November 2, 2013


Happy Saturday, friends! I'm back with a special weekend post just for you. Because I know the blog community tends to be pretty quiet over the weekends, I thought I'd introduce a few amazing blogs and the sweet ladies behind each one of them.

Since one of my favorite holidays is coming up this month, I thought I'd ask each blogger what three things they're grateful for. If I were to answer, I think I'd pick homemade dinners made by my mom, the internet, and sweaters to keep warm.


Samantha: I'm thankful for so many things...aren't we all. I am so thankful for God's perfect timing. Trusting in His timing has given us peace about what steps we will be taking next. I'm also so thankful that I am able to work from home, my husband's schedule has been super busy and working from home has helped keep things less stressful. Lastly, I'm so thankful for relationships. Jesus teaches me so much about him, myself, and others though relationships, it's such a wonderful gift.
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Britney: I'm grateful for friends, starting Grad school in January, and prayer.
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Hillary: I'm grateful for education, family, and good friends.

Tifani: I am thankful for adorably admirable coffee shops and beverages that warm the soul, for pumpkin season and a newly cozy wardrobe, and I am thankful for fabulous weather and football games with my main squeeze!
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Christina: Three things I'm thankful for:
1. A dedicated husband. Man, I can gripe about his shortcomings like nobody's business, but you know what? This past month, I've been reminded, time and again, just how hard working he is, and how determined he is to be a vital part of our marriage. I am so thankful to have a husband who prefers to spend time with me above anyone else, a husband who supports me in pursuing my career as a photographer (even if it means he's going to lug photography equipment up and down steep hills, in the Georgia heat, for an hour), and who manages to find time to help out around the house despite being in a nearly impossible PhD program.

2. Pets. It's so strange for me to think, sometimes, that humans and animals are capable of such amazing connections. It struck me as miraculous when I was driving home the other day.  A large dog sandwiched between the driver and passenger of the car behind me, had his big, goofy head sticking out of the top of the car, lolling tongue and all. Animals have every right to mistrust humans; I mean, goodness, we are capable of such cruel and selfish things, but a lot of animals adore us, and seek community with us, and well, God is just so present in something as simple as a dog going for a joy ride with his people. I guess, what I mean to say, is that I'm thankful for pets because they're a daily reminder that it's possible for all of creation to live in harmony; it's possible that the act of a little cat curled up at your feet, just close enough to keep your toes warm, is a small little way of glorifying God.

3. Atlanta. This city has broken my heart and filled it with joy. It's really becoming home. When we left Florida, we were leaving behind our entire lives. This city has served as a place for Matt and I to treat it as our first home in our marriage. We love that it snowed on Christmas day during our first year of marriage, we love that the leaves change color (up until three years ago, we never knew what fall looked like), we love the bond that everyone has over the really bad traffic, even though we're all contributing to the problem. Oh, Atlanta, you're beauty and a beast all in one, and we adore you for it. 
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Thanks for swapping with me, ladies! If you want your button featured on my blog or if you want to swap, I still have spots open for January!

Oh, and I'm also thankful for you. It's not just because it's one of those cliche answers for bloggers, but because I really and truly appreciate each and every one of you (even those of you who I haven't met yet!). 

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I am thankful for you too girl! We are blessed to have you contribute to our blog! :)

    1. Aw, thanks! I'm also so thankful that I get the opportunity to contribute to your blog! :)

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    1. Soooo incredibly thankful for you, my friend! :)


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