February 21, 2014


So this week was both quick and a little slow. The first few days were slow and tired, but the last few days were fast and I'm not sure which combination I like best.

Either way, I guess you could say I'm pretty excited for this weekend. Speaking of which, do you have any plans for the weekend?

I hope you have a wonderful time with friends, family, and loved ones--and some great links, too, haha.

For my fellow Phillip Phillips fans.

An incredibly sweet mother-son interview.

I absolutely adored reading all of the comments in my new blog post series. You guys have some amazing recommendations and I know it's going to make this new project of mine a success. Have I told you how much I love y'all? Because I really and truly do.

Super excited about this girl's line at Target!

It's not too late to write some love notes (on this adorable paper and with The Circle, too!).

I kind of sort of wish I had one of these cakes for my birthday. 

I want to make and devour these right now.

What are your things?

I never would have guessed that black walls would be a good idea.

A light + airy (and super dreamy!) house tour.

Do you think this is a good snack combination? It looks pretty good to me!

I've been thinking a lot about words and how some just warm my heart (I know, I know. Nerd much?). My current faves being splendid; lovely; simple; and caramel (the word, not the sweet). What are your favorite words right now?

For my fellow Office watchers: Jim's a dad! Jim's a dad!

What makes YOUR heart beat? What words would you choose?

A cute/simple/creative photo holder.

Weekend snapshots are my favorite.

These gold flats are super cute, don't ya think?

Stop keeping score. As someone who is huge into reciprocation, this was a tough post to read but an amazing heart check. What do you think of that post?

I don't drink champagne, but I am seriously in love with this party.

On waiting on God.

I spent some time with friends this week and I was reminded of how important real-life conversations are. I'm still trying to balance my quiet time and friends time but am learning that both are of equal importance. How do you balance time with work/school/life?

A cute little (and bold!) studio kitchen.

This house is pretty cool but I really actually love the yard the best!

And a few of my favorite Valentine's Day-themed posts from last week: one, two, and three.

5 tips to improve your handwriting (this makes me want to take her calligraphy course even more now!).

Happy Weekend!


  1. SO excited for Oh Joy's Target collection too! And yeah, that house tour was divine!

    1. Same, same, same! So excited to check it out. :)

      And that house tour is amazing, right? So airy and so pretty and so amazing.

  2. I'm a word nerd too! My favs: Simply. Splendid. Whimsy. Lovely. I also love old words. Words no one uses anymore but I wish would make a comeback. Like tomfoolery. I actually have a running list of these such words on my phone.

    Oh my I love that video. What a question. I think (off the top of my head) I would choose:
    1. Faith. I'd be so lost my faith in God.
    2. Family. The love of family is one of God's greatest gifts.
    3. Nature. Nothing renews my soul like being outside in God's glorious outdoors.

    1. Ooh, those are great words--and I love the term, word nerd, too! How could I forget whimsy? :) And as for obsolete words, well, even though I don't use them myself, I do like the sound of them (tomfoolery included!). I also love the idea of keeping lists in your phone, as a list-maker, I love that idea and just might have to create one, too.

      And those would likely be my words, too (although, I would likely choose kids or teaching as well)! Nature is amazing, faith comes first, and family is, well, truly a blessing. :)

  3. these are all awesome! and that "what makes your heart beat" video is beyond beautiful. brought tears to my heart!

    1. Isn't that video amazing? It was so moving, so simple, and so well-made. I loved it, too!

  4. love the phillip phillip's background--love his music!
    such a cute party line at target, love the bright colors!
    raspberry lemon pie--looks so good!!
    strawberry and chocolate---um yes :)
    champagne party was so cool! could definitely do that with wine too, i love it!
    waiting on God post- loved it!
    the valentines themed posts were good too.

    1. Same! Phillip Phillips is amazing. Love his songs, his lyrics, and his talent. And he's kinda cute, too, which doesn't hurt. :)

      And those other links? Yep, so cool and so glad you liked them! Seriously, how is it that we have so much in common?

  5. I've never heard of Oh Joy before... but I love the looks of it. Can't wait to see it at Target. Did you see my love notes post? I love how creative people are getting with these love notes. :) I just loveeee sprinkles. I feel like they make everything look so happy! Those ice cream sandwiches?! Genius. I love champagne, and love the idea of having a mimosa bar at some sort of party!

    1. No, I haven't seen your love notes post! How did I not see it? Now I need to go find it.... :)

      And sprinkles definitely make everything better, as do ice cream sandwiches. :) And as for that drink bar, I would love that at a party, too--but with mocktails or something instead, haha. :)

  6. // That phillip phillips' background = LOVE. The only thing better would be a picture of him on it as well. Swoon.
    // Why do I not live near a Target again? I need/want all of those things.
    // That video on what makes your heart beat? This quote right here: "My heart is split between many and yet somehow complete." That describes me SO much! So much, I just can't even begin to describe!
    // I LOVE john krasinski and I'm so happy for him. Yet, this still makes me somewhat sad because I am in love with him. But, really, just his character from The Office. ha. Don't we all want a Jim??
    // Loved that house tour. See, that is how I imagine my one, day future home. Cute and stylish, yet still comfy!! I want it to feel liveable! So often I look at pictures of houses and such and they just don't feel like people actually live there.
    // Black walls!? Who would have thought! But it looks stunning, especially with those white shelves!
    // Gold tip flats are all the rage right now aren't they? I'm seeing them pop up more and more.
    // That home in SF??! LOVE. Another great example of stylish, yet cozy. Plus, it's in SF. I would buy that immediately.
    // I desperately wish I had better handwriting. I don't necessarily want to be able to do calligraphy (although that would be amazing), I just want to have pretty handwriting. Loved her tips and I might actually start working on that daily. :)

    1. Haha, that's hilarious. Soooo funny. I should include a photo of him in a link with it next time I guess... :) But I do have to agree with you, he is pretty darn cute!

      And I loved that heart beat movie. It was such a simple, yet stunning movie that was so well-made and so incredibly thought-provoking. Perfect for this always-thinking mind of mine!

      And I also agree with you on the whole John Krasinski is a dad thing. I know for a fact that his daughter is adorable (especially with a cute name like Hazel!) but I'm also a little sad he's taken because he actually is really cute IMHO. :) And yes, don't we all want a Jim? I know I wouldn't mind having him as a co-worker! :)

      As for the home tours, I would so agree with you on the stylish and comfort factors. I want my homes to look liveable and pretty all at the same time. Pretty is good but there's a fine line between showroom/museum and stunning home!


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