December 27, 2013


90twoHappy Friday, friends! How was your Christmas? Are you still celebrating Jesus' birthday today?

We celebrated my grandpa's 90th birthday this past weekend and I couldn't help from sharing a few photos. That man is quite the grandpa and it was so sweet to hear him sing and talk about how important his family is to him. I've said it before, but grandparents are the best, right?

Have a great one, friends!

Lots of good quizzes to take this weekend. And if you're curious, I'm a blue, good-natured realist (I only took two of the four quizzes).

On the importance of unplanning. This was definitely something I needed to remind myself of!

A fun way to update your corkboards.

These cupcakes look so good. So, so, so good.

The difference between empathy and sympathy. A must-watch, especially if you like Brene Brown.

A HUGE congrats to this dear friend of mine!!! Even though we've never met in person, it doesn't mean I can't be excited for her, right? Someone please agree with me on this one.

A new-to-me favorite photographer.

A great tip for my fellow Blogger and Pinterest users.

I've been teaching my sister how to use a DSLR and it wasn't until then that I realized just how much I've learned and how confusing/fascinating shooting in manual is. As a teacher-y person, it was so cool to see her get it and see things finally click.

15 (cute) ways to wear a ribbon in your hair.

I'm kind of obsessed with fresh cranberries right now so you'd better believe making these biscuits is next on my to-bake list.

Everything you need to celebrate New Year's Eve.

If you're in need of a new Blogger template, I highly suggest this brilliant design team. Or if you enjoy oohing and aahing over blog designs like me, check it out, too!

Oh West Elm, why is it that these plates are no longer available?

The cutest little sugar cookie ornaments ever.

Cinnamon roll ice cream sandwiches.

There is so much truth in this blog post. Frustration doesn't follow us because we're the ones who carry frustration. Amen, amen, AMEN.

17 warming, delicious apple cider recipes.

And 10 holiday coffee house favorites to sip this weekend.

Because we don't have to have it all together during the holiday season.

This is a crazy cool art exhibit.

Happy New Year, friends! Got any plans to ring in the new year? 


  1. + i took one of the quizzes - I am a dynamic thinker and MAN is it on point! (a few things aren't 100% but dang its insane!)
    + that new photographer = love. I've come to realize we like a lot of the same photography concepts! aka we need to start a business ahahahha.
    + SUCH A GOOD POST re: frustration. and man did I need to hear that today, seriously one of my favorite posts ever!

    1. Mine was on point, too! It's crazy how those little quizzes can be so accurate, right?

      And now that you mention it, you are so right about our taste in photography. We seriously do need to start a business together. I think we'd make a pretty good duo! :)

      I also agree with you on the post on frustration. It was such a good post and I'm glad you agree!

  2. Replies
    1. Exactly! Thinking about it actually makes me want some now. :)

  3. Eek! Thanks for the shoutout, friend! I got so excited to see that in this post :) Love you!

    1. You are so welcome! I'm still so excited for you and I just read your engagement story and seriously, that is THE cutest story ever. So glad Matt topped off your NYC trip with such a gorgeous ring!

      So excited for all that God has for the two of you in the future! :)

      And yes, all of those exclamation points were necessary. :)

  4. First of all-- your grandparents are cute :) Such a cute picture.
    i took the quiz- it said i was a "Sensitive doer" i agree with some of it, but i thought i was little of both, of some of the scenarios. you know what i mean?
    cork boards--too cute.
    the cupcakes-- we are so baking these when we have our blogger hangout!
    Julie--engaged! How exciting! I read her blog a lot, i love it! She seems like someone i would really like to get to know better!
    biscuits- we are so making these too :)
    cute little new years eve box, loved it!
    blogger template-- love them! I especially like the watercolor looking one, it's so clean but girly at the same time.
    cookie tree-- cute!
    apple cider---heck yes! let's bake and drink apple cider, or coffee :)
    photography-- amazing! I so wish i was that good at it, i do love looking at other peoples stuff though.

    1. They really are a cute couple. Their marriage and life stories are definitely admirable and inspiring, too! :)

      And I agree with you those cupcakes and biscuits. We're going to have quite the list of goodies to bake someday, girl!

      And I also agree with you on the blogger templates, apple cider, and photography. So many great links/blogs/pins out there! :)

    2. yes so true! They definetly are :)
      Yes we will, i can't wait!
      Oh yes, you always find the coolest pins too :)


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