. Did you know this tips and tricks?

I know a lot of you will roll your eyes at this one, but I've kinda sorta been living in yoga pants this week. It's the good life, even if I haven't done yoga in weeks...or taken a yoga class in months.

I'm loving these sprinkle party hats.

This post is amazing. Just amazing.

Lastly, this is how to make your own nail wall art.


  1. + the home says hello blog = LOVE her stuff, definitely a new follower as well.
    + grandmas really are the best - and so wise!
    + the story of the little girl being bullied, oh my gosh, tears, flood of tears. ah. and huge props to big time rush for helping make a dream come true. and her brother *GAH* he is so sweet.
    + oh yeah girl, you join the #etsyswap2014 !! i'm so pumped!
    + Elizabeth is so beautiful - and her words ring true. that post resonated with me as well.
    + uh girl, I get home from work, take off these "nice" clothes and go straight for yoga pants haha.
    + great diy post finds, and blogger post finds.
    As your Friday posts!

    1. Yes, I love Christina's blog, too! So happy to have met her yesterday in the blogworld. :)

      And so many tears from that movie, too. So many. It makes me so grateful for my family and so outraged over bullies. And yes, huge props to Big Time Rush! I don't really listen to their music much, but so happy they stepped in and made that family's day.

      I'm in for Etsy Swap 2014! It didn't work out for me this time around (I was trying to limit my spending this summer/fall), but I'm really hoping that I'll be able to join in next year! :)

      Haha, so glad you love yoga pants, too. They're the best!!

  2. Love the home says hello blog, photos are great! :)
    The video, made me cry! So stinkin sweet!
    The pancake cake, oh my word! It looks really sweet, but i would try it. maybe.
    Amy and Megan's etsy swap, looks so fun! I might have to join in next time!
    Love the post! Can definitely relate.

    1. Yep, Christina's blog is really fun! So glad to have met her through the blogworld yesterday. :)

      And I know, that video definitely brought on tears for me! So many tears. Tears of sadness for the little girl and tears of happiness over her brother and Big Time Rush.

      The Etsy Swap definitely sounds like fun--I'm hoping I'll be able to join in, too!

      And congrats to you! I just read your Weekend Update post and am so excited that you're going to grad school! :)

    2. Video: Yes me too!
      I hope you can too :) that would be fun!
      Thanks girl! I am definitely excited! It's going to be an adventure. I am excited to see where God leads me :)

  3. Oh my goodness, thanks for linking to me! wow, wow, wow!

    That Christmas gift idea is very ambitious and seems nearly impossible; so obviously, I want to do it. :)
    The Etsy swap sounds like so much fun! Loving Amy and Megan's blogs, too!

    1. You are so welcome! I use my Bits and Pieces posts to share great posts and blogs and such and you definitely make the list, girl! :)

      And haha, I so agree! I'm not in a relationship right now but I so want to do that someday (or maybe even as a gift for my sisters or something, now that I think about it!).

      Megan and Amy are amazing and great blog friends of mine so I'm glad you love their blogs as well! I'm really hoping to be able to participate and it would be so much fun if you did, too!

      Have a great weekend!

  4. -Oh myyyyy that video of the twins! I am in tears, what a good brother...and how can kids be so mean?!
    -How to tuck regular jeans into boots? Jean-ius... get it?
    -Google tips... also genius.
    -I'm also hoping to participate in the next etsy swap!
    -Andddd the sprinkle party hats are SO cute!

    1. I know. So many tears after/while watching that video. I watched it live in the morning, and let's just say that was one way to start the day! :) The bond between those siblings is amazing. And I so agree, how can kids/people be so mean? It seriously drives me crazy.

      Haha, LOVED that pun. My family is full of puns, so it was hilarious to read!

      And yep, those Google tips are genius. I definitely learned a thing or two from that pin!

      Me, too! I was bummed that I missed out this time around but am so excited that Amy and Megan are thinking about bringing it back next year!

      Those sprinkle hats were way too cute. Way too cute. :)

  5. Gosh I love your bits&pieces segments! I especially loved "much love illy" blog! It's always fun to hear about awesome bloggers!

    1. Thank you--I love these posts, too! And yes, Much Love Illy is one of my favorite blogs, and Ilene writes some really good faith-filled posts. Glad you like her blog, too! :)

  6. Oh my gosh. That pancake cake looks delicious.

    The story of the twins. Precious and so sweet. I love how he said he wished the kids picked on him. And she said, "You don't have to do that." And he insisted, "Yes I do." He was so matter of fact. That kid has a big heart, especially for his sister.

    That was great article on how to tuck your jeans into boots. Always good tips to know!

    1. I know, it looks delicious, right? There's something about a stack of homemade pancakes that makes me think of lazy weekends growing up (okay, and weekends nowadays, too!). :)

      I completely agree with you on that story about the twins. That brother is amazing and that little girl is so, so strong for her age. Both of them are so inspiring! :)

      Yes! That tutorial was amazing and it's so going to help this fall/winter!

  7. That 'how to tuck in jeans to boots' post is awesome!!! thanks!!! Mine always end up getting smooshed in! And love the leaf art - how gorgeous! thanks for sharing :)

    1. I know, right? It was probably one of the most brilliant pins I've come across in a long time. :) I still haven't had a chance to try it, but I'm excited to see how well it works!

      And yes, that leaf art is amazing! So, so, so cool.

      p.s. I think you might be a no-reply commenter (a lot of people I know have noticed that when switching their Blogger profile to their Google+ profile). My friend Susannah has a great post on it if you're interested!


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