December 9, 2013


...more about you! I often feel like I'm solely writing all about myself (which I am, I guess) and so I want to flip the tables today and make this post all about you. I want to get to know you, I want to stalk all of your blogs, and I want to encourage those of you who are new or rarely comment to let your voices be heard.

So here goes. I'm really hoping ya'll participate because posts like these always make me nervous. So, that means I'll be answering these questions myself in this post, too...

1. Favorite holiday smell? Cinnamon or cookies right out of the oven. Enough said.

2. Favorite cold-weather accessory? Definitely cozy scarves and sweaters. Oh, and boots, too. 

3. Favorite blog to read/stalk? A Beautiful Mess. Those ladies are creative, I tell ya.

4. How'd you find my blog? How long have you been reading? I'll let you guys answer this one.

5. What's at the top of your Christmas wishlist? A new camera!

6. Favorite Christmas song? I'm looking to expand my playlist that so far consists of five songs so I need your help!

7. Favorite hot drink? Hot apple cider. Although, lately, hot chocolate has gone up on that list...

8. Where do you find all of your cute clothes? And yes, I am talking to you! As for me, I shop primarily at Target and Old Navy.

9. Real or fake Christmas tree? Real. Real. Real.

10. Favorite Christmas movie? I'm in the mood for a cute holiday movie and need some recommendations!

So will you play along? Answer all of the questions, or just a few. I've done something similar before and loved learning more about you so let's keep it going, okay?

p.s. Would you like to see these kinds of posts every season/holiday? I think it would be a fun post, but maybe that's just me...


  1. 1. favorite smell: pine/evergreen.
    2. cold-weather accessory: scarves! they are my weakness.
    3. favorite blog to stalk: i agree 100%: a beautiful mess.
    4. how did i find your blog: i was randomly browsing blogs and clicked on a link to yours. SO glad i did!
    5. wishlist: a tripod for my iphone.
    6. favorite christmas song: o holy night. "the weary world rejoices". so beautiful.
    7. favorite drink: peppermint mocha.
    8. clothes: target, old navy, and sometimes forever 21.
    9. unfortunately, fake. my parents are allergic to real ones.
    10. favorite christmas movie: home alone! it's a classic :)

    yes, you should write one of these posts every season! i love learning about you and others. i get a lot of ideas from reading comments on blogs.

    1. 1. Mmm...I love the smell of real pines (especially outside). So good and one of the reasons why I love hiking in the forest.
      2. Scarves are the best. Totally my weakness, too!
      3. ABM is amazing. Definitely my favorite blog out there.
      4. So glad we found each other's blogs!!
      5. Ooh, that's good. Tripods are amazing (even if I borrow my dad's for my Canon!). :)
      6. O Holy Night is such a beautiful song. And that line? So beautiful and exactly that I needed to be reminded of today.
      7. I'm not a huge coffee fan, but peppermint? Always a fan of peppermint.
      8. You have good taste in clothes! Those are faves, too.
      9. That's too bad! With all the allergies in our house, it's almost unreal that someone's not (that) allergic to real ones.
      10. That is definitely a classic. Definitely. :)

      And I'm glad you like them! I'm excited about the next on already!

  2. 1. Favorite holiday smell? Hot chocolate or cinnamon. Mmm.
    2. Favorite cold-weather accessory? Boots and scarves!
    3. Favorite blog to read/stalk? I agree with you and Amber. A beautiful mess!
    4. How'd you find my blog? How long have you been reading? I saw the link on Amy from Taking Steps Home's blog. She is awesome! :) And I just started following you like last week, but I'm loving your blog!
    5. What's at the top of your Christmas wishlist? Pretty much just books and a few clothing items.
    6. Favorite Christmas song? I Celebrate the Day by Relient K -->
    7. Favorite hot drink? Coffee, coffee, coffee. At the moment, it's Starbucks Gingerbread Latte.
    8. Where do you find all of your cute clothes? Definitely Target.
    9. Real or fake Christmas tree? I've never had a real tree! Always fake. My sister is allergic and we've always lived together, haha.
    10. Favorite Christmas movie? It's a Wonderful Life. Yep, it's super long, but I still love it.

    1. 1. YES. YES. YES. The best smells ever.
      2. Yep, I'm discovering that we're more and more twin-like every day, Jessica! Boots and scarves for the win.
      3. A Beautiful Mess is the best. Love those ladies and their blog that oozes creativity and fun.
      4. Loooove Amy. How could you not love an honest, creative, sweet lady like her?
      5. Books are on mine, too! :)
      6. *Just* listened to that Relient K song--soo good. :)
      7. I may not be a coffee drinker, but I do love Gingerbread so I'll agree with you on that one!
      8. Target is pretty much a must-love for bloggers, right?
      9. You've never had a real one? You've got to someday! Everyone in my house is allergic to at least two or three things so it's pretty much a miracle that we can have a real one in the house!
      10. Is it weird that I haven't actually seen all of It's A Wonderful Life? I guess I've got to see the whole thing now! :)

  3. This is fun! :)

    1. My favorite holiday smell is probably sugar cookies or other freshly baked goodies. Smells good enough to eat. :p
    2. Favorite cold-weather accessory...well, it doesn't get too cold here in Florida, and I'm very much a plain jane, so I love long sleeved t-shirts!
    3. I read so many amazing's impossible to name even a few! Yours is one of my new favorites though!
    4. I'm pretty sure I found you through someone else's daily read list...I just can't remember who!
    5. I don't really have a wishlist. I mainly just need some new clothes!
    6. Hm...maybe It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.
    7. I love, love, love hot chocolate.
    8. I shop at Old Navy, Target, and Kohl's.
    9. I always had a fake one growing up, but since I have been on my own I have had real ones!
    10. Home Alone is always a safe bet. Also love A Christmas Story and Christmas with the Kranks!

    Happy Monday! :)

    1. I always love these kinds of posts so I'm glad you do, too! :)

      1. Mmm, those are the best smells of the holidays. Fresh baked cookies are a-mazing and you're making me hungry now!
      2. Hey, long sleeves are always a win in my book. I'm definitely a plain jane and even though we've had freezing temps recently, a good long sleeve tee is always good. Always.
      3. Aw, thanks! I read tons of blogs, too, so I know what you mean. :)
      4. Well, I'm glad we found one another! I love meeting other bloggers!
      5. Clothes are always on my list, too. You can never go wrong with that!
      6. Ooh, that's a good one. A really good one.
      7. Hot chocolate is good and now I want some. :)
      8. Old Navy and Target are great. If Kohl's was closer that'd probably be on my list, too!
      9. Real ones are great, aren't they?
      10. I don't think I've seen A Christmas Story before (I don't think...). I'll have to look it up and see if I have now! :)

  4. 1. favorite holiday smell: cinnamon, and the smell of my mom's toffee.
    2. favorite cold weather accessory: Scarves, i love them! I have so many, i could wear one every day :) I also love my ugg boots, they are so warm and toasty.
    3. yours is one of my favorites, and i also like the be.loved blog too. (which you probably already knew cause we've talked about it before)
    4. I found you on a another blog I think--i can't really
    5. Christmas wish list: leather jacket--it has to be cute though. Also i found this cook book that is all of these different ways to make macaroni and cheese, and side dishes to do with it. Since i love cooking and baking i am hoping to get it! I also have a few other things i am hoping for, since i am moving in January.
    6. favorite christmas song: I am really liking this song, it's so catchy, here's the link--
    7. favorite hot drink: Coffee! I really like mocha's, and i also love coffee with whip cream in it :)
    8. clothes: American Eagle(sometimes), Kohls, Gap, Madewell--i get a %15 discount for being a Grad student so that's awesome! I also like Nordstroms.
    9. fake, we've always had a fake one.
    10. Christmas movie: The Santa Claus, or Christmas Vacation.

    1. 1. Cinnamon is the best. Love the smell of cinnamon.
      2. Me, too! Scarves are the best cold weather accessory. You can never go wrong with more scarves in the closet!
      3. :)
      4. Haha, I honestly can't remember how we "met", either! :)
      5. Ooh, that sounds like a good wishlist! You can never go wrong with macaroni and cheese.
      6. Listening to that song right now as I type this--I've never heard it before, but it is catchy!
      7. I may not be a coffee girl, but I'm down for whipped cream any day. :)
      8. Ooh, lucky girl to have a discount to Madewell! I wish that was the case for me!
      9. I guess I can forgive the fact that you don't have a real one. :) I do see the up's to having a fake one, but living in the PNW, I feel like it's almost an obligation to get a real one!
      10. I don't think I've seen Christmas Vacation, I'm going to have to look it up!

    2. 2. yes so true!
      5. you can't really.
      9. yeah it would be nice to have a real one sometime, but the real ones are kinda messy. should look it up, it's funny :)

  5. Fun idea!!

    1. Apple Pie Candles. I have hoarded them. It's a problem really.
    2. My Patagonia vest. I wear it all. the. time. Like every day.
    3. Under the Sycamore. Love everything about it.
    4. I can't remember how I found you?? And probably a little over a month?
    5. There's not really anything I am dying to have... it's going to be fun to get surprises!
    6. ANYTHING Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas. LOUDLY.
    7. Hot Chocolate made from the chocolate milk from our local dairy. Oh. Em. Gee.
    8. Lately I've only bought things from the local thrift store... and the clearance rack at Target! It's always fun to score an awesome find!!
    9. I grew up with fake, but since we've been married we've had real. However, I'm allergic to it... can't touch it. The Hubs loves it though.
    10. The Family Stone. It's not Christmas time till it's playing!

    1. 1. Mmm, Apple Pie Candles? That sounds lovely. Why haven't I smelled/seen one before? This is craziness. :)
      2. I've been on the lookout for a good vest lately! If I had one, I know for a fact I'd be living in it.
      3. Looooove Ashley's blog! I've loved it forever and have loved it even more since they first started their adoption journey.
      4. Haha, me neither! I actually included this one because I forget all too easily about how I've "met" other bloggers (like you!) and wanted to know if you guys knew better than me. :)
      5. Surprises are always fun--especially when they involve presents!
      6. Ooh, they're good. Can't go wrong with that orchestra during Christmas time!
      7. Ooh, that sounds amazing. Care to send some my way? :)
      8. Clearance racks are my favorite! We don't have great thrift stores around here, but I always take the longest amount of time at Target's clearance racks whenever I'm there.
      9. Oh no, that's too bad you're allergic! Upon reading everyone else's comments, the least I can say is that you're not alone! But that's too bad that you can't touch them. :(
      10. The Family Stone is a great one. How could I forget about that movie? I saw it for the first time last year (I think) and it's definitely a great one. :)

  6. You need to watch the old black and white movie "The Shop Around the Corner" starring Jimmy Stewart. Christmas doesn't happen until the end of the movie, but it's so sweet. We have had it for a few years and just got around watching it this weekend. Love!

    1. Ooh, I've never heard of that one before! It does sound sweet and I'm going to have to see if my library has it or something. Thanks for the recommendation! :)

  7. 1. Favorite holiday smell? Cinnamon all day!! Even when the holidays are gone it's my favorite smell.

    2. Favorite cold-weather accessory? Thermal knit tops and PJ's.

    3. Favorite blog to read/stalk? Underthesycamore, great photos, recipes, Jesus, and huge life lesson.

    4. How'd you find my blog? I think through a button on Simple moments stick blog. I can't be sure but I am so glad I did.

    5. What's at the top of your Christmas wishlist? An iPad!

    6. Favorite Christmas song? Nothing specific I just listen to KLove Radio during the day so whatever they play I pretty much love.

    7. Favorite hot drink? Tea, make it Chai and I'll love you forever.

    8. Where do you find all of your cute clothes? Marshall's and lately kohls. I really like Lauren Conrad's clothing line.

    9. Real or fake Christmas tree? Real. I really like saving the earth but there is nothing like the aroma of a real Douglas fir.

    10. Favorite Christmas movie? The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Jack Black! What can I say I'm a hopeless romantic

    Btw I love these types of post. I even read other people comments because I'm nosey!! Lol!

    1. 1. Cinnamon is the best. I don't think you could call it Christmas without cinnamon. :)
      2. How could I forget about pajamas? Those are a must for chilly days/weekends!
      3. Under the Sycamore is amazing. Love Ashley, her heart, her cute kids, her adoption journey, and her photos. That's actually one of my top fave blogs!
      4. I'm glad we found one another, too! :)
      5. An iPad?!? That sounds like a great gift to me. If you so happen to get two, you know who you could send it to, right? :)
      6. KLOVE is a fave of mine, too. Love that radio station.
      7. I'm not a huge tea/coffee drinker, but I actually love the smell of Chai. Is that weird?
      8. Ooh, I'm going to have to make a trip to Kohl's soon. There isn't one too close to where I live so I haven't been to one lately, but I always love checking out new stores/clothing lines!
      9. Real. Yes. Yes. Yes. Real trees are the best and I'm so glad you agree!
      10. I've never seen that movie before! But it sounds like a good one (totally a hopeless romantic too, btw). :)

      And I'm glad you like these kinds of posts as much as I do! When I see these kinds of posts on other peoples' blogs, that's exactly what I do, too. And I'm thinking of one to do come January/February so stay tuned!!

    2. 1. Favorite holiday smell? the pine/Christmas tree smell!

      2. Favorite cold-weather accessory? Cozy scarves! I'm a scarf girl, year round really.

      3. Favorite blog to read/stalk? Oh goodness, too many to list here!

      4. How'd you find my blog? How long have you been reading? Found it just today from Elah Tree! And it has been added to my list of frequents :)

      5. What's at the top of your Christmas wishlist? A Keurig! Fiance and I have wanted one for quite some time now..

      6. Favorite Christmas song? Mannheim Steamroller's Carol of the Bells. The volume gets cranked everytime it plays!

      7. Favorite hot drink? Hot tea, something with liccorice root in it, like the Throat Coat sore throat soother.

      8. Where do you find all of your cute clothes? Many of my clothes come from Target or thrift stores. Yep, I'm a thrifter!

      9. Real or fake Christmas tree? I've always grown up with fake, but I like a real every so often.

      10. Favorite Christmas movie? Elf!! I can watch that one over and over!

      Glad you had this post going! I love reading and answering these too!


    3. Hi Katy! I'm so glad to have met you and I'm so glad that you stopped by, too! I looove meeting fellow bloggers and I'm so glad you took the moment to read and post your answers to these questions. :)

      As for what you said, I, too, love scarves. They're definitely meant for all year round! :)

      And a Keurig? That sounds like a great Christmas wishlist item! I know a lot of people who have them and from what I've heard, they're great!

      Lastly, Target is definitely a great place to shop! I think it's a must for all bloggers. :)

  8. Great idea for this post! It's so fun getting to know you while you also get to know readers better at the same time!

    1. Favorite holiday smell? Hmm, this one was tough. I think just anything that smells like baking Christmas cookies!

    2. Favorite cold-weather accessory? Hats. I have an obsession with beanies and I so wish I could afford to buy more!

    3. Favorite blog to read/stalk? This is the hardest question ever. Honestly, all of the ones I follow...including yours! ;)

    4. How'd you find my blog? How long have you been reading? We've talked about this before and I wish I could remember exactly how I found ya! But it's been quite a while that I've been reading here.

    5. What's at the top of your Christmas wishlist? The Lord of the Rings DVDs and books! I can't wait to finally own them myself :)

    6. Favorite Christmas song? Silent Night. It's too beautiful for words!

    7. Favorite hot drink? Hot chocolate. So yummy :)

    8. Where do you find all of your cute clothes? Target (duh) and H&M are my favorite stores to shop at!

    9. Real or fake Christmas tree? I would love to try a real tree sometime but my family has always done fake!

    10. Favorite Christmas movie? There's so many I love, but definitely could re-watch Elf and Love Actually over and over (although it's a little bit risqué compared to the classic children's holiday movies, haha)

    1. I'm glad you love it! I'm thinking I might want to bring it back around the holidays or at least once a season. Or maybe just monthly? Who knows. Either way, it's coming back! I had way too much fun making this post and reading everyone's responses, too!

      As for what you said, nothing beats the smell of Christmas cookies baking. Or cookies baking any time of the year, really!

      And I've actually been thinking about getting a beanie! I've seen so many cute ones lately and have been seriously thinking about buying one.

      Haha, I so agree! I have way too many blogs that I read and yours is definitely one of the ones I frequent, too!

      YES! I so wish I knew how we found one another, too! I remember the first time you stopped by my blog, but I have no clue when/how that happened.

      Silent Night is definitely beautiful. It makes me want to listen to Christmas music right now!

      Target: YES. H&M also YES. I haven't actually been inside of an H&M but I've perused their website and love their accessories!

      You need to try out a real one sometime! There's something about picking them out and bringing them home and then having them in your house that adds a special magical touch to Christmas. You've really got to try it sometime! :)

  9. Post like these are genius. Because I love answering them and maybe doing them on my blog as well. I just love lists, about me, and questionnaires. :)

    1. Favorite holiday smell? Christmas trees!!
    2. Favorite cold-weather accessory? Cardigans and scarves! And boots! It's the perfect outfit AND I just added boots to my closet. Wohoo!!
    3. Favorite blog to read/stalk? Yours, Amy's, and Angela's. I always save y'all's posts for last. :)
    4. How'd you find my blog? How long have you been reading? I think through Amy's blog. And I'm not sure how I found Amy's blog...I just kind of happened upon you both. And I've been reading for about what? Two or three months. :)
    5. What's at the top of your Christmas wishlist? If I could get anything? A new car! Otherwise, I haven't really thought about it.
    6. Favorite Christmas song? Traditional? Carol of the Bells. Fun and non-traditional? Snow Globe by Matt Wertz.
    7. Favorite hot drink? Salted Caramel Mochas or Peppermint Mochas, but I can't forget about my Chai Teas. :)
    8. Where do you find all of your cute clothes? And yes, I am talking to you! I LOVE Target and Gap and local stores.
    9. Real or fake Christmas tree? Real. Real. Real. <<< Exactly what you said! :)
    10. Favorite Christmas movie? I'll Be Home For Christmas with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Biel! How much better can you get?? It is such a great and fun movie! And it's on NETFLIX!! :) :) :)

    1. Well, I'm glad you love them as much as me! I, too, love lists and learning new things about people (and finding similarities, too!) so I'm definitely going to do this again soon. Like, I don't know, maybe New Year's? :)

      1. YES. Christmas trees are the best. I should seriously move and blog under the Christmas tree sometime. That seriously sounds so tempting right now.
      2. Girl, that is the definition of a perfect outfit for me. And new boots? JEALOUS. :)
      3. Haha, so glad you love my blog because I looove yours, too. And you have impeccable taste in blogs, because I love those ladies and their blogs, too. But then again, why would I ever doubt your taste in blogs?
      4. So glad we found each other! I honestly cannot remember how I meet any bloggers but I'm just grateful we've actually connected and met!
      5. A new car sounds good! If you end up with two by any chance, send one my way okay? And that way, you can come visit me, too!
      6. Carol of the Bells is always good. And I'm going to have to look up Snow Globe, too. I occasionally listen to Matt Wertz, so I'm going to have to go listen to it now!
      7. I actually don't drink a lot of hot tea/coffee, but anything peppermint is good to me.
      8. Target + Gap are great. If I had more money, I'd probably end up living at Target. :)
      9. Haha, so glad you're a fellow real Christmas tree-r (or whatever you call us!). I didn't realize so many people had fake ones--it's a little sad, to tell you the truth!
      10. That is a fun movie! I saw it a long time ago, I think, and I just might have to re-watch it. Especially because I like the idea of Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Biel actiing together. :)

  10. 1. Favorite holiday smell? Cookies and freshly cut Christmas trees
    2. Favorite cold-weather accessory? Sweaters and lots of warm socks
    3. Favorite blog to read/stalk? There are so many. It is nearly impossible to pick just one.
    4. How'd you find my blog? How long have you been reading? A few months. I think I found it by clicking on buttons on another blog
    5. What's at the top of your Christmas wishlist? I have lots of little things on my list this year. There is one big thing I want, but I don’t think I’ll be getting it for Christmas. Soon, but not necessarily for Christmas
    6. Favorite Christmas song? All of it. Except “Last Christmas.” That song is horrible
    7. Favorite hot drink? Hot chocolate
    8. Where do you find all of your cute clothes? Kohls, Platos’s Closet, Target
    9. Real or fake Christmas tree? Real.
    10. Favorite Christmas movie? The Christmas Carol, The Santa Clause

    1. 1. Mmmm, those are good scents. Love cookies and I also love the smell of fresh Christmas trees. It's one of the top reasons why I love Christmas.
      2. Sweaters and warm socks? loooove. :)
      3. Same here!
      4. So glad we found each other, girl!
      5. I hope you get what you want! I know what you mean about having to wait a little longer (especially if costs are involved), but I hope you get it!
      6. Never heard of Last Christmas--I guess that's a good thing? :)
      7. Mmm, hot chocolate sounds delicious right now. That, and some whipped cream on top!
      8. Target is the best. So glad you love Target, too!
      9. And I'm even happier that you get a real tree, too! Having fake trees just aren't the same.
      10. I've seen both, but those are definitely classic Christmas movies! :)

  11. Fun fun! :)

    1. Cinnamon and fir trees :)
    2. I'm gonna have to go with you and say sweaters, scarves and hats :)
    3. As of right now ;) Annapolis & Company , tickled yellow , IN ITS TIME
    4. I found your blog through Kellie @ Nothing Less and I've been reading for about 6 months now :)
    5.These super cute black boots I saw at Kohls!
    6. All I Want For Christmas and Cold December Night both by Michael Buble
    7. Chai Tea Latte
    8. I shop at lots of thrift stores. You can find the cutest designer clothes there for cheap! And Kohls...I shop at Kohls. :)
    9. I think it would be cool to have a REAL Christmas tree but ever since I was a baby we have always have a fake tree.
    10. Oh dear...that's a tough one. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey) has always been a favorite. And I love While You Were Sleeping and The Santa Clause :)

    1. 1. Yes. We have cinnamon ornaments and it's pretty much heaven combining two of my favorite scents. :)
      2. Cozy clothes are the best and I'm actually on the lookout for a cute hat so I'll agree with everything you listed.
      3. Good pick in blogs, my friend! You have great taste. :)
      4. So glad we've found each other!
      5. Boots are definitely on my wishlist, too! But with a camera at the top, I know that I won't be getting them this time around.
      6. Mr. Buble is definitely perfect for Christmas music. How could you go wrong with him during Christmastime?
      7. Mmm, if I was a tea person, I think I'd definitely be a chai girl. Maybe I'll have to start drinking more tea/hot drinks now...
      8. If there were better thrift stores around, then I would definitely be a thrifter. I thrift for decorating stuff but I've never actually found something cute to wear yet. Someday, though! I'm all about cheap cute finds, so someday it WILL happen. :)
      9. I can see going with tradition, but I hope you get a real one someday!
      10. Those are classic movies--I'll have to add While You Were Sleeping to my to-watch list, though, because I've never heard of it!

  12. I definitely love these posts and reading everyone's answers! :)
    1. Favorite holiday smell? The "Christmas smell" you know the one... apple cinnamon goodness! There's a specific candle from bath and body works that I just love!

    2. Favorite cold-weather accessory? Definitely cozy scarves and BOOTS! :)

    3. Favorite blog to read/stalk? So so many! Right now my new favorite is called apartment-wife. Do you read hers? She is amazing and I love reading about her random acts of happiness that she does.

    4. How'd you find my blog? How long have you been reading? I can't even remember... it's been a long time, my friend! :)

    5. What's at the top of your Christmas wishlist? An ereader--but I'm not counting on that one... on a smaller scale I really just want a Powell's giftcard (or Amazon) so I can start building my "library" with all my favorite books!

    6. Favorite Christmas song? I have soooo many of these too! Probably either Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You or Baby it's Cold Outside. :)

    7. Favorite hot drink? Peppermint White Mocha--from Starbucks, Grande, 1.5 pumps of each with whip. Too specific? :)

    8. Where do you find all of your cute clothes? I'm all about Target--or from my mother in law. No joke, she gives the BEST gifts. :)

    9. Real or fake Christmas tree? Real!

    10. Favorite Christmas movie? I'm working on a post about this as we speak... keep your eye out. :)

    1. Yay, I'm glad you loved this as much as I do! I love finding similarities with others so I've loved reading everyone's responses. :)

      1. Mmm, that is THE definition of Christmas. Cinnamon and apples.
      2. YES. Girl, we are twins. Scarves and boots are amazing and the more I see people talking about boots the more I'd like to have another pair!
      3. No, I've never heard of apartment-wife, I'll definitely go check it out, though! I love reading about random acts of kindness (it's a contagious feeling, if you ask me), so I'll definitely check it out this weekend!
      4. Me neither, so no worries! I realized that I honestly don't keep track of that kind of stuff with my blog friends (as I might with "real-life" friends, if you know what I mean). Either way, I'm glad to have you as a friend!!
      5. Adding to your library is always good. I love full bookshelves so I hope you get some real ones or an E-reader to build an Ebookshelf, too! :)
      6. Those are the classic Christmas songs, if you ask me. I was actually just listening to Mariah Carey's song earlier tonight!
      7. Haha, if I was a coffee person, I would definitely try that one. With whip and peppermint? that actually sounds really good!
      8. It sounds like your mother-in-law has great taste! I'm always wary of getting clothing from others, but it sounds like she knows what to shop for! Oh, and Target? That's THE best place ever. I've been itching to go there, actually! :)
      9. Real. YES. SOOOOO glad you agree.
      10. Ooh, I'm excited to read it! I need to see some kind of Christmas movie asap. I'm way overdue, haha.

  13. 1. Favorite holiday smell? girl cinnamon hands down!

    2. Favorite cold-weather accessory? scarves + boots!.

    3. Favorite blog to read/stalk? too many - but I'm with you a beautiful mess is lovely!

    4. How'd you find my blog? How long have you been reading? oh my goodness - I honestly don't remember I think I was blog hopping around?! and for a WHILE and I love every post

    5. What's at the top of your Christmas wishlist? an ipad! and then i'll be buying myself a new MacBook at some point next year...AHH mine is about to die.

    6. Favorite Christmas song? I love so many, but baby it's cold outside is one of my favorites!

    7. Favorite hot drink? Hot apple cider as well!

    8. Where do you find all of your cute clothes? target + old navy + forever 21 plus size (sometimes) + ross and tj maxx haha

    9. Real or fake Christmas tree? I love real ones - but I've had a fake tree forever.

    10. Favorite Christmas movie? always - 7 brides for 7 brothers, but that's my favorite in general, I have so many other Christmas movies I love too!

    1. 1. Amen to that! The more cinnamon, the better. One of the reasons why I looove cinnamon ornaments!
      2. Yep, we're thinking on the same wavelength again. Boots and scarves are the best.
      3. Yep again. Love the ABM ladies! :)
      4. Honestly, I don't remember either! That's one of the reasons why I included this question because I wasn't sure myself. But I think the same thing of your blog and your posts, too. Hopefully you knew that one already, though!
      5. Ooh, an iPad sounds nice! I've seen so many cool things you can do with iPads (i.e. make fonts).
      6. I literally just listened to Baby It's Cold Outside a few hours ago. Such a great Christmas song.
      7. Apple cider is the best. I so wish I had some right now!!
      8. Those are my go-to stores, too (in the same order!). I occasionally find stuff at Ross or TJ Maxx but not too often (just because it's hit or miss with stuff I like or stuff that it's in my size).
      9. I need to send you a real one! Real ones are the best (even if they are messier and you can't reuse them year after year...).
      10. I still need to see 7 Brides for 7 Brothers! You've recommended it to me before but I still have yet to see it!


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