October 25, 2013


Can you believe October is nearly over? I am seriously loving this amazing fall weather and am hoping that it sticks around for the next few weeks to come. Fall, I am completely in love with you now. Is that too weird to proclaim?

Anyway, here's to the weekend. To babysitting, to teaching Sunday School, and to another week of preschool. Do you think I spend enough time with kids? 

Oh, and I should probably include some other bits and pieces from my week, too. Enjoy, friends! Little lessons and lots of links to love.

Let's spend the weekend here, okay?

These leaves are just way too pretty.

These mugs. Swoon.

The weather this week has been seriously foggy. It's actually kind of mysteriously magical to me and it makes me want to pull out my camera and snap a few shots of the dense, dense fog. Now if only I had time in my morning routine to do that...

I am seriously loving, loving, loving this girl's shop. Especially this cute purse.

How fun are these party invitations?

Have you heard about Samantha and Elizabeth's upcoming Christmas exchange? If so, are you participating? I'm thinking I just might have to sign up for this one. Like for reals.

10 blog titles that drive more traffic.

Confessions of a bookworm + a few books you should read.

This download is for my camera friends.

Cold season has commenced, my friends. Drippy noses, sneezing, yucky coughs, and all the germ-sharing have all started up in the classroom. Prayers for a strong immune system are much appreciated!

Homemade Twix? Umm, yes, please.

I am loving this girl's voice + music.

And I'm also loving this girl's style.

...and this adorable family photoshoot.

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. + love the lake. + love the diy mugs ;). + love the bags, seriously etsy is so dang inspiring. + foggy mornings?! girl make some pictures happen! haha I love foggy weather! + I want to do the Christmas exchange, i'm just not sure if I can swing it this year. + great bookworm list.
    As always - lovely list!

    1. It's funny that you mentioned the lake photo because when I came across it on Pinterest, I instantly thought you might like it! Girl, I think we're starting to think on the same wavelength or something. :)

      And I've been craving a fun foggy photoshoot! Even if it is just me and my camera. I'm just crossing my fingers that tomorrow is nice and foggy--and possibly a little sunny for the sunshine to peek through, too.

  2. awesome as always!! Love the bookworm link! And those etsy purses are just ADORB!!

    1. Thanks, girl! And I'm glad you liked Amber's blog post--I think she has an amazing heart, voice, and blog! :)

      And yes, those purses are super cute. I think they're made in the PNW which makes me want one even more now!

  3. love the lake, that would a cool place for a outdoor party or something :)
    the leaves, so cool!
    And the mugs! love those!
    the purses, too cute!
    And the Christmas exchange, totally participating! I hope you do too!
    love the music, so good! :)
    the photshoot---how sweet! and adorable :)

    1. I agree with everything you said once again, girl! I would so love to have an outdoor party at that lakeside dock, while sipping apple cider from those gold mugs and listening to Emily's music and taking photos. Yep, let's just combine all of them into one event, shall we? :)

    2. Heck yes! That would be so fun! Let's do it :)

  4. aww, thanks for the love! you are the best :)
    loving that song you linked. her voice is so beautiful!

    1. You are so welcome--even though you don't need to thank me! :) And I agree, Emily's voice is definitely beautiful and I'm so glad to have found her via Megan's blog!

  5. I can't wait for the Christmas exchange!! And I unfortunately got sick and have been sick for a week! It's awful. I am definitely praying that the germs don't get you too!

    1. Me, too! I'm working on the sign-up form right now as we speak--trying to think of different things I love and all that. :) I love getting mail and an excuse to go buy another Christmas present!

      And oh no, getting sick stinks! I hope you get better soon, girl! I'll be praying for you as well!

  6. Hey, there! Thanks SO much for sharing our Photographer's Manifesto! I'm so pleased that you like it!

    1. Hi Misha! Thanks for stopping by! I really do love it and so I'm happy to have passed it on to my friends and readers. Thanks for creating such a great print! :)


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