November 15, 2013


Yippee! It's Friday, friends! But I guess you knew that one already, didn't you?

Anyway, as always, here are the bits and pieces from my week. One photo, a few little lessons, and lots of lovely links. If you've got a link or photo or lesson learned you'd love to share, leave it in the comments because I'd love to check it out!

The perfect Christmas garland.

This wedding. Swoon.

Looove this kitchen before + after.

And this new-to-me photo blog, too.

Every time around this year I get the urge to paint my nails. And this is coming from the girl who keeps her nails short and whose nails hate nail polish (they always chip like crazy!). So tell me, what's your favorite nail polish color/brand? Or are you a non-nail-painter like me?

The coolest advent calendar ever found via this dear friend.

10 new waffle toppings to try.

And some yummy pancakes to try this weekend, too.

Now that I have to attend staff meetings, all I have to say is that they're way better when chocolate's involved. Just saying.

Melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin cookies? Yes, please.

Loving this sweet, sweet Thanksgiving table setting.

Are you a fan of gold? It seems like gold is everywhere nowadays (and by everywhere, I mean Pinterest) and I'm really starting to love it. I think gold is the perfect color for the holidays, what about you?

This sounds like a lovely twist on hot chocolate.

How cool are these painted leaves?

Cutest photobooth idea yet.

Um, how cool are these shadowbox frames?

And for my camera friends, I'd like your opinion on cameras. Do you think getting the Canon 60D is a better choice or is the T4i/T5i series of cameras better? I want something that's a step up from my camera but also within my price range, too. I'm open to suggestions if you have any! 

Joy is always possible.

These videos always make me laugh. Always.

And some cute ways to upgrade your snail mail. 

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Oh. 60D all the way. I honestly forget exactly what was different when we purchased my camera, but I remember getting the specs from the Canon website and comparing them side by side. I think one was shutter speed? There were a couple important to me things... but really it's jut what's important to you. And my husband was generous and thoughtful enough to tell me that he knew I was going to get better in my photography so we needed to purchase a camera that could help, not hinder. Even a couple months in to the new camera last year I was thankful for that wisdom. And Ellen. O.M.G. Any time I want to laugh I go to watch those videos!

    1. Oooh, that's good to know! I'm leaning towards getting the 60D because it seems like it's the better camera for my buck. With big purchases like these, it's so hard for me to trust online reviews and all that so I'm glad to hear it firsthand from a blogging friend like you! :)

      And I'm the same way with Ellen! I watch a lot of her clips via Youtube since I have work, but it's definitely a great way to get a good laugh!

  2. why must you always find such amazing links?! WHY gah. (that was just me being dramatic, I love your finds ha)
    + uh that "merry and bright" foam board = GENIUS!
    + that womans wedding dress...SO IN LOVE WITH IT oh my goodness.
    + the kitchen & the love. seriously. I love the photographers work, story telling at its finest.
    + gold is my jam right now!
    + the advent calendar, pretty sure i'm about to order mine! <3 it.
    + the camera dilemma, I have no idea but i'm excited to see what you're going to purchase!

    great post as always!

    1. Why must you always write so many amazing posts? Gahhh, to you, too, girl. :)

      And I love all of your reactions to these links because they're exactly my reactions to seeing them, too. Especially about the photographer and all things gold.

  3. The Merry and Bright, so cute!
    The Kitchen--love it!!
    pumpkin cookies--look so good! I may have to make those!
    The waffles: Yum!
    Nuttella hot chocolate: umm..yes! definitely going to have to try that :)
    the living well post! love it! I am reading that book right now, it's good so far!

    1. Ann's book is amazing, right? I was a little skeptical at first, but it was definitely a great read and I'm glad you're loving it, too! :)

    2. Yes it is so far! I'm loving it :)

  4. I get so excited about these posts! For reals! You always have the best links... they kind of make me feel like I've been living under a rock, because I'm like "hey, why haven't I ever seen this." :) As for you camera choice... I've got nothin'... ask me about Nikon and I'd be all over it.

    1. Aw, I'm glad you love them! I used to write a lot of routine-like posts (ones that would run every Friday or something like that) but got tired of writing them over time. But I still love writing Bits and Pieces so I'm glad you like them, too! And it's really all about Pinterest. I read/skim a few DIY blogs and I find some links from them, too but most of the links are straight from Pinterest. :)

      And I'm the same way with Nikons! I got a Canon because one of my friends had one but if you ask me about Nikons, I honestly have nooo idea which one is which and which model is better than the other, haha.

  5. love these
    - I could not stop laughing at Kevin Kevinson! haha. The Sephora one was awesome!
    - love the snail mail designs!
    - i loved the Joy Is Possible post :) I am loving 1000 Gifts!

    1. I know! Kevin Kevinson is consistently the funniest videos I've seen yet. Seeing those videos makes my day every single time. :)

      And I'm glad you're loving One Thousand Gifts! It's a great read!

  6. Replies
    1. Yay, I'm glad to have found you as well! Hooray for new blog friends. :)

  7. I'm loving gold as well! It is such a great accent color for the holidays!

    I don't paint my nails often, so when I do I see it as a time to splurge for a new color. I really like ESSIE nail polish. They can be expensive for a bottle, but again, I use it as a splurge. I just bought one today, something from their new fall colors, Vested Sweater I think is the name.

    I love those ways to upgrade your snail mail. I love writing letters to people! :)
    I've never seen an Advent calendar before. Such a neat idea.
    Something about white kitchens. I just LOVE.
    I love the Merry and Bright sign! So festive and fun colors!

    1. Exactly! Gold is definitely a great holiday accent color. In my opinion, it's much more fun than the traditional red and green for Christmas. :)

      And I get what you mean about splurging on good quality nail polish. I buy cheaper nail polish for my toes (since I don't seem them up close) but I spend more money on nail polish I use for my nails (like my gold nail polish). I'm going to have to look at Essie's new line!

  8. Oh! I just looked at my nail polish and it is called "Vested Interest." Not sweater...haha

  9. Replies
    1. Me, too! Gold is quickly becoming one of my favorite holiday colors. In my opinion, it's way more fun than just the old red and green! :)

  10. Thanks so much for linking up to my snail mail post. It brings me joy that other people still send mail the old fashioned way. PS, I love your blog. I'm excited to have a new-to-me blog to check out. :) xoxo

    1. Thanks for writing the post, Michelle! I loved it and am so looking forward to addressing my next letter. :)


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