November 8, 2013


Hello, Friday! And hello to my friends, too! We've made it through another week and are quickly approaching the weekend. Got any plans for the weekend? Sleep is at the top of my list, in case you're wondering.

As always, here are the bits and pieces from my week. One photo, little lessons, and lots of links to love:

A quiet life is a good life indeed.

How fun does this barn dance look?

I'm a sympathetic communicator, what are you?

The sweetest story of them all.

You're going to want to download this for your phone.

I'm thinking of switching to Disqus. Thoughts on that? A lot of my blogging friends have switched and while I know it's another profile to make for blogging, I love the email notification and conversations that occur on Disqus. And as this wise friend pointed out, there's no need to worry about no-reply commenters with Disqus!

And while I'm on that subject, many of you who have connected your Google+ profiles to your Blogger profiles are now no-reply commenters. If you've made the switch, I highly recommend checking out this tutorial to make sure your comments can be replied to!

Be your own brand of crazy.

I want to make this this weekend.

God's grace is more than enough.

Just some super cute desktop wallpapers to download.

Body language is so interesting!

When the Head Teacher was out of the room last week, one of the kids asked me if I was the boss now. You, kiddo, are now my fave.

Seriously loving this girl's blog right now. Especially this fun post.

And I'm also loving this girl's new blog series. It's perfect for my fellow book lovers!

Oh, and this girl's posts, too. From passion to adventure, her blog has been hitting the spot this week.

I couldn't have described photography any better.

I love the way this girl weekends.

Did you know that one of my childhood dreams is to have a window seat in my future home? Yeah, well, now you do. And if you're not sold on them, check out this post.

Headbands are more important than Jesus.

How cute are these flats?

Have a great one, friends!

p.s. Sunday is the 10th! Are you participating in Ten on Ten? I'm still a little sad that I didn't get to participate last month, so I'm crossing my fingers it happens this time around. See you Sunday!


  1. I'm obsessed with your Friday posts! You always introduce me to so many awesome new blogs, love love love it! Feel free to send me that sequin hair bow after you finish it ;)

    1. Aw, thanks! They're actually some of my most favorite to write and I also love re-reading some of the posts that I link to here, too. :) And I'm glad you're loving the blogs I link to--they're all some of my faves!

      And haha, if only I had the sequins to make them! Then I'd definitely send you one. :)

  2. gahhh I love all of these.
    + quiet life + barn parties = seem to be just what I want!
    + i'm definitely a bold communicator with some technical and expressive tossed in...sympathy...yeah I need to work on that hahaha.
    + disqus - meh it isn't for me. it's just one more thing I have to "keep up with" lol. I personally like the google platform with shooting me an email - for me it creates a more intimate/personal place to write messages back and forth and really allows for some honesty and vulnerability (not that that happens with every comment hahaha) - but to each their own. I definitely can see the benefit of disqus.
    + I love it "your own brand of crazy"...there are no two individuals that are alike, so i'm all for more blogs, more lives, more shops, more - creativity!
    + uh love coffee+honeycomb! & home says hello!
    + window seats = WANNNTTT
    + I want to do 10 on 10 but it probably wont happen this weekend. I have a lot going on and I don't think i'll be carrying my dslr around with me.

    {& thanks for the shout out(s)!!! you are so sweet!)

    1. Haha, girl you are definitely sympathetic. I read your posts and your comments and I always sense honesty, which to me, is a definite form of sympathy and being a sympathetic communicator. :)

      And I looove and appreciate your thoughts on Disqus. I never thought about the idea of having email conversations that stem from blog comments. And now that I think about it, I so appreciate the more one-on-one conversations that come from those. So on that note, I'm keeping the normal Blogger commenting system. Thank you for reminding me of that point!

      That, and let's just say I'm feeling a little lazy right now and don't feel like installing another widget/gadget-thing... :)

      And I love and agree with you on everything else you said. From Coffee + Honeycomb, to Home Says Hello, to windowseats, and being creative. Yes, yes, and yes.

      Have a great weekend!

  3. i love all of these.
    The hair bows--are so stinkin cute! i love them!
    I have never tried disqus, some of the blogs that have it, don't respond to their comments. so i don't know if i'm a fan of that.
    barn party--so cool! Let's go!
    the flats are too cute!

    1. I love the hair bows, too! When I saw them on Pinterest, I knew instantly that that link had to be included in this week's Bits and Pieces post. They're too cute not to share! :)

      And I agree with what you said on Disqus. I've thought about it and read what other bloggers had to say and I think I'm going to just keep my old system. It's easier for the time being (I don't have to install anything) and it's working for now, too!

    2. me too! They are too cute :)
      Yeah, so true.

  4. Loving those phone backgrounds! And the sequined hair bow... I LOVE! I definitely just changed my desktop wallpaper to one of those. :) #6!

    1. That sequined hair bow seems to be everyone's fave! When I first saw it on Pinterest, I knew that it HAD to be in this week's post. It was just way too cute not to include. I'm honestly thinking of trying to make it--it doesn't seem too hard and it's way too cute not to try. Although, it probably wouldn't end up as cute, haha. :)

      And I loved number 6! Good choice, my friend!

  5. Oh my goodness! I want a window seat in my house sooo bad! Especially in my bedroom or a library!
    I now have the "Live Easy" wallpaper on my computer. Thanks! :)
    Amy's blog has been FANTASTIC. so true.
    Those flats are super cute!
    I was tied between a Bold and Technical communicator, closely followed by Sympathetic... sounds about right. haha :)

    1. Yes, yes, yes to the window seats! I've honestly wanted one since I was in elementary school--and I've only wanted one more as time goes on, haha.

      And I so agree with you about the other links, especially Amy's blog. That girl (and you, too!) have had quite the amazing posts lately, if I do say so myself!


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