January 31, 2014



Happy Friday, my lovelies! I don't have all that much to say this week except for the fact that I'm grateful for afternoon chocolate (it's a ritual, in case you're wondering and a must for me as a teacher), quiet moments, and sweet kids. I'm feeling another one of these posts coming!

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy these little bits and pieces from my week, okay?

For my fellow in-betweeners.

I need to go to Michael's now.

The little details in this house are just lovely.

Easy ways to rejuvenate the home without having to break your bank account (or however that saying goes).

I don't quite understand why this Twitter account has so many followers...

On authenticity and being real.

I seriously cannot believe that Valentine's Day is like three weeks away. I need to get started on my preschool Valentines asap. Got any suggestions or ideas? I'm feeling a Pinterest afternoon is in my future...

I should have stated my resolutions as questions. Seriously.

For the goal-writers out there.

And a printable for your walls.

I so wish I was a part of this fun event.

You've got 5 minutes.

I realized I have a poster in my room that says 2013 and I feel like I need to refresh, rearrange, and just do something with my room. I'm thinking a weekend re-do is also in my future...

I want to munch on these this weekend.

A cool new hashtag project to join in.

I looove this arch idea for a wedding.

These four photos make me smile.

Because cozy really is a feeling.

Got any spare egg cartons, perhaps?

I'm working on a new look for the blog (say what?) and am hoping to have it all done and ready pretty soon. And to think that this current design is likely the longest-lasting design yet...

I found this couple via this friend and am in love with their love (and talent!).

8 hairstyles every girl should know.

I want one of these so bad it's not even funny.

How to support the bloggers you love. Can I get an amen to this post?

Another lovely home tour.

And my favoritest pin of the week.

Have a great one!


  1. AMEN to afternoon chocolate. I couldn't agree more that it's just kind of necessary in life to have a little bit of delicious chocolate every afternoon (especially for those long and tough days). Oh, and I actually laughed out loud at that Twitter account. I can't even begin to understand it!

    1. Isn't it the best pick me up? And isn't it also a little crazy that it wasn't until a few years ago that I actually enjoyed/liked chocolate? Yeah, kind of crazy. :)

      And isn't that Twitter account bizarre? I saw it and just couldn't believe that so many people follow it still!

  2. I have that cart from IKEA! It's actually my bedside table!!! LOVE IT!

    1. Ahhh, I'm so jealous! I love that cart and have had my eye on it for a long time now. I love the idea of using it for a bedside table and have actually thought about buying one for that exact purpose. I just might have to now! :)

  3. i think i clicked on every link!!! so much friday goodness!!

    1. Hooray! :) I love that you love these links just as much as I love sharing them and happening upon them myself.

  4. Chocolate: Heck yes! Definitely agree about the necessity of that :)
    in between post-- totally can relate to that.
    twitter account--um..people are crazy. lol!
    Authenticity post--LOVED IT!
    those confetti photos-- so cool!
    five minutes-- good post!
    four baby photos-- that could not be any cuter! :)
    New look-- so excited to see that girl! You are talented, you are so doing the Quiet Place when we decide to redesign next :)
    the couple- so cute! I am in love with their love too. and talent. shoot!
    8 hair styles-- good to know :)
    Pin- love it!!

    1. Chocolate really is the best pick me up. I don't really consider myself a chocaholic, but I do love a good piece of dark chocolate every now and then for a little sugar rush. :)

      And I would love to work with you sometime on blog designs! I'm working on another one and have also been trying to focus on my blog primarily right now, but I'm hoping the summer brings more free time! :)

  5. Love these links! You always share the best stuff! xo

    1. Aw, thanks! That's actually a huge compliment for me! :)

  6. ONE TWEET TONY made me laugh so hard!!!!!

    1. Haha, isn't it hilarious and yet sort of weird and bizarre? I still cannot believe how many followers that account has! :)

  7. Loving ALL of these links! So happy to have stumbled across your darling corner of the internet from perusing Oak & Dots favorite reads :)

    1. Thanks, Shane! I'm so glad to have met you! :) And Oak and Oats is a definite fave read of mine, so I know you've got to be a great blogger knowing we both have that blog in our to-read lists!

  8. Oh, girl. I'm so thankful for chocolate as well. I have a whole chocolate-stache hidden away in my desk at school for emergencies. ;) I love these links!

    1. Isn't it an amazing pick me up? I got some chocolate from my fellow teachers for my birthday and have actually used it as my secret stash in my desk drawer, too. Definitely a necessity for teachers, if you ask me! :)

  9. ahhhhh those instagram frames!!! i want to make them asap.

    ummm, that twitter account? bahahaha. so random!

    your favorite pin = my favorite pin. LOVE.

    1. Same! I just need to make a trip to Michaels now. :)

      And I think/thought the same thing when I heard about that Twitter account. I don't know if that user is genius, bored, weird, or all three. :)

      Also, that pin is amazing. SO many great and necessary things for life.

  10. That post for the "in-betweeners" was very encouraging. Like convicting, encouraging. Definitely needed to find that post. Thanks for linking it! :)

    1. Wasn't it crazy good? I read it and instantly thought of my fellow in-betweeners. It's posts like these that make me fall even more in love with the blog community! :)


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