September 6, 2013


Happy Friday, friends! I still cannot believe it's September. But apparently, the weather has decided to follow the calendar. Which is sad, but oh so good. I mean, who doesn't love watching the seasons change? I'm telling you, the beginning of each season is my favorite season.

Anyway, here are the bits and pieces from my week. If you're new around here (welcome!), this is a little weekly recap of sorts with a photo, some lessons learned, and lots of links that I loved and think you will, too. Enjoy!

As someone who lives in the rainy PNW, this is the coolest DIY project ever.

A look inside Joy the Baker's cute little kitchen.

Love this headboard idea.

So here's a question for ya, do you own rainboots? I bought a pair last season but I wore them a lot so they're showing their age. Do you recommend investing in an expensive pair (will they hold up in the PNW?) or a cheaper pair? I need your thoughts, pronto!

Mmm...this looks delicious.

75+ copycat restaurant desserts. Yep, you're going to want to check this one out.

On waiting (aka the blog post that I know was written for me).

On purpose and passions.

This etsy shop is a new fave.

Yep, another amazingly adorable wedding. You've gotta love picnic receptions!

DIY microwave popcorn bags that are perfect for party favors.

Did any of you participate in Blogtember? I haven't really had a chance to catch up on my blog reading, so if you have, leave a link to your blog in the comments so I can check it out!

Speaking of blogs + comments, did you know that I respond to each and every one of your comments? I not only respond right here on my blog, but I also try and send a copy of my reply straight to your inbox as well (as long as you're not a no-reply commenter). I'm curious, though, which method do you prefer?

These lights are so pretty.

Make it happen.

And make your own washi tape stickers, too!

The best lemon poppyseed bread.

Okay, so apparently there's such thing as an Instagram Hotel. Have you heard of it before? It sounds kinda cool. Now I just need another 9,000+ followers on Instagram.

Aren't these DIY watercolor cards pretty?

 And these cupcakes would be perfect for Duck Dynasty, don't you think?

Have a great one!

p.s. Someone told me I may or may not be on Samantha's blog...check it out for cheesy smiles and more!


  1. I'm a tad bit excited that the Instagram hotel is right here in Australia :)

    And I like the replying to comments via email- I never go back to check an old blog post to see if the person has responded (especially when you don't know when is the right time to check to ensure the author has had time to respond- after a day? a week?)

    1. I know! I'm a little jealous that you're much closer to it than I am! You'll have to let me know if you ever go there. :)

      And I'm with you, responses via email are so much easier for me! If bloggers don't respond via email (or use something like Disqus), I'll either forget to check back (I so second what you said about that--when are you supposed to check back anyway?) or I won't comment again because I feel like that blogger doesn't really appreciate my comment (shallow, but true).

      Thanks for your input! :)

  2. I never stop back to blogs to see if the writer has replied to a comment. If it doesn't come to my email I won't know it's there. :)

    1. Same! There are one or two blogs that I do (only because I know they're respond and they distinctly say that they will reply there), but other than that, I don't check--mostly because I'll forget that I commented there.

      I also like the email responses because then I know that they've read my comment. It's the little things like reciprocation that I love. :)

  3. i highly recommend hunter boots! i have a purple pair. i wear them when it rains and the few times it snows here in oklahoma. they tend to get a white, filmy residue, but it's easy to get off with olive oil or other products. they're on the expensive side, (i paid $175 for mine) but worth every penny.

    1. Girl, I so wish I could get some Hunter boots! I've seen them and oohed and aahed over them for ages. I've never heard of the white filmy residue--so thank you for the info on that. The only thing I worry about is that they won't fit right or that they won't hold up.

      But I really appreciate your thoughts on them--I just might have to start saving for them now! :)

  4. I like replies in e-mail, because sometimes I forget to go back and check. And in e-mail, it's easier to start, build, or continue a conversation. :)

    I've only done one Blogtember post so far. Here it is:

    And I loved your appearance on Samantha's blog. Such a great interview and post. :)

  5. loved your post on Samantha's blog. Too cute!
    Also i really want to link up for blogtember, maybe i can do it on my other blog.
    that lemon bread looks so good, i want to make that :)

    1. Thanks, Britney!

      You should definitely link up with Blogtember--I'm kinda excited about Monday's post and there are a few others I'm excited about, too. I'd love to read yours if you do join in!

      And I so agree, lemon poppyseed is one of my faves. :)

    2. I will definetley do mondays post, it looks interesting. you can look for it here--

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  7. That Instagram hotel is definitely a place that I would love to check out! How neat is that! Also, question. What is the weather like in the PNW around mid-October? Is it fairly cold? Are leaves already gone by then? I'm curious to see what it'll be like when I visit!

    1. It would be awesome to visit the hotel--who knew that there'd be a hotel that's dedicated to instagrammers? :)

      And good question! Usually, it's cooled down come Mid-October--possibly in the 50's or 60's? Honestly, I probably have the worst memory. I would say, unless it's raining, it'll be really nice! The leaves start to fall (but not all should be fallen by then) and my favorite part about fall in the PNW is the cool crisp air that's perfect for walking.

  8. Replies
    1. I know, right? Seeing all of those almost makes me want a real one! :)

  9. I'm obviously really behind on my blog reading.: :)

    Firstly--Thank you SO much for featuring my post!

    Secondly--I have cheap rainboots, always have... probably always will. I have these from DSW and I LOVE them. I think they are cute and wear them a lot! They hold up very well. I used to want Hunter rainboots, but I asked for them for Christmas and got these instead... they are MUCH cheaper and I am now convinced Hunters are not necessarily worth the money. I've heard a few people that found Hunters at thrift stores for cheap, that would be the best way to go I think.

    Thirdly--Those rain drawings are the coolest! And I LOVE those temporary tats!

    1. Haha, no worries! I'm constantly behind on blog reading, so I totally understand. That, and I actually love reading your comments!

      You are so welcome! I love sharing some of my favorite blogs and blog posts and this one definitely fit that. I've been really loving purpose-themed posts, too so I had to include it. It may sound weird, but I actually use these posts as bookmarks of sorts and look through them occasionally to re-read good posts like yours. :)

      Ooh! I never thought to look at DSW for rainboots! I actually ordered my leather boots from there and love them so I'm definitely going to have to look there for boots. Thanks for the recommendation! I, too, have yet to get Hunter's because they're so expensive. I've heard they're worth the money, but I'm not sure if I can spend that much for boots right now. I really like the ones you have (especially the color on the base of the boot!) and I'll definitely be on the lookout for rainboots when I go thrifting next! :)

      And yes, that water spraypaint stuff is amazing and I love those tattoos, too!


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