October 11, 2013


A photo from last year's Ten on Ten. My camera is begging for me to pull it off the shelf
 so here's to the weekend and a chance to snap some lovely fall photos!

Happy Friday, friends! Got any plans for the weekend? I'm planning on shopping for some teacher clothes this weekend. And no, that does not mean vests with apples and ABC's on them. More like cute cardigans and possibly a vest or cute raincoat. Just the essentials.

But I digress. Here are the bits and pieces from my week. I'm still reading through all of your The Circle link-up posts and am loving how creative you all are!

Do any of you have this app? It looks like so much fun and I'm kind of interested in getting it.

You should download this, okay?

This made me smile.

I have literally aged at least 40 years in one week. I pretty much fell asleep while watching Duck Dynasty on Wednesday. And I love that show. Let's just say this girl over here needs her sleep every day!

Yum, yum, yum. The crust, the cinnamon, and the sugar? Delicious, I tell ya.

This DIY project screams fall.

The cutest little succulent pots ever.

Loving all of these creative pumpkin ideas.

How delicious does gingerbread caramel candy corn sound?

God's been pushing me to really look on the brightside of things. After another crazy week, remembering the little things that made me smile or laugh everyday made a lifetime of a difference each night. It's the little things, right?

I think this was written just for me.

Pear and cranberry sorbet? Sounds good to me!

I want this costume for Halloween. Like really, really want it.

This DIY nail project is way too cool.

Hearing kids remember my name from last year was a definite highlight of the week. Teacher Kiki never sounded so good. It's good to be back in the classroom, friends. Like really, really good.

Caramel apples + cookie dough. What else could you ask for?

These rice krispie treats perfect for fall.

This is by far my favorite pin of the week.

My goodness, this wall DIY is fun and cheery.

Have a great one!


  1. I'm sure you know this, but Ann Taylor Loft gives discounts to teachers! :) Makes me kinda jealous haha

    Loving the brown-thumb post because let's face it, as much as I dream of owning a dairy cow and living off the land, I can't even keep house plants, who do better with lamp light than sunlight, alive. It's been a very tough realization for me lately. It doesn't help that I married the son of a florist.

    Um, that DIY wall with the sponge paint? Something like that is going to happen in my house. I'm totally inspired!

    1. Really? Thanks for letting me know, girl! I forget that I might actually get some of these discounts now that I'm a teacher (more preschool teacher though). I honestly had no idea--I wonder if it applies online... :)

      I'm with you! While I'm not a farm girl, there's something so comforting and interesting about farm or country life to me. But alas, I am not a green thumb.

      And I loved that DIY clementine wall! It is so cheery and something totally do-able in my opinion. :)

  2. that app looks cool! I may have to get that :)
    And the Bread--looks so good! Bread is definitely one of my favorite things.
    love the quote!
    the doughnut costume...too funny!
    Glad you are loving your job! That's so great!!

    1. I know, right? I saw it and I think I'll get it sometime soon. The fonts are so pretty! :)

      Girl, bread is like one of my love languages. Give me a loaf of fresh artisan bread and you've made my day.

      And thanks! Life is still crazy, but I really am loving my job and I'm reminded each day that it really is a blessing to have it!

    2. Yes i just downloaded it the other day, i love it! Great for editing photos for the blog!
      Me too sister! we really would get along, we could just bake tons of bread :)
      I'm glad you are loving it! Glad you are not getting into those sweaters with the apples on it...lol!

    3. Ooh, I think I might download it now! After hearing so many great things about it, it definitely makes me want to get it. :)

      And that sounds like the perfect blogger date to me! Bread and great conversations sounds perfect.

      Haha, yeah, those apple sweaters are definitely not my definition of teacher clothes! I think that would probably be one of the last things you'd ever see me in. :)

    4. You should!
      heck yes, let's plan on that :)
      Good, those sweaters are just too much. lol.

  3. i use the OVER app! obviously i don't put text on all of my pictures, but when i do, i use OVER. it's the best typography app i've used so far and i definitely recommend getting it!

    hahahaha. love the "when life gives you lemons" pin. so funny.

    also, love those creative ideas for pumpkin decorating!!

    have fun shopping for cute teacher clothes :) so so glad you are loving your job! i'm so happy for you, friend!

    1. Ooh, I'm glad you recommend it! I heard about it on another blog and as soon as I saw the photo examples, I was in love (there are so many great fonts!). I'm going to have to get it now, I think! :)

      And I know, right? I saw that pin and knew it had to be included in a bits and pieces post.

      Haha, thanks! I'm not going to go into those "teacher-clothes" stores as my family likes to call it, but I'm hoping to buy a few more things to create a few more different kid-friendly/preschool-friendly outfits.

      Have a great weekend!

  4. first of all, i seriously just bought a piece of wood from home depot to make that nail string art LAST NIGHT! how are we always on the same page! and aaaalso. a donut costume? yes. just yes.
    Happy Weekend! Shelby

    1. Aah, that's crazy! Girl, we're turning into twins or something!

      That donut costume was truly brilliant to me. I never really trick-or-treated growing up, but after seeing that costume, it really makes me want to! :)

  5. + I definitely use the over app for putting text over pictures (that and "abeautifulmess" app) my most used photo app is "afterlight" LOVE the textures and editing that it has...and not that expensive.
    +loving all of the links today, the apple candles, the yummy treats, oh my gosh the diy donut costume!
    SO CUTE!

    1. I use the A Beautiful Mess app for text right now but hadn't heard of the Over app until this past week. I think I'll have to get it. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Afterlight. Definitely my favorite photo-editing app. :)

      I'm glad you're loving the links! This week's was full of good ones, that's for sure!

  6. DUCK DYNASTY!!! (I kinda love that show a lot) Although, the problem with that show is that now Nate thinks his life goal should be to emulate Uncle Si. I'm not a huge fan of that. Have fun shopping for teacher clothes, dear girl!

    1. Me, too! It's one of those shows that my whole family and I can watch and laugh out loud together. It's truly hilarious. I have yet to see this week's episode but am excited to see it. :)

      And I LOVE your husband's life goal of being Si. That guy is hilarious--although, I'd be with you if it was my husband. Si is just one of those truly unique kinds of people. :)

  7. That iphone/desktop background is the cutest! And okay, I am now obsessed with apple votives. Who would have thought? It's adorable :) And the Mother Theresa quote? Spot on girl. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. I so agree with everything you said about these links. Lisa Rupp's work is always amazing and those apple votives are so pretty. I never would have thought to do that with apples before and now I just can't get over how pretty they are.

      And yes! I like to think that that Mother Teresa quote was said with bloggers and writers in mind. :)

  8. i LOVE duck dynasty! that pear and cranberry sorbet looks amazing! and the donut costume (as well as the Life gives you lemons costume!) are awesome!

    1. I had no idea you watched Duck Dynasty! I love that show, too, and was just about to watch this week's episode. :) And I know, those links were some of my faves from this week's post, too!

      Hope you had a great weekend!

  9. You MUST have been tired to fall asleep during Duck Dynasty! :) Hope the weekend rejuvenated you and you have a better week coming up!

    1. I think I must have been really tired. I hardly ever fall asleep to that show--it's way too funny to do something like that! :) And I think I'm rested enough--but you never can be sure when kids and preschool are involved! :) Hope you had a great weekend, Laura!

  10. Kiki, I want to make all of these recipes immediately :) They sound so perfect for fall! I pinned that gingerbread popcorn (I am a popcorn fiend) and cannot wait to make it! I'm a new follower and have loved diving into your archives :) Excited to read more!

    1. Hi Amy! I know, right? Fall is definitely THE season to bake and I so wish I had the time/energy to bake right now.

      And I love popcorn, too! It's definitely a fun snack and I love all of the different recipes there are using popcorn.

      Thanks for stopping by and for following my little blog! It means the world to me to hear from other bloggers/readers. :)


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