December 31, 2013


I somehow ended up going through my blog archives last week and was amazed at how much I wrote and how much I needed to re-read through my posts. Not just because I'm a fantastic writer (just kidding, I'm really not) or because these posts are posts you HAVE to read, but rather, because they're posts I need to read.

So I've decided to do a wrap-up post with some of my favorite posts from each month this year. Call me lazy, but I think this is a brilliant post to write. Seriously, if you do it, I promise you won't forget it. You're going to find a bunch of gems--whether they make you laugh, cry, or just smile.

Happy New Year friends!

I started off the year by sharing my word for the year. I also got totally vulnerable and shared about my complexion, and some (more) thoughts of being a singleton.

In February, I changed my definition of love, talked a lot about idols, and shared a lot of random stuff about yours truly.

March brought communion, a letter about my college years, and yes, I officially graduated college.

In April, I shared a pin that went re-pinning crazy and I also shared some of my blogging routines and I posted my first (and currently only) vlog. That was one post I cannot re-read/watch--am I the only one who thinks it's weird to listen/watch yourself on camera?

May was a busy month. I participated in Jenni's Blog Every Day in May Challenge and well, blogged every day in May--my favorites being my story in 250 words or less, a few letters to my blogging besties, and who I am in 10 words, my three worst traits. Oh, and I also wrote a letter to you, too.

June was a good month for this blog and a start to so many new (and good!) things. I started off June with a new blog name and identity. I also photographed my very first portrait session, wrote about the importance of sharing our stories, took down the GFC widget, and started The Circle

little flower
I kicked off July by shooting in purely manual mode. And I also shared my desire to simplify, the good days I have as a single lady, some of the blogging lessons I've learned so far, and my thoughts on job-searching post-college graduation.

In August, my family and I went on a much needed internet-free beach trip and I later talked about the importance of hope and clinging to it during tough times.


Fullscreen capture 10222013 92118 PM.bmpCome October, Beth and I played 2 Truths and a Lie (here are the answers, if you're curious!), I shared my love for She Reads Truth, and I also wrote on balancing work life with my personal life (and dreams).

November was full of gratitude, realizing that I am actually un-entitled, and learning from clothing stains.

Last but not least, in December, I turned the tables and asked you questions (not the last of these posts, by the way!), shared my not-so-secret blogging secrets, my need to live in the present, and my family's Christmas cards, too.

So what did you do this year? Anything huge? Anything worth sharing? Are you a fan of these kinds of posts? Did you write one yourself? If so, share the link in the comments below!


  1. I loved watching your first vlog! I don't think I knew about your blog back then and I'm so excited to read more of your posts, girl :) And nope, you're not the only person who thinks it's weird to listen/watch yourself on camera! I'm hoping I can overcome my vlogging fear and maybe make a vlog next year! Thanks for sharing all this, Kiki! Your blog has definitely been a favorite of mine for some time! Happy New Year!

    xo, gina

    1. Aw, thanks! I am still super self-conscious about seeing myself on camera (especially when it's on film for some reason) so I'm glad I'm not the only one. I look forward to seeing your vlog! And yes, Happy New Year! :)

  2. what a fun & busy year! :) i'm glad you did this post since i'm a new follower - now i can go back and stalk Kiki circa 2013! :)

    also, i hate watching myself on camera too! you are not alone!

    1. That's actually one of the reasons why I created this post--that, and because everyone else is doing it, too, haha. But seriously, as someone who finds new blogs to read all the time, I hoped this would be one way to catch people up--if you get what I mean. And feel free to stalk all you want! That's what blog-reading is for, right? :)

      And I'm so glad I'm not alone in that watching yourself on camera. It's just so awkward, nearly as awkward as it was to make that vlog!

  3. it is so important to look back. The Lord tells us to remember His faithfulness - remember His promises! I love looking back on this year!

    1. You are so right, it really is important to take a moment and reflect every now and then. Even looking back a few months ago I'm reminded of His faithfulness and promises! I'm excited to take a look back on your 2013 now! Happy New Year!! :)

  4. I love that so many people are doing these types of posts! It's a great way to reflect and gain some perspective for 2014. I did my own version as well...I understand what you mean about re-reading your own posts. It puts us back in the mindset we were in when we initially wrote it, and helps us to further understand why it was important!


    1. Me, too! I honestly had no idea how many bloggers were going to write a post like this--but it's definitely a good one at that. Great minds think alike, that's for sure! :)

      And I couldn't have said it better, there's definitely a reason why we have the option or opportunity to re-read posts--they definitely help us understand its importance and they serve as great refreshers, too!

  5. I love this post girl!
    I am also not a fan of watching myself on video, or listening. It's just weird. But i did like listening to your first vlog, it felt like i was getting to know you better :) Your so sweet!
    Also loved the photos :)

    1. Yay, I'm glad you like it! And I think I'm flattered that you liked my vlog, too? :) I still find it weird that people watch it--I'm definitely more of a behind the camera girl. I'd love to watch your future vlog, though! :)

    2. I thought it was cute. But i know what you mean about it being kinda awkward.
      Here's a link to a vlog i did on the Quiet Place--

  6. so many fantastic pictures. I love the whole going into manual mode - great dedication!!! Your family photo is so sweet! Happy new year!

    1. Thanks, Finley! And shooting in manual mode has definitely been a rewarding switch for me. It was tough at first, but so worth it in the end. :)

      Happy New Year to you, too!

  7. Replies
    1. Aw, thanks! I'm glad you liked it! I'll admit, it was a long one to compose because of all of the links, but I know I'll be glad I did it in the future (and now, really!). :)


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