February 28, 2014


Happy Friday, friends! I am pumped for this weekend and even more pumped at the opportunity to sleep in, catch up on life, and just relax. Sure, it might be boring, but after a week of work, boring is something I actually look forward to these days!

So here's to weekends and to the bits and pieces from my week--y'all still like these posts, right?

Because I love gum.

And because I am still obsessed with gold.

I got a surprise package from the lovely Lindsay Letters from a truly lovely blog friend and was amazed at how perfectly this fit for me. I've never really considered myself to be creative, but I think as a blogger, that's exactly what we are. Day in and day out and we also share our creativity along the way--despite whatever it is we post about. What do you consider to be creativity?

I want to try these this weekend (especially after reading this post).

A cute Etsy shop I think you'll love.

Because who said you can't have cookies for breakfast?

I pretty much pinned every single photo from this house tour.

From fear to faith: a post from a new-to-me blog that I cannot wait to read more of.

The cutest cookies ever.

And the cutest luggage tags, too.

I really and truly want you to guest post on my blog and have two opportunities to do so (here and here). If you're interested in making an appearance, leave a comment and I'll be in touch soon! Seriously, I really and truly hope you read this because the more the merrier. In other words, I'll be stalking you and inviting you to guest post whether or not you actually tell me...

A truly beautiful love story.

Pursue your dreams.

And because it's okay to change dreams, too.

On the blogging numbers game. A must-read for my fellow bloggers.

And on why I don't use Google Analytics.

Some pretty downloads to spring up your tech.

What should Christian women look for in a man? I found this link via this lovely friend and loved it and completely agree. I think these are all great qualities in men and it's a great reminder that there are real godly gentlemen out there.

This cute DIY was made for me.

Because savory is better.

This video's message makes my heart happy.

Happy weekend! Enjoy and savor every moment of you weekend, friends!


  1. Replies
    1. These links really are a great start to your weekend, right? I know that I, at least, am all for good weekend reading. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! That mug! I love it. Thank you for sharing my post - so glad to have found your blog! Can't wait to dive into the rest of these links. Have a great weekend! :)

    1. Isn't that Lindsay Letters mug amazing? It's truly one of my faves. :) And thanks for stopping by! I loved that post of yours and had to include it in the list!

  3. I love that mug! Beth is the best, isn't she!

  4. I always look forward to reading these posts on Fridays! I love to look through all these new discoveries! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw, I'm glad you like them! I love finding new things online and I really and truly can't not share them. :) Thanks for reading, friend!

  5. Love all the links girl!
    I especially loved that mug, so cute!
    And i am so excited to guest post for you, i would love to do the book one too if you need more people :)

    1. Thanks, sweet friend! I looove that mug, too. :)

      And as for the guest post, I'm excited, too! I'm going to focus on just the Everyday Moments posts for the time being, but once I get those started up, I'm definitely going to be sending out another email for my Project Bookshelf series, too! And you'll definitely be included in that one, too.

  6. Oh gosh, Kiki. I have missed your blog! Life has been beautifully chaotic and busy, so blogging has sadly taken a back seat for the last month, but it is so great to get back into it and see my favorite blogs again, yours of which is high on that list! I LOVED the love story article! So moving and such a beautiful picture of redemption.

    1. Elena, I have missed you, too! I definitely know what you mean about life being chaotic and crazy (although I love how you phrased it as beautifully chaotic and busy--I need to think of my crazy days as beautiful, too!) and how blogging has its seasons, too. But I'm glad you're back! I've missed you!

  7. Hey! Been a blog stalker for a while, so I'm just putting out there that if you need a guester, I'm completely available. ^.^

    1. Hi Mirriam! I am so glad to meet you and am so glad you've declared yourself a blog stalker, too--I'm honored! :) And if you're interested in guest posting, send me an email, okay? :)

  8. + beth is so sweet! :)
    + did you make the muffins?! were they good?!?!
    + that etsy show = love! her hoopart was incredible.
    + LOVED the house tour! (i'll be pinning those like crazy too haha)
    + and the blogger posts re: numbers = yes. amen and amen.
    + the DIY was fabulous

    fantastic post!

    1. I didn't make those muffins--I've got it pinned and set for a weekend when I wake up earlier (to make them before everyone else wakes up) but it just hasn't happened yet. When I do, I'm sure you'll see the photo! :)

      And isn't her hoop art amazing? I always thought stuff like that was for old ladies, but Etsy has definitely proven me wrong!

      That house tour was a-mazing, too. The photos were stunning and that house tour got me with the first photo of the front yard/porch. :)


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